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Serhat Teoman is a well-known actor in TV and film drama. Get to know Serhat, his life, his wife, Diana, Serhat, Tioman Sinan, hero of the series Wanted Urgent Love, a report on how his artistic career began and how it developed from small roles to become the hero of the series, his relationship with his friend Bora Gulsoy What about the story of his love for Amna Golsha and what are his most important works. What is Serhat Teoman’s most important work. How was the technical start and a lot of exclusive and renewed information and news.

Who is Sarhat Teoman?

Date of Birth: June 4, 1983, AD.
Age: 36 years old.
Place of birth: Izmir, Turkey.
Residence: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish nationality.
Religion Muslim.
Profession: Actor and Director.
Marital Status: Linked.
Sweetheart’s name: Lily Veray.
Number of sisters: Two is the youngest.
Academic qualification: He studied at the Faculty of Fine Dramatic Arts within the Agency of Art Department _ Graduated from Sinan University in the Department of Theater.
Beginning of his artistic career: in the year 2003 AD.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Height: 182 cm.
Weight: 78 kg.
Eye color: brown.


Who is Sarhat Teoman?
Who is Sarhat Teoman?

Sarhat Teoman Biography

Sarhat Teoman is one of the stars of TV dramas. Of the characters that present the second role in the works. Despite this, he is a much loved character even in negative roles that appear in a cruel or sinister form, appear affectionate, adore and sympathize with him. The actor was born in Diyarbakir on June 4, 1984. His height is 182 cm. And its weight is 78 kg. And his sign is Gemini. Due to his father’s working conditions as a police officer, he lived for a time in Diyarbakir. He has two older sisters. He studied in the electronics department at Buka Industrial Vocational School. Then from the Department of Theater Acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Elul 9 University in Izmir. To obtain a master’s degree in the theater department of Mimar Sinan University.


Sarhat Teoman Biography

Actor Sarhat Teoman’s career

His start as an actor was while studying at the university. In small roles in TV dramas. Including 2003 bullet wound. And then he appeared in a bloody wedding. And a liar Yerim. Right And the European side. In 2007 he appeared in three series. Girls team and all for one, day and night. To start getting little bigger roles as featured in Sound Love Step and Endless Song. And it was evening in 2011.
When he was a school student, he participated in the theater, his first acts were about small roles such as the series “The Bullet of the wound,” and then he became receiving bigger roles such as the series “Yum Al-Masaa”.

His first role that attracted the attention of viewers and got to know him was in the series “North and South”. This work was very successful and was also published outside Turkey in many other countries such as: Serbia – UAE – Kazakhstan – Germany – Iran

Sarhat Teoman in Kuzey Güney

He started giving the big roles and the audience got to know him more. When he participated in the series North South. It started on September 7, 2011, on Kanal D. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Buğra Gülsoy and Öykü Karayel are playing the leading roles. On June 26, 2013. It became one of the most popular series. It is also broadcast abroad. Especially in countries like Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Albania and Iran.

The series tells the story of the two brothers’ struggle for survival. With different paths, different goals, different methods of achieving their goals and opposite personalities. Their only common point is their love for Cemre. The north is harsh. Irritable and aggressive. But at the same time a soft heart. His brother Guney is a logical man who works very hard at heart and constantly complains about his brother’s attachment to him. One day, North and South are involved in a traffic accident. Killing one person. Cosi. Who feels guilty about being a gunie. Who is behind the wheel. He will take the university exam the next day. He takes the crime instead of his brother and goes to prison. The story starts after that.

His production

The script for the series was written by Ise Yorniç and Milik Gençoوغlu, the director of the first season of the series is Mehmet Ada Öztekin. The second director is Hilal Saral. The production company of the series is Ay Yapım and its producer, Kerem Çatay. The soundtrack and arrangement of the series are made by Toygar Işıklı. Including general music filming takes place in Istanbul. The series is about 90 minutes long. Includes the official website of the Kuzey Güney series. Ay Yapım website “” Staff. And episode summaries. And pictures set. Imprint sections and additions from this series.

The roles of Sarhat Teoman are more famous

One of the famous works presented by today’s palace as Savaş Ataman, this is a love story that took place in Istanbul in the 1940s. Then he won the championship of the series Wanted Urgent Love in 2015. But the work that won everyone’s admiration is the role of Sinan in the drama series My Mother. The story of the work revolves around a child king who lives with her mother and her husband, but is often subjected to physical and psychological abuse by her stepfather and her mother. But she remains silent due to her inability to defend herself or her ability to defend herself. All she could do was sit daily in front of a mosque, waiting for anyone to take it and adopt it.

Malak Zainab found a makeshift school in Malak school. Since then, Malak and Zainab’s life has changed. They related a lot. And they decided to take it and run away from Malak’s town. But the little girl’s mother began to search for her and the police. Although she was leaving her and not taking care of her. But she was jealous of her daughter and Zainab’s relationship and that her daughter began calling Zainab my mother instead of her. This is a very powerful business. As he discussed a very important issue and an important social problem not only in Turkey, but in most countries. It is the issue of violence against children and that the law gives the mother the right to obtain custody of the children without considering her and her ability to protect those children. And that violence is not only physical, but psychological and sexual as well. This work is based on a truly true story, and Japanese dramas did the same work before it and it was quite a sensation.

My daughter series

His first negative role. He presented the role of a young thief who got out of prison to take revenge on his friends, for he believed that they were the reason for his imprisonment. Although his role was negative, the audience sympathized with him a lot, as he loved a woman who loved his friend and conceived a girl from him. I think for a while that girl is his daughter. But it is not. His dream became revenge on a friend for his betrayal. But at the end of the series, he stands beside him for the sake of his sick daughter and tries to help him.

Tioman movies and TV shows

2108 – My Daughter (Jamal) (TV series)
2017 – Sabri Neighborhood (Motion picture)
2017 – How to Draw a TV Series (Peace)
2016 – Anne (Commissioner Sinan) (TV series)
2015 – Urgent Love Wanted (Sinan) TV series
2015 – Emergency Service TV series (Sinan))
2013 – Today’s Palace (Savaş Ataman) (TV series)
2012 – North South (Burak Çatalcalı) (TV series)
2011 – Evening Day (Tariq) (TV series)
2010 – The Never End Song (Mesut) (TV series)
2009 – Available Step Love (Selçuk) (TV series)
2009 – Final Decision (short film)
2008 – Girls’ Team (Tolga) (TV series)
2008 – For All of Us (Egemen) (TV series)
2008 – Day and Night (Guest) (TV series)
2007 – Right (Ali Sonat) (TV series)
2006 – Liar Yarim (Cenk) (TV series)
2006 – Ahh Istanbul (Guest) (TV series)
2005 – Bloody Wedding (İlker) (TV series)
2004 – The European Side (Alikan’s friend) (TV series)
2003 – Bullet the Wound (guest) (TV series)
2018 – Human Ear – Department of Transportation
2014 – down – get on
2012 – Pragma – GET
2012 – Dorian Gray – The Theater Fund
2011 – Antigone – Theater Fund
2009-2010 – Ceaser A Balance – Theater Box
2007-2008 – The Wave – Dunkichot Theater

Sarhat Tioman and his sweetheart Bora Gulsoy

There is a strong relationship between both actor Serhat and actor Bora. They are close friends to some. Many always go together to the café to sit together. He also mentioned that one time the actor had 26 cups of tea on his own, and this is from his love for him as much as they both wrote and directed the neighborhood movie.

Sarhat Tioman and his sweetheart Lily Ferai

She circulated some news about a beautiful love relationship between the actor Serhat Tioman and Lily Ferray and that he proposed marriage to her, but she refused the first time and said that they must wait until the relationship reaches a period of three years and it remained like this until Serhat offered her marriage again after the completion of the fourth year And her response to him was beautiful, as she said if things remain good, we will wear rings soon.

Sarhat Tioman and his sweetheart Lily Ferai

Actor Serhat Tioman and his girlfriend Amna Golshe

Actress Amna Golsha, who represents the beauty of the country of Turkey, was seen accompanying the artist, Serhat, and she circulated much news about the issue of an emotional relationship between them. Gulch silence and not responding, but they were satisfied with showing a smile on their faces, then they left the place.