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Ceyda Ateş is an artist and actress well known for TV drama and cinema. Learn about Ceyda Ateş Age, Upbringing & Marriage. What is Ceyda Ateş’s most important business. How was the technical start and a lot of exclusive and renewed information and news.

Ceyda Ateş and Biography

Birthdate October 14, 1988
Place of birth is Istanbul
Nationality: Turkish
Academic qualification: Acting at the Barish Manchu Cultural Center
Marital Status: Married.

Ceyda Ateş

Life Story of Ceyda Ateş

A beautiful Turkish presenter, actress, and model with perfect looks and beauty. She was born on September 14, October 14, 1988, AD. In Istanbul. Her acting debut since she was a child of five. She was a very beautiful child. She won an award in a baby beauty contest organized by Neşe Erberk. Took acting lessons at the Parish Manchu Cultural Center. She has two siblings, Ugran Atish. Mr Atish. Its height is 161 cm. It weighs 60 kg.

Ceyda Ateş and her husband

Beautiful actress Sid has been away
from the screens for a long time. After marriage, she settled in
America, Miami. She married Bogra Toplosoy in 2018. Then to migrate with
him to the United States of America. Ceyda Ateş and Bora Toplosoy had a
love affair that lasted five years and was unrepentant. And now she
lives a beautiful and happy life, despite her distance from the
limelight and acting.

Ceyda Ateş and her husband

Ceyda Ateş series and movies

It got its start in 1995 with the series Çiçek taksi. Then she appears in a small role in Ergofan Yilari. The personality and Sude in Baillary’s life. All those roles were young and baby in them. You will also see it in Küçük İbo and Üvey. Tatli Hayat and other roles and works such as Dunya Farmesh, Yarim elma, Bulut bey, Gurbet kadini, Hayat bilgisi, Gisli Donialar, Senette Mahallesi and Buyuk Polushma.

The audience also adored her as a teen artist in Beşinci Boyut, Ask Uyono, and Karagümrük Yanıyor. And also in Oh O Istanbul. Ylan Dunia and Life of Gozlder. Dulodigen Yllar. Her role in (Daydreaming – Kavak Yelleri) was a strong role and a good job. It is a Turkish Youth Drama TV series produced by TIMS Productions. Kavak Yelleri is a remake of the American show Dawson’s Creek. It was broadcast on Canal from 2007 to 2011.

It is about a group of friends who grew up in the small town of Urla and later in Istanbul. Asli is an Efe physician and translator who has a restaurant. Denise is a photographer who wants to be a filmmaker. The main characters are Asli Zepek (Feldan Bilin Beykrulu). And Denise Aksha (Ibrahim Kendressi). The Irgun Mine (Asley Enver) and Eve Cages (Dayhan College). Su (Ceren Moray) and Güven Karakuş (Sarp Apak) were introduced in later episodes.

Ceyda Ateş’s works won the public’s love

Of the works that won the admiration of the audience and interacted with her role. Elvida Rumeli, Yer Gök Aşk, and Adini Feriha Koydum. Hande’s role was a huge success. Turkish TV drama series produced by Med Yapım. It was first shown on Show TV. Written by Meles Chiflake and Sirma Yannick. Narrates the life of Feriha Yilmaz. A young and beautiful girl who is the daughter of a doorkeeper. She goes to university, which Prince Servoglu’s listener also attends. Prince never seen before. He falls in love with Fariha at first glance.

Fariha Yilmaz (Hazal Kaya) is the attractive, beautiful, talented and ambitious daughter of a poor family. Her dad Reza Yilmaz (Metin Çekmez). He’s the doorman at Ettler. It is an upper-class neighborhood in Istanbul. Her mother, Zahra Yilmaz (Vahide Gördüm). She is a housekeeper. Fariha is able to obtain a full scholarship for a private university. While studying at the university. Freeiha is a rich girl.

She meets a handsome and rich young man. Prince Sarafoglu (Çaatat Ulusoy) In her university, Fariha lies in her life and family background and Amir falls in love with her, and she does not know who she really is. She also falls in love with him and is trapped in her lies. Her family arranges her marriage with Khalil. You start escorting her to the university that he spies on her interaction with Amir and settles down after he witnesses his display of affection. The season ends with the shooting of Freiha’s mother by Khalil. Freiha’s ex-fiancée.


was born on September 14, October 14, 1988

Life Story of Ceyda Ateş

Ceyda Ateş series and movies