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damla Sonmez

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personal details

Name in English: damla Sonmez
Place of birth: Istanbul
Date of birth: May 3, 1987
School: I graduated from Saint Joseph’s High School
Religion: Islam
Languages: Turkish and English
Nationality: Turkish
Profession: Actress
University: I studied theater management at the Sorbonne in Paris
Height: 1.63 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Age: 33 years old
Eye color: green
Hair color: brown, coffee color
Parents: Figen Sönmez, Muammer Sönmez

Complete information on damla Sonmez

Sönmez (Turkish: Damla Sönmez), a Turkish actress, was born on May 3,
1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. She became famous in the Arab world through
the character of Cihan that he presented in the famous Turkish drama “A
Tale of Love” based on the story of the famous Korean series “I am sorry
I love you ”, and participated in the series Love and Pride, and
starred in the series War of Roses and other series and films.

Sonoms was born in Istanbul to Circassian parents, after studying
theater at the Sorbonne University in Paris for a year, she traveled to
do more studies in Turkey as well as in New York City and London at
first was the first acting in Turkish television and short films, then
she appeared in Bornova Bornova (2009), which It won four awards at the
Antalya Golden National Film Festival including Best Film and Best
Supporting Actress for Sonmez herself.

She is well versed in three languages ​​English, Turkish and French and has always been a fan of cinema since her childhood.

Damla Sonmez Awards

2009, she won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the forty-ninth
Golden Film Festival for Bornova Bornova.St. After graduating from
Joseph High School, she studied theater at the Sorbonne University in
Paris and studied piano at the Conservatory of Mimar Sinan University in
Istanbul after graduating in the theater department in Yeditepe
University in 2014, she starred in Canan Ergüder and Barış Kılıç in
Savaş Julen Savas “(The Battle of the Rosary), then won other awards
for“ Overseas ”(2014) including Adana Film Festival and Milan
International Film Festival and won an additional award From Adana for
Sibel movie.

She was also nominated for The Young Talent Award in
the Yesilcam Film Awards for her performance in Mahpeyker – Kösem
Sultan (2010) as a Young Actress, became the Young Leader of the Broom
Broom Women’s Film Festival in 2015, and won the 21th Golden Boll Film
Festival and Best Actress Award at the Festival Milan International Film
Festival (MIFF) for her role in the movie Sea Level.

damla Sonmez and her fiancé Oshan Shakir

The Turkish star, Damla Sonmaz, celebrated her engagement to the Turkish
star Oshan at her family’s home with a modest party that brought
together family and friends, and Damla Sönmez also shared those happy
moments on her Instagram page.

Damla Sonmez TV Series & Movies

2014 War of the Roses, Jollero
2013 Love Story. Ceylan
2012 in Feb. Jilin
2010 Turkan. Turhan
2008 Day Night. Pinar
2008 Yes, sir. Karmel
2007 Love Storm. Milda Talay
2006 Susman Songs. Aishan
2006 Phantom Princess. Sidif
2006 Three Daughters by Bertev Beck. Nermin
2005 Open Doors: Gulshin
2004 shoulder. Pelin
2004 Glass Shoes. Golchen

the movies

2014 sea level. Damla
2013 You are illuminated at night. A burial
2012 Long Story. Ella
2011 Traning Final Destination. Tulay
2011 short film Alaa. Brother
2010 Shakal Denise
2010, Hazrat Sultana Kossim. Aymina. Sultana Kossim
2009 Barefoot on campus. Abro
2009 Bornova Bornova. Ozlim

Her artistic career in acting

Damla got involved in acting, but she became famous after a while of
acting and gained recognition for her talent with the movie Bornova
Bornova (2009) and she won the Golden Orange Antalya Awards and the
Ankara Flying Prom women’s film festivals and many more. She also
received critical acclaim for Mehpyekar-Kosem Sultan and played in the
series The Ottoman Emperor Sultan also participated in the movie Last
Stop: Salvation. Later, she appeared in a series entitled Long Story and
then participated in the movie Thou Gildest the Even, in which she
played an unusual character of a girl who could rule and stop time.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Damla

Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/almadzemnossa/
Her Twitter site: https://twitter.com/hashtag/damlasönmez?lang=en
Her Facebook website: https://ar-ar.facebook.com

Damla and its new series, The Ottoman Renaissance

will play the role of “Anna” and the filming will begin in March. She
added during her statement that the series will focus on opening
“Istanbul”, and all work will be done in English within a team of
Turkish and foreign actors. Each of “Tuba Buyukston” was chosen in the
character of “Mara”, and “Jim Yigit Uzumoglu” in the role of Mehmed
Al-Fateh, and the series will bear the name of the Ottoman Renaissance,
and its events revolve around Muhammad Al-Fatih and his life since he
assumed power at the age of 13 years and about the Renaissance in the
Ottoman Empire. Ozmoglu, the role of the conqueror, and the role of the
spy “I” will be played by actress damla Sonmez.

Complete information on damla Sonmez
Complete information on damla Sonmez
Who is damla Sonmez
Who is damla Sonmez