Sezgi Sena Akay, Religion, Husband Information and Biography


Sezgi Sena Akay, Melek Yilmaz in the series Aci Ask, what is her age, date of
birth, her astrological sign, her wedding, her husband, her religion and
whether she is a Muslim or Christian, complete personal information about her
and the beginning of her acting career, her most important work on television,
her roles in the series, and much more in one article.

Who is Sezgi Sena Akay?

Date of birth: October 31, 1995.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Sign: Scorpio.
Religion: Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Actress and model.
Height: 184 cm.
Weight: 55 kg.
Hair color:
Light brown.
Eye color: blue-green.
The beginning of the career in
acting: I started in 2014.
Years of activity: from 2014 until now.
Age in 2020: 26 years old.


Sezgi Sena Akay, Religion, Husband Information and Biography


The young Turkish actress Sezgi Sena Akay was born on October 31, in 1994, and
she is 26 years old, her astrological sign is Scorpio, she was born in
Istanbul in Turkey, her father is of Circassian origin and has no siblings,
she enrolled in Arenkoy High School for Girls and then enrolled In the
Department of Public Relations and Advertising at the Faculty of
Communication, Yeditepe University, in 2013, she worked in the field of
fashion shows and has been a volleyball player since she was young, and began
her career in fashion shows in Paris, she got married in 2019 to her boyfriend
Amir Hasoglu.

Sezgi Sena Akay is a professional volleyball player,
registered with the famous Galatasaray club and started playing at an early
age and lasted for five years and moved to Fenerbahce Club, which is
considered one of the most important first-class clubs in Turkey and continued
playing until she reached the age of eighteen.

Who is Sezgi Sena Akai’s husband?

After a relationship that lasted a short period, in 2019 the famous Turkish
star Sezgi Sena Akay, known as Melek Yilmaz in the series Aci Ask, held a
simple and elegant wedding from her boyfriend Amir Hasoglu, and Sezgi Sena
Akay appeared in a thin white dress and exposed from the shoulder, the most
prominent features with light makeup And simple, Amir chose a white suit as
well, and after completing the marriage procedures, Sezgi changed her name to
that of her husband Amir Hasoglu.

We mention that in 2012 Sezgi
Sena Akay was chosen as Turkey’s Best Model. In the same year 2012, she was
crowned the best model in the world and through that she gained wide fame in
Turkey, and one of the main judges in the competition Yildirim Meruk stated
that Sezgi Sena Akay is the most beautiful model in the past twenty-five
years, and she is the fourth woman from Turkey to win The title of the best
model in the world.

Sezgi Sena Akay made her Turkish TV drama debut
in 2014 when she portrayed Nevin Karatay in the Zeytin Tepesi series. Turkish
actress Sezgi Sena Akay decided to focus on the field of fashion shows and
photography, after her marriage, despite what she was able to achieve in the
field of acting and the famous personalities that she embodied, which
contributed to her fame and popularity in a short time.

Sezgi Sena Akay series

Participated for the first time “The Bayaz Show”, which was shown in 2012,
which is a program in which she was presented as a guest of honor.
acted in the series “Zeytin Tepesi”, which was shown in 2014, and through

She portrayed the character of Nevin Karatay.
played in the series “Aci Ask”, which was her first starring, which was shown
in 2015, in which she embodied the character of the king of Yilmaz.
participated in the series “Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem”, which was shown in 2017,
in which she portrayed the character Sanafbre.

She appeared in the
series “Meryem”, which was shown in 2017, in which she portrayed the character
Sevinç Yücel. And participated in the series “Hiçkirik”, which was produced in
2018, which was shown in 2020, and embodied the character of Nalan.

Turkish actress Sezgi Sena Akay began her career in 2014 embodied the
character of Nevin in the series “Tal Al-Zaitoun”, which was her first
appearance on Turkish screens. She then presented the championship of the
famous Turkish series “The Bitter Love”, which was shown in 2015 and embodied
the character of a king The Turkish actor Seshkin Ozdemir and the Turkish star
Celine Shakurji also participated in the tournament, and her work continued
with various acting series and films later.

Sezgi Sena Akay in the series Aci Ask

The famous Turkish series “Aci Ask”, which was produced in 2015 and directed
by Chatay Tosun, the series revolves around the young hero Jude, who is
distinguished by ambition and marries the daughter of his manager at work, a
girl named Nora, and events continue to be normal until Judd discovers that
his wife’s father and manager He is the person involved in the murder of his
father in the past, so Jude feels that his marriage is no longer happy, and
from here he gets to know another beautiful girl named Malak, whose character
is the Turkish actress Sezgi Sena Akay, and Judd falls in love with her, and
she too and tries to hide from her that he is married and when Malak learns
about this matter conflicts begin between them, and the father of his wife
tries to remove a king from him through threats and coercion, and events begin
to intertwine when his wife’s father forces him to return to life with his
daughter again, and the events follow.

The series stars the Turkish
actress Sezgi Sena Akay, who embodies the character of Malak, the Turkish
actor Seshkin Ozdemir who embodies the character of Jude, the Turkish actress
Celine Shakurji, who embodies the character of Nora, the Turkish actor Mutlu
Junay, the Turkish actor Hossein Awni Daniel, the Turkish actor Albiran Doymaz
and others The series was a great success.

Sezgi Sena Akay in the Hiçkirik series

Hiçkirik is a
poetic Turkish drama series that has been dubbed into the Syrian dialect.
The series revolves around a story of love and love, but it includes many
feelings of love, sadness, encounter and separation, and the story of the
series begins when Kanan returns to Istanbul, which is the city that carries
a lot inside it From memories and events about his past life, including sad
memories, including happy memories, and the events take place in a romantic
teaser framework, and the series has been shown in 2018, with the
participation of the Turkish actress Sezgi Sena Akay, who embodies the
character of Nalan Karaoglu, Turkish actor Barish Arda Kagoglu. Which
embodies the character of Kinan.