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Sarp Levendoglu,

a well-known Turkish actor. From the famous series Warrior. Let’s get acquainted together with the star of the Turkish drama Sarp Levendoglu, his date of birth, his age, his religion. Who is his wife and children. A lot about his beginnings in acting and the most famous series in which he participated. His personal qualities and more in the next article.

Information about Turkish actor Sarp Levendoglu

Our Turkish star Sarp Levendoglu is one of the actors of the Turkish drama. Here are the 7 most important information about him:

Sarp Levendoglu was born on December 25, 1981.
Sarp Levendoglu’s age in 2021: 40.
Place of birth: Ankara.
Sarp Levendoglu Religion: Christianity.
wife: Burji Aklay divorced
Sarp Levendoglu length: 180 cm.
Sarp Levendoglu weighs 85 kg.

He possesses a mind that works during time, so if he puts something in his mind, he insists on it and tries to reach it. We can call him an overachiever and definitely a workaholic. Therefore, he may spend a long time searching for the best way to support him in achieving his dream.

An ambitious and practical man, generally a cheerful person. He always searches for the front of the issues and wants to reach the highest point of the mountainous region, or in a newer sense, he wishes to reach the peak whenever the issue is related to success. Tends to link safe methods. Slightly, however, he appears conservative in the face of strangers or characters unfamiliar with him. One of his advantages is also that he possesses skill experience to perform great achievements in a hurried time.

Sarp Levendoglu’s religion, age and life story

Sarp Levendoglu was born on the twenty-fifth of December, so in 1981 he reaches the age of 39, his astrological sign is Capricorn, Sarp Levendoglu boy in Ankara, Turkey, he is the nephew of director Mustafa Altoklar, and therefore the effort began with him to contribute to the practices of Directed by him and this when he was born at the age of six in his life, he studied French in high school and joined Bilgi University in visual communication, he obtained a degree in acting and therefore from Istanbul Kultur University, he participated in many episodes of a television series.

Sarp Levendoglu Personal Traits

He takes love seriously, it is not playful or flirtatious. He can wait a long time until he finds true love. Capricorn sets high standards in romantic bonding and may admire someone from a distance until they make the final decision to get close or look away from the whole thing.

Inside him is a sentimental individual looking for stability in a romantic connection. If you are looking for a stable long-term relationship or an emotionally stable partner, the Capricorn man is the best one for you.

Of the most important individuals diligent in the effort. He may do whatever the subject requires to meet and accomplish his objectives, just as he is practical and knows how to manage his monetary transactions wisely. He invests his money in thoughtful and realistic business, and does not save on any step unless he studies it well. He is also interested in defending his future, so he calculates his decisions well. As for the effort, he is one of the hard-to-read characters.

Who is his wife and children?

About his personal life, his wedding to the Turkish star Burji Aklay took place in August of 2014, so after a long love story between them, they were brought together by filming the series “The Little Aga”, but they separated in January 2017, and their divorce shocked the Turkish artistic community as a result of what was between them from the novel A good love, although Burji Aklay was married before and separated, but she also separated from the artist Sarp Levendoglu. After three years of marriage, their friendship began and gradually developed until they fell in love with each other, the Turkish star Burji Aklay got her divorce In a formal style in a court session, so in January 2017, life tells us about the conclusion of a love story that lasted three years.

Sarp announced his engagement to Turkish actress Derya Şençoi in the year after the separation of artist Sarp Levendoglu and star Burji Aklay. Rather, this novel did not live long, so they separated in the age in which everyone predicted the setting of their wedding date. It has been said that Derya Shensoy is the motive in the ignition of the disputes between Sarp and Barji before. Sarp expressed his love for Daria through an intimate photo that he showed through his personal account on Instagram. It was shown while he was embracing her without any comment on the picture, which is the picture that confirmed the rumors that were shown at the time of the separation of Sarp and Burji about his betrayal of her.

Sarp Levendoglu series

Sarp Levendoglu was the beginning of his artistic career as a six-year-old boy, who was helped by director Mustafa Altoklar, his father’s brother, who introduced him to contribute to a few television series episodes, contributed to a film work under the title “Ya Shamdi Askar”, which was shown in 2002 His first participation is a man, while after a limited number of successful TV series episodes, the most important of which is the famous Turkish series “until death”, which he had a role with distinct specifications in it and therefore in 2017, then he continued his work in TV dramas in succession.

Sarp Levendoglu
Sarp Levendoglu

The famous Turkish star Sarp Levendoglu participated in the successful Turkish series Until Death, which was shown in January 2017. It is a Turkish drama series that was canceled in April 2017. The series revolves around a doctor called Dahan who finds himself in prison and begins to lose hope and lose the most beautiful days And his years of life as a result of a felony he did not commit, and he is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Accused of murdering Beryl’s father, the girl he loved, with whom he was about to consummate his marriage. An individual named Ander, whose character is the Turkish artist Sarp Levendoglu, plots a trick to trap Doctor Dahan in the crime and enter him into prison, but Kardon comes to escape in testimony from a little girl who makes Dahan leave the prison and it becomes clear that after she is a young lawyer called Fakhriya Ogen, her existence begins In the professional world with her first topic, which is the issue of Dahan, she found evidence that no one else could find, so she goes to Dahan to convince him of the evidence until she opens the case file again, and from here you are the beginning of all things.

Sarp Levendoglu Instagram and Facebook

Levind is a brilliant actor who participated in many works, including Liz Defter in the series “Cinaralti”, “Imrit Komutanim” series, “Yasak Alma” series “Jesse Gunduz” and “Altin Kizlar” series.

Sarp is one of the stars who interact a lot on their personal social media sites. He publishes pictures of him and his family on an ongoing basis, so we can see together some of those pictures.