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Engin Akyurek, his beginning in acting, his age, his religion, his
nationality, his sweetheart, his life story, his place of residence, place of
birth, his date of birth, his academic qualification, he presented the role of
Dağhan Soysür in the series Ölene Kadar, he participated in the Kara Para Aşk
series, his weight, his height His hobby, his work, his secrets, and is he a
Muslim, his photo album, all of that we will show you in a complete and
detailed report on it.

Who is Engin Akyurek?

Date of birth: October 12, 1981.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey.
Residence: Istanbul.
Number of brothers: one.
His acting debut: 2002.
His religion: Islam.
Marital status: Not married.
Favorite sport: playing football.
Academic qualification: College of Languages ​​and Geographical History.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 172 cm.
Hobbies: Composing and writing.
Weight: 71 kg.
Eye color: black.
Hair color: black.
Age: 39 years old.



Engin Akyurek is one of the most famous Turkish actors, when we talk about his
life story since he was a child until now, we find that it is a somewhat
difficult life, when he was asked in an interview that was conducted with him
about his life story, he said that he was from a poor family, so his father
was a government employee, but he retired While his mother was a housewife, he
was born in Ankara, Turkey, on the twelfth day of October 1981, he was born in
Libra, he holds Turkish citizenship and embraces the Islamic religion and is
39 years old.

Actor Engin Akyurek said that despite his poverty, he
was very diligent in studying and was one of the most excellent students, and
he was most motivated for this excellence that he wanted to obtain a degree so
that he could change the course of his life and become a better person, after
he He finished his high school studies, he entered the College of Languages
​​and Geographical History, graduated from it, and obtained high ratings in
it. He liked to play football a lot and used to play in his spare time, but
the thing he liked most besides studying was acting, as he loved acting and
wanted to become a star Famous, but he was thin and with a black complexion,
and he used to say that he did not have any beauty mark like the stars who had
beauty marks and a lot of money, but he decided to go through the

He participated in the student union at the university
and participated in many plays that were held in it, which made his acting
talent increase and improve greatly, after he graduated from the university
two years ago, he participated in the Turkish Stars competition and got a
small role in the series The Foreign Groom. In 2004, he showed his talent and
did a wonderful performance in that work, which drew the attention of the
directors to him, and it is from here that his acting career began, and he was
chosen to work in many series and works, as he won many awards for his
wonderful roles.

Study Engin Akyurek and its secrets on its inception

There are some secrets that Engin Akyurek’s audience did not know about him,
but he disclosed them. The first secret he shared to his followers was that he
performed only one plastic surgery and performed it in his ear, while the
second secret is the love relationships that he fought since he was studying
and his relationships after studying.

Akurek said that when he was
in high school, he loved a girl named Nazan, and he loved her very much and
this was his first and unforgettable love. A rumor appeared that he was linked
to a Turkish star, but he denied it and said that this news is just a rumor
and has no basis in truth, but after Some time passed, he announced that he
had a relationship with the star Gansu Dere and that he loved her, but
followers of the artist Engin Akyurek were angry with him because of his
declaration of that relationship and said that it is older than him in age,
and that they are not suitable for each other.

Some statements were
issued after that announcing their final separation, and after a while Akyurek
said that he was in a love relationship with Tovana Nurkay, the Turkish
actress, and that he had previously succeeded in denying any relationship that
they had, and that he did not like to interfere with their privacy and that
they would soon announce their relationship. In a formal way.

Study Engin Akyurek and its secrets on its inception

Engin Akyurek series

Kara Para Aşk series, and appeared as Detective Ömer Demir, and this work was
in 2014.
He participated in the series Ölene Kadar and appeared as Doctor
Dahan and this work was in 2017.
Your Amanah movie and this movie was
He participated in the series Foreign Groom and this work was in
Sleeping Angels series.
He participated in the series Small
Trouble in September.
Silence Series.
The Fatmagül series’ün Suçu Ne
He participated in the series Small Tale

 Engin Akyurek in Ölene Kadar

Actor Engin Akyurek participated in the series Ölene Kadar and appeared in the
role of Dahan Swissur. He presented this work in 2017 and despite his
wonderful story, it was not highlighted nor did he receive the fame it
deserves. One of the heroes of the series Ölene Kadar was the star of our
article today. Engin Akyurek, the star Fakhriya Ogen and a large group of
Turkish actors, the series Ölene Kadar revolves around Dahan, who works as a
doctor and was close to achieving a nipple and obtaining the specialty he
dreams of, but finds himself imprisoned for an accusation and a crime he did
not commit because of the father of his sweetheart, But after he is judged, a
lawyer, this case was the first case she works in defending Dahan, and also
that lawyer has many secrets and has a strange story that the series presents
during the episodes, with the development of events the lawyer discovers many
secrets that will make Dahan come out From prison and actually defend him, and
this series is considered one of the police drama series that take place in a
wonderful and interesting way.

Actor Engin Akyurek in Kara Para Aşk series

Engin Akyurek participated in the Kara Para Aşk series and also appeared in
the title role, which is the character of Detective Omar, who takes his
fiancée to take a month off until they make their wedding, the second
character, Eileen, a famous jewelry designer in Rome, who returns to her
family and her native country, until She celebrates her 30th birthday, and she
is surprised that her family has attended a big party for her, attended by
many friends, and her father gave her the family company as a gift for her,
one day, Detective Omar’s fiancée is killed and Elie’s father is killed.

Engin Akyurek Sefirin Kızı

Sankar has always had a chip on his shoulder. Nary has always longed for love.
When they get together in love as children, they know to be other people. They
just have to wait until they are old enough to get married. On their wedding
night, a stunning revelation from Nare changes their lives forever. 


The Fatmagül series’ün Suçu Ne ?.