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Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye Evcen, her religion, her age, her husband, her life story, her nationality, she presented the role of Salvi Nardin in the series Until the Death, her work, her astrological sign, her hobby, her favorite sport, her date of birth, her place of birth, her beginning in acting, her academic
qualification, her photo album, her weight Length, all this interesting information, which we will show you in a wonderful and detailed report.

Who is Fahriye Evcen?

Place of birth: Solingen, Germany
Nationality: German – Turkish.
Her religion: Christian.
Date of birth: 4 June 1986.
Age: 34 years old.
Marital status: Married.
Date of marriage: 2017.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Her Acting Debut: 2006.
Her favorite sport: running, swimming and yoga.
Academic qualification: Bosphorus University (2014), University of
Her husband’s name: burak özçivit – son dakika
Her hobby: traveling the world, wandering and raising cats.
Her hair color: Brown.
Height: 173 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Her eyes color: Dark brown.

burak özçivit fahriye evcen son dakika

Fahriye Evcen is a Turkish actress, she holds Turkish and German citizenship,and she is a Christian, she is 34 years old, she was born in Gemini, and actress Fahriye Evcen was born on the fourth day of June and that in 1986, she
lived in Germany and she finished high school and did She entered the German University of Heinrich Heine in the Department of Sociology, but after a while she moved to Turkey and lived in Istanbul with her mother, to enter Boğaziçi
University because she transferred before completing her studies at the university in Germany and entered the Department of History, and Ugen worked in some government departments.

As a social worker, when talking about her
beauty and ideal body, which helped her a lot at work after that, we find that her eyes color is brown, as well as her hair color is dark brown, and her weight before marriage was 50 kilograms, and her height reached 173 cm and therefore her first appearance was In fashion shows, but after her marriage
and pregnancy with her first child, she posted some pictures of her, and she was somewhat obese.

Actress Fahriye Evcen’s hobbies and favorite sport

Many interviews were conducted with the beautiful young actress Fahriye Evcen and she was asked about her favorite hobby and said that she loves running a lot, she also enjoys doing yoga and does swimming in much of her spare time, and Ujun also said that she loves her friends a lot and therefore she wanders and shopping with them in a lot From the times, as it was shown that she loves raising cats very much, she loves to travel around the world and wander around and that was before her marriage to the actor Burak Ozjivit, and when she got married, she went on many travels around the world with her husband even after she gave birth to her child, and they often traveled as She is a nature lover and therefore travels a lot, and she explained that she loves to learn a lot about other cultures.

Fahriye Evcen starring in acting

When Fahriye was ten years old, she appeared on one of the programs and was called Beyaz Shaw and this work was in 1996, and no one knew her at that time, but she kept her desire to enter the world of acting, and indeed she got to know the Turkish actress Angelina Akion and after Fahriye Evcen showed her talent in front of her Acting, she showed her to participate with her in the series Al Nostalgia, and this was in 2005, she participated in the Oya Edogan program after the series Nostalgia, but the actual start of the star Fahriye Evcen was in 2006 when she got the role of Najla in the series Falling Leaves, and this work was the beginning of her debut And her fame.

Fahriye Evcen in the series Till Death

Fahriye Evcen joined the series Until his death by appearing in the role of
Salvi Nardan, the series until his death revolves around a doctor who always
dreamed of obtaining his specialization in order to start his life, but the
events unfold and the doctor finds himself in prison in a case and a crime he
did not commit due to The father of the girl he loves, and when he is
sentenced to prison, a lawyer intervenes. This was her first case, and that
lawyer has a strange story and holds many secrets, and the lawyer discovers
many things about the doctor’s case that will remove him from prison and the
story of the series ends unexpectedly. The work was not in the spotlight nor
did it take its due despite its interesting story.

Actress Fahriye Evcen’s works

She participated in the series Nostalgia, and this work was in 2005.
Do not forget the series Spring was this work in 2005.
She participated in the series Fallen Leaves and this work was in 2006.
Past Shadows series This work was in 2011.
She participated in the “Spirit of the Age” series, and this work was from
2006 until 2010.
The series False Spring and this work was in 2010.
She participated in the series Goodbye and this work was in 2012.
Wren series, this work was from 2013 until 2014.
She participated in the series Until the Death and this work was in 2017.

The movie series

She participated in the series You Are My Home, and this work was in 2006.
El Geneina series, this work was in 2007.
She participated in the series Preserving Love, and this work was in 2008.
The series Alfin and Squirrels and this work was in 2009.
She participated in the Italian series, and that was in 2011.
The series is night and this work was in 2011.
She participated in the series Al-Ishq Is Like You.

Fahriye Evcen Awards

Fahriye has won many awards for her roles in some works in which she
participated, including the following:

She won the Most Admired Actress award in 2013.
Won the Best Film Actress Award in 2014.
She won the Golden Lens Award and this was in 2013.
And won the same award and is the most admired actress in 2016.