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Who is seckin ozdemir?

Age: 39 years old.
Date of birth: August 25, 1981.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
His Acting Beginnings: 2000-Present.
His religion: Islam.
Nationality: Turkish.
Academic qualification: Graduated from Kocaeli University with a degree in
His profession: an actor.
Marital status: Unknown.
His eyes are green.
Hair color: brown.
His astrological sign: Virgo.
Weight: 71 kg.
Height: 181 cm.
Hobbies: Music, Singing, Playing Guitar, and Traveling.
Favorite sport: swimming.

Biography seckin ozdemir

seckin ozdemir is a Turkish actor with Turkish nationality, he is from
Istanbul in Turkey, he was born on the twenty-fifth day of August and that in
1981 and therefore he is 39 years old, he embraces the Islamic religion as he
was born in the Virgo, when we describe the handsome actor seckin ozdemir We
find that his eyes are green, and his hair is brown, with a length of 181 cm
and a weight of 71 kg.

His family is very simple, his father works
in a shoe factory, and his mother works as a housewife and he has four
siblings. His study period was from elementary school to high school in his
city, but after he finished high school, he moved to Izmir and entered the
Faculty of Economics and graduated from University Kocaeli.

The beginning of seckin ozdemir acting

After he obtained his degree, he worked as a broadcaster upon his graduation
and this was in 2000, and in 2002 he presented his first radio work and called
it Brainstorm, and this work is the reason for his fame, but after a while he
appeared in commercial advertisements, and he had a strong presence as
Viewers loved him a lot because of his self-confidence, after a period of his
work in commercials, he played a small role in the series Japan Gulu, and that
work has been since 2008, after he proved and showed his talent in that work,
he performed many wonderful roles after him and is still presenting many From
wonderful works.

One of the things that the actor Sichkin loves
most is chocolate, as he loves it and cannot resist it, he also loves to
travel and wandering around the world and loves swimming a lot, and one of the
games that he prefers and gives great importance in his life is football, and
he loves tennis and does a lot of sports during His day.

Sweetheart seckin ozdemir and his wife

When asked about his relationships and personal life, the actor said that love
is a great thing, and he also fell in love with comedian Demet Ozdemir and the
story of their love lasted for several months, and their families had known
about their relationship, and they had decided to tie the knot in 2019, but
after A period of their love story, which lasted four months, suddenly
separated, and neither of them explained the reason for the separation.

Aci Ask – Bulut Ocak

Actor seckin ozdemir participated in the series Aci Ask starring role, which
is the role of Bulot, a handsome young man who works in a company and marries
the daughter of his manager at work. After a while, Bulot discovers that
Nora’s father, who is his manager, is the one who killed his father.

Bulut and Nora were not happy in their marriage because of the many differences and
problems between them, which makes Bulut fall in love with a beautiful girl
called Malak, and when Nora’s father knew about Bulut’s relationship with a
king, he tried to separate them, and they were going to separate, but Malak
discovered that she was pregnant and when she learned Noura By this, she
kidnapped Malak and threatened her to take her child. Events took place a lot
and Noura discovered that she was pregnant, but she lost her pregnancy due to
an accident that she had been exposed to, and during those events, Bulot
planned to take revenge on Noura’s father, and Noura requested separation from
Judd, and the events of the series continued and ended unexpectedly. The
series Al-Ishq Al-Burr is considered one of the most famous Turkish series,
which received many views.

Aslan Erçetin in the series Can Kiriklari

Seckin participated in the series Can Kiriklari, he appeared in that work as
Aslan, who is the chief investigator, the interesting police drama series Can
Kiriklari revolves around two girls, one called Laila and the other called
Zainab, who have a strong friendship because they were studying and living
together, one day Zainab and Layla were They got on a bus and were attacked by
two men, but a person called Jihan appeared and rescued them, and Jihan got to
know the two girls Zainab and Laila, Zainab did not like Jihan and always said
about him that he is a dangerous person, while Laila used to meet Jihan a lot
and had a love story between them. Jihan and during the days there was no news
between Laila and Zainab. Zainab was raped by Jihan, but Laila did not know
that, and Jihan was married to another woman, but Laila did not discover that
except on their wedding day, so she decided to end this marriage, but Jihan
did not accept that and decided that He kills her and throws her into the sea,
but she survived. When Zainab and Laila met, they had become two policemen and
cooperated to take revenge on Jihan, and the one who helped them in taking
their revenge was Aslan.

Acts of seckin ozdemir

Seckin ozdemir co-presented his first show called Scoop, which is a satirical
comedy show and this work was in 2004.
About his first TV work in 2008
and this work was called Japanoglu.
Then he participated in the series Let’s Write and appeared in the role of
Elias, and this work was in 2008.
He appeared in the series The Sultan’s
Harem and appeared in the role of Aliu, the lover of Sultana Hiyam, and this
work was in 2011.
He participated in the series “Love Story” and presented the title role, and
this work was in 2013.

Also participated in the series Al-Mithnab and this work was in 2014.
He participated in the series Raccoon and appeared in the role of Adnan.
And then he starred in the series Crackers of the Soul and appeared in the role of
Aslan, and this work was in 2018.
He participated in the series Love Bitter and appeared in the role of Jude,
and this work was in 2015.
As participation in the series, one breath is enough.
Then, he participated in the series Siraj Al-Layl.

He got a strong role in the series The Red Scarf.
He participated in the series Love for Rent.
We mention his role in the series For My Family.
He participated in the Great Century series.
And he has a great experience in the series Wild Rose.
He starred in the series Love Story
Then he starred in the series My Wife
Is Serious.

seckin ozdemir religion
seckin ozdemir religion