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Ali Gozusirin is an artist and actor known for television and film dramas. Get to know Ali Gozozerin Age, Upbringing & Marriage. What is Ali Gozusirin’s most important work. How was the technical start and a lot of exclusive and renewed information and news.

Personal information about Ali Gozusirin

Date of birth: January 27, 1995.
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Academic qualification: I graduated from the Department of International Relations and Issues at Istanbul Glesem University.
Marital status Single.

Who is Ali Gozusirin

Birth, upbringing, and study

He is a Turkish actor who started his artistic career recently. Gozosheren was born on January 27, 1995, in Istanbul. Its origins go back to the city of Trabzon. I graduated from the Department of International Relations and Issues of Istanbul Glycem University. It was not his imagination at the time that he would work in the acting field and become a wanted actor. Its specifications and size are 188 cm. And its weight is 73 kg. His sign is Capricorn.

He loves to read and his favorite series is Sherlock Holmes. Peaky Blinders and his favorite movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street. Many wondered, Do you have a girlfriend? However . The famous actor prefers to live his private life in secret and avoids participation in the agenda of the related media and magazines. Unfortunately, he does not have a girlfriend in any source? There is no information about.

Ali Gozusirin his acting career

We remember him as Karim in the Ufak Tefek Cinayetler series in 2017-2018. It is a work adapted from the Ufak Tefek Cinayetler series with a very large difference in the content of the story. Produced by El Qamar Productions Company and premiered on Star TV. This work falls under the classification of police and crime in addition to the romantic aspect.

His story revolves around the story of four female friends since childhood (Arezo – Bilin – Marwa – Oia) who were friends in high school. To be separated for years. Then they would be reunited in the same town in which they lived. Especially Oia. That left the town years ago. But it came back somewhat different from what it was. I became a well-known physician. To meet again the four together, but there is a black past between them. These girls are distinguished by the fact that they have hidden powers that only work if they get together. It becomes clear with the succession of episodes that there is a felony she was involved with Investigations begin about and around the crime. But they will try to use their power to get rid of that crime.

His viewership has not decreased, but I have maintained a very high viewership since his first moments on television. There are rumors that a second part may be made. Show even that one part. And the number of its episodes 28 episodes. The duration of the show is between 13 and 150 minutes. This work starring Gokcha Bahader, Aslihan Gurbuz, Tulane Ouzan and Baddeh Ishjil, in addition to Mart Virat, and it is directed by Ali Bilgin and Deniz Yurulmazro. This work has won many awards.

Ibrahim Tunç in Her Yerde Sen

He plays Eboue, a veterinarian and a close friend of the series’ Her Yerde Sen, Ibuki Bossat. The heroes of the action are Furkan Anditch. Ozge Gurel. And the actor Ali Yaghshi. It revolves around an apartment that was sold to two different people, (Celine and Karam), and the two of them are surprised that they own it together. It will present the work in a light and romantic form. His first episode was filmed in May 2019. To be shown on Turkish Fox Channel in summer.

Ali Gozusirin and his sweetheart

There are many age-related errors in many Turkish websites. And the actual date of birth is the year 1995 by the father of the handsome actor. Which traces its origins to Trabzon. He has three siblings. One brother is older than him and the other is younger. He had a childhood full of liveliness and action but was hurtful. So he often had neighbors complaining about him. While in elementary school he became interested in theater. He increased in high school but had to take a break during his college years.

He did not continue his life in the department from which he graduated from International Relations and Issues. His future plans included acting and modeling. He has participated in many fashion shows and has been on the catwalk in some fashion shows. During his college years. He had time to be interested in acting. His interest in the camera increased with each passing day. He first worked as a model in modeling and then studied acting. Featured in GZone Magazine Interest May 2016 Cover Shoot. He also accompanied Derese with a cover song called Bambaşka Biri and danced in it as well.


Ali Gozusirin and his sweetheart