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an actor known for TV and cinema drama, get to know gokhan keser age, upbringing and marriage, what are the most important works of gokhan keser, how was the artistic start and a lot of exclusive and renewed information and news.

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Date of birth September 9, 1987 AD
Place of birth Izmir – Turkey
Turkish citizenship
Academic qualification University education
Marital status Single.

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He is a Turkish actor, singer, actor and model for fashion shows besides obtaining many titles, and Gokhan was born in Izmir in 1987 AD, with a beautiful face, strong presence, and slender body, which made him a successful model and model and quickly became one of the biggest stars of fashion shows in Turkey, in the year 2002 he won the title of Mr. He signed his own model to Uğurkan Erez, one of the most prominent casting and modeling agencies in Turkey. He participated in many fashion shows and marketing teams at home and abroad. In 2005 Kaiser participated in the contest “Best Model for Turkey” and got the second place, then He had the opportunity to be a good competitor in a major international competition in 2006 in China out of 64 international competitors, to get him the third place.

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After his fame as a model and winning many awards, all his dream became to enter the field of acting, it was easy because he has strong physical resistances and is very handsome, but he chose to study acting well before playing his first role. He took acting lessons from Ayla Algan at school. Ekol Drama Theater, to start acting in 2006 through the series Selena, which was shown on the ATV channel, which lasted for 3 seasons and 104 episodes.

In 2007, he focused on some singing works as he put up albums in his musical career, which was the only job he wanted to do from the start and his biggest goal before acting and modeling, but besides singing he presented many works such as his participation in a feature film entitled (Children’s Paradise Lost), movie premieres were cut short due to directors and were not released.

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Accompanied Sila as a singer on stage for a long time, in April 2011 he performed a duet with “Sila”; Sıla Gençoğlu, Sıla Gençoğlu and Efe Bahadır’s first album “Hadi Ordan” from Radio and Digital Systems, in January 2012 presented the album under the title “Sony Music” Sıla Gençoğlu and Efe Bahadır produced the album that bears his name, this album is written by Gökhan Keser and the song Sıla Genço cliplu and the song clip composed by Gökhan Keser “Let’s Worst Today Be Such”, social media received great acclaim and music clips entered from high positions, then he cut “Sometimes” clips, “Bozdum” and “Jacket” respectively At the beginning of 2014, after the first album, he released his second single “Yok Yok Vaktim Yok”.

He participated in Team Survivor whose shows were broadcast on Star TV between March and June 2014, it is the only name in the history of survivors that has not been written in the boards to be removed from the island, which did not appear in SMS until the finals and won all the final matches After 116 days of challenging adventure, she finished second in a controversial final, then Maxi-single resumed her career with “Find Me”.

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He started his modeling career, which he started as a hobby at the age of 14.
He was chosen “King of the Aegean” at a very young age in “Miss & Mr Model 2004” competition.
Awarded the title of best model for Turkey 2005 Telecom Egypt 2 selection took the title ‘Turkey chasing Turkey has obtained the right to represent abroad.
In China in 2006, 64 countries around the world competed the best models of the most handsome and attractive man in the Manhunt Internationel competition, he was chosen as the third largest man in the world and the most light-energizing man in the “Manhunt Internationel 2006 3rd”.

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With his success, he gained a wide fan base in 2006 in front of the camera with the Selena series, and in 2007 he focused on album work in his musical career.

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