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For all followers and fans of the Turkish stars, we have collected for you a report on the young actress Ozgu Kaya about her age, religion, nationality, information about her upbringing, when she started her artistic career and the most important artistic works that she presented from series, movies, and many other details and her social networking sites.

Ozgu Kaya, her religion, her age and her life story

Actress Ozjo was born on June 17, 1996, and is now 24 years old. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and her nationality is Turkish. The astrological sign is Gemini. Religion is unknown, as for height about 165 cm and weight 53 kg. Academic qualification she graduated From Istanbul University, its religion is unknown.

Her beginning and career in acting and her most important works

Her mother was a housewife, and her father had noticed that she had a talent for art since her childhood, so he encouraged her to do so. She studied music since her childhood and began to develop herself by getting various trainings and got elementary school in Ataturk Primary School in the district in which she lives. Secondary. In Usak High School of Fine Arts for secondary education, after which she entered university education at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Istanbul University.

She showed her desire to act and was determined to become a famous artist, so she took various lessons in acting in different agencies, and actress Ozgu Kaya began her artistic career since 2017 until now, which attracted attention with her similarity with Turkish actress Yağmur Tanrısevsin, she debuted in Efsane as a character Sibel Yılmaz, also appeared in Kimse Bilmez as the character Sevda.

In 2017 she presented the series The Name of the Legend, in the same year she presented Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare / Mehmetçik Kutlu, and in 2019 she participated in Victory – and also in the series Nobody Knows.

Ozgu Kaya and her husband Boyfriend

The actress Ozgu Kaya is not related and is not married or has children, she was focusing on her studies and after that on her artistic career and proving her talent as an actress. Ozgu Kaya’s net worth is approximately $100,000, and she got his wealth from being an actress and singer in Turkey. but now she in relationship with Burak Serdar Sanal

Ozgu Kaya and her new Boyfriend
Ozgu Kaya and her new Boyfriend

Actress Ozgu Kaya in the series Kut’ül Amare

Kut’ül Amare is a Turkish historical series, and the series is written by Muhammad Bozdag – and the script for Muhammad Bozdag – Ohoud Teken – Issa Yildiz, and directed by Kamil Aydin, and starring a large group of Turkish stars, including “Ismail Aydin. Kan Tashanar – Ismail Hakki – Ozgu Kaya – Emre Yasser – “Gamzi Ozchlik” Samih Erturk – “Ujur Karabulut” – “Uighur Karabulut”.

The story of the Kut’ül Amare series revolves around the role of Ottoman soldiers in the battle of the Siege of Kut and the famous battle between the British and Ottomans in the city of Kut, southeast of Baghdad, in Iraq during the First World War, in which the British army was defeated by the Ottoman army.

The series revolves around the character of “Muhammad”, who symbolizes the members of the Ottoman army, and his friends in the Ottoman Empire that entered the First World War, and his only dream is for the victory and salvation of the state, and there is nothing more than his love for the Ottoman state in his heart. Through the excitement, movement, and deep emotion of the Ottoman Empire. Additionally, while Muhammad offers his life to the country, Zainab will love him, an Arab who may symbolize Arabs. In the series, actress Ozgu Kaya plays the role of Zainab, who symbolizes “for the Ottoman Arabs and“ Muhammad ” for the Ottoman Turks.

After their marriage, Omar says to them, which symbolizes the Arab tribes in Iraq in congratulating him on this marriage. He said: “Our country (meaning the Arabs) gives a girl (wife) this night (the wedding night between Muhammad and Zainab or the union of Arabs and Turk), to the hand of Anatolia (which is A reference to the Ottomans who set off from Anatolia) to Istanbul to a Turkish soldier. This night is the Night of Honor (the pride of the Arabs and the Turks by their union together under the shadow of the Ottoman Attic Empire.

Actress Ozgu Kaya and Kimse Bilmez series

The series stars Karam Jim – Ozgu Kaya – Sabahat Komas – Engin Hibiliere – Ali Burak – Zahra Yilmaz. The story revolves around Ali, who plays the role of the artist, Karam Jim, who is a young man who loses his whole family and becomes lonely, and he knows that he has one brother, but he does not know his whereabouts and tries to search for him everywhere in addition to that Ali is distinguished by the presence of supernatural abilities, and power that is not present At one and his neighbors call him teacher.

One day, the police chase him for some reason, and he can escape from her and hide in a place, this place is owned by a girl named Sivda, who is the actress (Ozgu Kaya), a strong love story arises between them with the presence of many conflicts, stories and stories inside the series, he achieved this The series is a great success as some have called it the series Ali and Sevda, and its performance has been praised by critics and the public.

Actress Ozgu Kaya in the series Adi Efsane

Adi Efsane is a Turkish social drama series directed by Selim Erkul and produced by Ebru Bird, starring Cem Yigit Uzümoglu, Bülent Düzgünoglu, Baran Bölükbasi – Ozgu Kaya – Mila Ada – Kan Siva – Kim Yigitoglu – Paranat Bulikboshi – other group. From Turkish stars. The story of the series revolves around a man named Tariq, who is played by the Turkish artist (Erdal Besikcilo). He was a famous basketball player who retired due to an injury that threatened his career in the basketball courts. He was married and had two daughters, one of whom was named Meles and the other named Zainab on them.

Tariq works in a government secondary school to improve his social condition and restore his daughters, and in the school he gets to know the Turkish literature teacher (Gökça Bahadur). Create a basketball team led by teammate Hakan (Jim). The events revolve around the problems that Tariq faces and his attempts to get his daughters back.