The Story of The Red Room – Kirmizi Oda Heroes and Show Dates



The Story of The Red Room - Kirmizi Oda Heroes and Show Dates
The Story of The Red Room – Kirmizi Oda Heroes and Show Dates

We collected a report for the Turkish series Kirmizi Oda and many details about it the story of the series and its heroes participants and the dates of the show and the casual channels for it and other information related to the series with a set of pictures of the series and its heroes.

Heroes of The Red Room – Kirmizi Oda

Binnur Kaya as a psychiatrist
Tülin Ozen as Dr. Pirai
Meriç Aral as Dr. Aisha
Burak Sevinç as Dr. Deniz
Hallit Ozgur Sari / As Murad Clinic Director
Ecem Uzun  As a Doctor Under Exercise
Baran Can Eraslan
 Gülçin Kültür Şahin
In addition, there are artists who appear as guests of honor in the series, including Evrim Alasya, Salih E Bademci and Hande Doğandemir.

Kirmizi Oda – The Red Room

It is a new Turkish series and is adapted from a curious book entitled The Red Room and the series adapted from the author Banu Kiremitçi Bozkurt, the series written by director Cem Karcı and produced by OGM Pictures and the duration of the episode about 120 minutes.
The show dates of The Red Room and the casual channels of the series

A few days ago I started broadcasting episodes of The Red Room on Turkish television and it was shown on Turkish TV8 channel as a summer series.

 The Story of The Red Room

Turkish drama has a wide audience in the entire Arab world and there are a lot of followers who are waiting for the new Turkish series to follow them because it contains in its drama new social and romantic ideas and stories and different from the rest of the series t and other works in the Arab world.

The series The Red Room of the kind of series that belongs to the social and medical drama and erotic in its story and events and deals with real and real stories already occurred, and revolves the story of the series The Red Room about the clinic of a psychiatrist and discuss the life of psychiatric patients who frequent this psychiatric clinic and the suffering of the pain and joys and happiness that are inside each patient comes to the psychiatrist to come out what inside and each of them tells his story and the sorrows and tragedies that live and their personal secrets.

The series deals with exciting stories that attract the viewer and the follower who finds himself in a drama that does not abandon or depart from the real life that everyone watches the series and finds many themselves and their problems through the stories and different psychological problems that exist in the events and story of the series.

Kirmizi Oda
Kirmizi Oda

 Actress Benoor Kaya is the heroine of the series

Turkish actress Benoor Kaya is the heroine of The Red Room and the main in action and she portrays Noor Kaya as the psychiatrist who has the psychiatric clinic to which the psychiatric patients go.

Who is the actress Benoor Kaya: she is a Turkish artist and actress born in 1972 in Ankara, Turkey graduated by Noor Kaya from The University of Belkent College of Music and Performing Arts began her artistic career in 1996 until now, the actress Benoor Kaya on several theaters for children, including the Theater of Ankara, as well as the theaters Sahnesi and Karatahta in Istanbul and the Municipal Theater Bakirkwe.

She also joined the Band Hülya Avşar Show, appeared with them in the Turkish series Demet Tiyatro, also joined the Besiktas Cultural Center with the team of comedians, the first drama series to appear in Noor through which the series “In-Laws” followed by the many works of art in which she participated.

In 2007-2008, She participated in the European comedy series Yeşilçam and won this series with an award at the 42nd Film Writers Association Awards and 3 Awards in 2010. Actress Benoir Kaya in the film “Favian” nominated for an artistic award as best actress in 2014 and also received the award for best female comedy player for her role in the series Kalsun Between Us at the Magnum Golden Butterfly Awards No. 41.

Actress Tolin Ozin

She is a Turkish actress born on December 24, 1979, in Iskenderun, Hatay, Turkey, from a family belonging to Artvin.
She received high school from Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School, then enrolled at Istanbul Technical University in the Department of Electrical Engineering and left for a while and then continued her education there with a scholarship.

She first appeared on the screens through the movie game Angel and it was in 2003 and the first dramatic work was the last series of fathers hear and then rolled her many artistic participation in theater, cinema and dramas, the most famous of which works the series Sultana Kusim Magnificent Century: Kösem and was one of the heroic roles of the series.

Actress Tolin Ozin has won many artistic awards for her work, including the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, the Nuremberg Turkey/German Film Festival and the Ankara Film Festival Awards, all of which were for her first work of art, The Fall of the Angel.

She also received the Sadri Alışık Awards as Best Supporting Actress and Awards for the Adana Altin Koza Festival, and received the Istanbul University Glesim Media Awards for Best Theatrical Actress and Footed Awards for her role in the series Cosim.

Actor Borak Siffinch is the hero of the series

He is a Turkish actor and artist born in 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey, is from the Zengoldak family and belongs to a middle family and the brother of actor Borak is a famous player in Turkey, the actor Borak graduated from the University of Yardez Technical Department of Music and Performing Arts the work of actor Borak initially as a professional musician in the Enbei Orchestra for a while and left.

The musician is considered one of his most important hobbies because he loves to play piano, guitar and violin as he likes some physical sports cans such as swimming, handball and table tennis, the actor Borak underwent before his professionalism to act in many auditions on acting and was his first test in “For My Father”.

It was his first experience in acting and appearing on the screens through the series Leke but unfortunately this series did not get the remarkable success but did not lose hope and insisted on success and prove himself and talent as an actor has a real talent.

He was able to achieve success and great fame through the series Aheed and embodied the character of Fathi El Sayed and his most prominent works also the Turkish series Covenant and the Turkish series “Smudge”.

In The Red Room, Borak plays the role of a psychiatrist who treats a number of psychiatric patients and tries to solve their problems.