The story of masumlar Apartmanı

The story of masumlar Apartmanı series and its heroes



The story of masumlar Apartmanı series and many details about it the story of the series and its heroes participants and the dates of the show and the casual channels for it and much other information and a set of pictures of the series apartment innocentand its heroes.

Turkish series MasumlarApartmanı

His name is Turkish MasumlarApartmanı and is inspired by The Innocent Apartments, directed by Cole Lounge and produced by OGM.

The names of the heroes of masumlarApartmanı and their roles in the series

Farah Zainab Abdullah in the character of Hayat Ansi
The artist Perkan Sokolo as Han.
Izeji Mola as Safia, Hayat’s sister.
Merv Desdar as Jolene, sister of The Second Life.
Mert Asotai
Azalea Devrem Yalhan
Isra a Russian
Anis Demirkabi

The story of masumlar Apartmanı

MasumlarApartmanı and the casual channels of the series

The first episodes of The Apartment of The Innocents will be broadcast on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, on Turkey’s TRT 1 channel.

The story of MasumlarApartmanı

As usual Turkish drama, which tends in most of its dramas to the social drama and romance of the series apartment of the innocents to this kind of works, the series Apartment of the Innocents is a romantic social drama series that discusses a true love story that actually occurred and is met with a lot of penalties and difficulties in front of this strong love story.

The series revolves around a girl named Hayat Ansi who lives in one house with two of her younger sisters, Safia and Jolene, and with her grandfather who also takes care of them.

The girl’s family is a simple and modest family life and she and her sisters love each other very much and are afraid for each other of everything and anything that keeps them away from each other and separates them so that they do not want to marry any of them so as not to be separated or be separated from each other they have a strong obsession with disintegration.

On the other hand, the young Han Dirinoglu is from a wealthy, influential and powerful family and their lives are full of secrets and their own mysteries.

The girl is known as Ansi life and turns his life and relates to her to a great extent and wants to marry her but this great love and powers can face all these family obstacles that meet them and can overcome all these difficulties this is what we will know by following the events of the series apartment innocent interesting and exciting and romantic.

Farah Zainab Abdullah, the heroine of the series

She is a Turkish artist and actress born in 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey, and her father was of Iraqi origin and from a Bosnian mother.
She got her high school education up to high school in Istanbul at St. Michel’s French High School, completed high school in England because her family traveled to England because of her father’s working conditions there and enrolled at kent university (England), French drama department.

During her university studies she received for the first time a representative presentation through the Turkish series such a time or (Such A Passing Time) during tests to choose new faces and during the experimental photography sessions were selected to star in this series in 2013.

In 2014 she participated in the film “Dream butterfly” and co-starred Kevang Tatlitog and Mert Frat, as she appeared in the same year in the turkish mini-series September Affair and also the Turkish film Engin was directed by Karim Dren and then rolled her many works of art from series and movies and also participated in this animated series in addition to her a number of songs and the release of 4 albums.

During her artistic career, Farah Zainab Abdullah received more than 16 artistic awards for her outstanding works.

Perkan Sokolo in MasumlarApartmanı

He is a Turkish artist and model born in The Turkish city of Istanbul in 1985 graduated artist Perkan Sokolu from the University of Maltbe department of radio and television programming, artist Perkan Sokolo loves physical sports and especially the basketball game in which he played for nearly 10 years and then went to the field of fashion and fashion shows for a period during which he obtained the third place as the best Turkish model.

His career began in acting in 2008 and was his first appearance through the series Young Women and also participated in the same year also in the series Elif, then participated in a number of outstanding works of art such as the series Parka Angels – Small Secrets – Cliff – Conqueror – Kurt Set and Shura – Song of Life – Face to Face – Those Who Do Not Live – Chronology – Family Story – Beauty – Rise of the Ottoman Empires – Either Independence or Death and The Apartment of The Innocents.

In 2016, artist Perkan Sokolu received an award from 43. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards as Best Actor, Artist Perkan Sokolo was married to Turkish artist Asli Inver in 2012 and separated in 2015

Murphy Desdar

She is a Turkish actress and presenter born in 1986 in Izmir, Turkey, graduated murphy Dizdar from Mart University Department of Fine Arts
She then obtained her Master’s degree from Kader Haas University, advanced acting department, and began her career through the theater.

She participated in many outstanding dramas, including the series “Voice divides the night”, which is considered the first of her dramas in which she appeared and then appeared in the series Wind of Poplar – Large Family – Ali Pillow – Nineties – Crazy Chapter in the University – Five Brothers – Sad Flowers – Kirtinelli – 7 Face – You Are My Country – Dr. Miracle – and finally the series Apartment of The Innocents .

In 2017, Mirfi Desdar received the 17th Direklerarası Award and the Afif Theatre Awards as best actress in 2017.

Artist Izji Mola

She is a Turkish actress whose full name is Mirkan Izji Mola, born in 1983 in The Turkish city of Istanbul, got the primary stage of Hassan Ali Yucel School and the preparatory stage of Turhan school and Madiha Tansel, but high school from Hallit Armai High School in Istanbul.

During her high school studies she worked on teaching acting because she loves him, she joined acting courses and joined the higher arts center Mojdat Jezin and remained there for 4 years as she learned the art of theater for two years so that she can master all kinds of acting.

The first appearance of the artist Azji Mola was then 18 years old and was in the series Karate Can and was directed by Kartal, then participated in the play Aydoğan Temel with the band Kurok Alma and then participated in many works of art from movies, series and plays, during which she embodied different and distinct roles.

She also appeared in a number of commercials for well-known advertising companies such as an advertisement for a kind of chips, toothpaste Ipana and Divaco, in 2008 she received an award for her role in Sadri Alışık as best supporting actress.