Gönül Dağı story and its heroes and show dates

Gönül Dağı story and its heroes and show dates



 Gönül Dağı story and its heroes and show dates

Full report on the story of the new Turkish series Gönül Dağı and who are the heroes of the series Gönül Dağı information about them and the dates of the show show and its casual channels and other details of the series and a set of pictures of the series.

The government has also been able to make a series of measures to promote the protection of the right to work, including the right to work, to ensure The series
Directed by: Yahya Samanji. Serial
production: Copro Film Company
The series is written by: Mustafa Jaftji
Names of the heroes of the series Gönül Dağı

Golsim Ali Elhan – Berk Atan – Mert Toorak – Feyza Işık – Ali Dosnikalkar – Shabnim Degilil – Erdal Sindoruk – Star Of July – Faiza Ishik

Gönül Dağı series and its casual channels

The Turkish series Gönül Dağı will be shown in November 2020 and the series will be broadcast on the Turkish channel TRT1 and the series will continue to run until 2021, and the series will be shown after the end of a series of Turkish dramas, which are currently shown on the tv channel TRT 1 and among these series currently showing are barbaros series and Hay Sultan and Nizam-i A Garbage Apartment.

The story of the series Gönül Dağı

Gönül Dağı revolves around many high-end and glittering popular events, negotiations with Berk Atan, Golsim Ali, Wardal Jindoruk, Chipnam Degil, Ali Dushankalkar and Mart Torak to record the cast of the series “Mountain Region of Fouad”. TRT channel to clarify the series next to the system of Alam, Barbaros, Mawlana in preparation for the presentation of ambitious television series episodes such as Tövbeler Olsun to the crowd, TRT received a project from Köprü Film.

Gönül Dağı series of turkish series distinct and is fully filmed in the state of Turkey with the filming of some areas of attractive and charming nature in some places in Turkey because it is characterized by the presence of many natural areas very beautiful, the story of the series was quoted from the story of the writer Mustafa Svetji and was present in a book entitled Bozkırda Sixtyaltı, this story revolves around the life of the people of Anatolia and what distinguishes this people with their good people and enjoy the purity of the heart and warmth and good warmth between them, It also includes the relationship between rural life and life in the city with a number of social and human stories in the series.

Turkish actress Berk Atan is the action hero

He is a Turkish actor and artist born in 1991 in Izmir, Turkey, he is now 29 years old, but his height is 1.89 cm, and he weighs 83 kg, but his religion is Muslim, the actress Birk Atan studied at Her Şey University theater department for a while and then left her without completing his studies in 2011 participated actress Birk Atan in the competition for best Turkish model.

He initially worked as a model and model in major commercials and won the title of “The Promised Future” in the competition. The following year, Berk Atan also participated in the same competition, but this time he won the first place in the competition, the first appearance of the artist Berk Atan in the works of art through the series “Sun Girls” and that was in 2015 and this series was the reason for his fame in Turkey and the Arab world as a whole and embodied the role of Savash Murtoglu.

Then the actress Birk Atan participated in the series Bear Ya My Heart, but this series did not complete its show to the end and stopped after episode 13 due to the low viewership.

Actress Golsom Elhan Ali, action hero

She is a Turkish artist and model who was born in 1993 in Bulgaria at the age of 27 and is of Turkish origin. She participated in acting for the first time in the series 32 Hours although she loves and loves acting until her participation in the works of art is low because she chooses her artistic roles very carefully.

Actress Erdal Sindoruk

Born in 1965 in Adana, Turkey, turkish actress and actress began acting during high school and participated in several theatrical performances and graduated from The University of Kuzkurova Music Theater Department, he began acting in the art of theater in the city of Adana municipality of Sihan and continued to represent him for 10 years.

In 2006, actress Erdal Sindoruk moved with four of his closest friends to the Istanbul region and participated in his first film, a specific namal film, and then starred actress Erdal Sindoruk after that and participated in many outstanding and important works of art from series and movies and the most famous series of the series Ya Hayat Benim – Red Apple, efkat Tepe and Sakarya Fırat.
Actress Shabnim Degilwell

Born in 1969 in Ankara, Turkey, she graduated from the Conservatory of Theatre department and worked for a great time acting on stage, participating in several important dramas from Turkish series such as Time Çukurkur, Brave Heart, Bizim Hikaye, Ateşöcek and Upon, and currently participates in the series Gönönül Dağ, in which she portrays sivrihisar.

Actress Mert Toorak

He is a Turkish artist and actor born on March 29, 1980, in Izmir, Turkey, who is now 40 years old and 1.73 cm tall, but his weight is 66 kg, he joined the actress Mert Toorak at the University of Istanbul department of theater and after graduating from it he joined the University of Bahjishahr and obtained a master’s degree in acting.

He entered the field of art 21 years ago and participated in many distinguished works of art from series and movies, in which he left an artistic imprint and had a strong and great influence and became very popular and a wide audience in Turkey and his most important works Miracle Aşk, Love Me and Yeşil Deniz.

He starred in a film with the great actress and distinguished Birgol Korcho during 2020 and recently joined the list of actors in the series Gönül Dağı to participate in his outstanding performance which helps to succeed the work as a Turkish artist of great popularity.

Turkish actress Faiza Ishik

Born on November 17, 1975, in Germany, Turkish actress and actress Faiza Ishik, who is now 45 years old, joined the University Education Department of Istanbul and then completed her acting education at the Mogat Jizsen Center for the Arts.

What’s fatmagol’s crime? The series Chopin Yildze, which was the reason for the fame of actress Faiza Ashik in Turkey and the knowledge of the audience as she participated in the series Enise of My Sweet Lie and embodied in the series Gönül Dağı character (returned).

Actress July Yildiz

He is a Turkish artist and actor whose full name is Assad July Yildiz born on August 5, 1989 in Izmir, Turkey, graduated actress July Yildiz from Izmir University of Economics Department of Media and Communications, his first dramas were through the series Deni in My Heart and his role in the series was the son of Mirat Yusuf, after which his distinctive dramatic works, the most important of which included The Sea in My Heart and Life Is Some Sweet And Paramparça and Seveny.