The story of the Barbaros series its heroes and its dates

The story of the Barbaros series, its heroes, and its dates



 The story of the Barbaros series, its heroes, and its dates

For all fans and followers of Turkish drama in all its forms, we have compiled a complete and comprehensive report for you about the new Turkish series Babarbus in terms of its story, heroes and information about them, its show dates, channels showing it, and a collection of pictures of its heroes.

Barbaros series story

Barbaros is a Turkish series and is classified as a history that is still in preparation. It is starring the Turkish artist, Chatay Ulusoy, and it is produced by ES Film. The series revolves around a period of time from piracy to the Sultanate about the leader of the sailor, Barbaros, at the beginning of his cruelty as a pirate. And disrupting the enemy’s movement until he became the commander of the Ottoman naval fleet, so that his character would go through campaigns, sacrifices, victories, and many exciting events. The idea of ​​producing and photographing the lives of pirates and naval fleets with their leaders, their plots, movements, conflicts and plans is of interest to Bozdag, especially in the character of Barbaros.

The events of the series revolve around one of the leaders of the large Ottoman fleets, named Baburbus, who is the commander of an Ottoman fleet who has made many naval invasions of Europe. The tasks that require him, such as disrupting the movement of enemies until it progresses and becomes the commander of the Ottoman Naval Fleet, to encounter and pass the character of Paparbus invasions, campaigns, sacrifices, victories, and many interesting events and action.

It is possible that the staff and the production company will start and prepare for filming the scenes and episodes of the series two months from now, or about two months in September and October. The production company will set a huge budget and great capabilities to implement the series project and the historical period, clothes, decorations and historical places in order to produce the series work in the best and most beautiful way.

Tale of Barbaros in detail

After some stage, he was transferred to rowing on a boat bound for Antalya. Its ruler, His Highness Prince Shehzadeh Qorqud bin Sultan Al-Othman Bayezid 2, used to redeem (emancipate) a hundred Turkish prisoners annually. It happened that Aruj was a raid on the boat that carried the prisoners, but as a result of its value, the Rhodes Knights did not include him in the list of the hundred released.

But he became able to loosen his chains and swim to the coast, as he stayed in a Turkish village for 10 days. The

n, on his way to Medelli, he reached Antalya, where “Ali Reis” met a captain who had a boat that he traded between Antalya and Alexandria. Shahira Aruj informed him, and he was welcome to work with him, and he would like to work with him, and that tomorrow morning the second captain of the ship. When Aruj arrived in Alexandria, he sent a telegram to his family informing them of his survival.

It is possible that Aruj escaped from captivity in the year 911 AH, the acceptance of the year 1506 AD. The absence of Aruj Sob remained for three years between his captivity in Rhodes and his work of rowing. The idea of ​​producing and photographing the lives of pirates and naval fleets with their leaders, their plots, movements, conflicts and plans is of interest to Bozdag, especially in the character of Barbaros. After that, he decided to replace the project with another short project in the coming times, talking about the character of Barbaros, full of fluctuations and events, the scenario of the series Barbaros starring Chatay, written by three different writers:
Jonit Arsan from his works: Three seasons of the series Valley of the Wolves, Reaction and Brave Heart
Gore weights: the pit, the valley of the wolves, and the night queen
– Oguz Ayaz: Love makes you cry. Valley of the Wolves Palestine

The heroes of the series Barbaros

As for the heroes of the series, it will be starring the famous Turkish artist Çağatay Ulusoy, produced by Es Film, and directed by the brothers, Yagmur Taylan and Dorul Taylan, and one of the most important works of the duo is the series The Great Century.
Çaatay Ulusoy is a Turkish actor, born on September 23, 1990, born in Istanbul, his astrological sign is Libra, his religion is Muslim.

One of his favorite hobbies is playing the guitar, and he loves raising cats and dogs, and he has a cat and a dog that he raises in his home as he is an animal lover, his favorite sport is basketball where he was interested in it for a long time about six or seven years, where he dreamed since his childhood to be a basketball coach This is because he was a great admirer of his coach, his treatment of him, and a lot of him.

Who is Barbaros?

Khair al-Din Barbaros Pasha (Turkish: Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa), (birth: 1470 on Medelli Island – death: 5 July 1546 in Istanbul). Chief (minister) of the Navy, leader of the maritime troop groups, ruler of the state of the Republic of Algeria His original name was Khader ibn Yaqoub, and he was known as Khader Royce (Saqis is a title for sea captains), and it was called Khair al-Din, and was known in Europe as Barbarossa, meaning the red beard (barba: chin, rossa: red),
Whereas, the Europeans nicknamed his older brother Aruj Rees as Aruj Barbarossa as a result of his red chin, and after his martyrdom they gave the same name to his brother’s green from the heels.

He is one of the most famous leaders of the Ottoman fleets, if not the most famous among them, and one of the models of naval jihad. His assistants were his two sons, “Hassan Al-Dakhim” (Buk Hassan) and “Hassan Al-Deeil” (Kojuk Hassan). Under the command of his brother Orouj, he participated in massive naval invasions, including the revival of tens of thousands of persecuted Moriscos from Spain, and then his brother’s martyrdom took over.

Until now, its people sought help from them in exchange for the Spaniards. He inaugurated with his brother Orouj a republic whose capital is the state of the Republic of Algeria, which he soon annexed as a province to the Ottoman country. He took over the position of the governor of the state of Eyalet of the Republic of Algeria (1518), following the urging of his brother’s death from the notables of the country of the Republic of Algeria. He combined with the state of the Republic of Algeria, by order of the legitimate Sultan Suleiman, to drive all the naval fleets of the country.

The heroine of the series Barbaros

To this day, the confirmed choice of the star, who is next to the hero, has not been announced, but it is possible that the Turkish star Farah Zaynab Abdullah is a candidate to be the heroine of the series next to the Turkish star Shatay Ulusoy, when we have information about the rest of the heroes We will bring it to you and publish it to our staff.
Barbaros show channels

The episodes of the new series will be shown and broadcast on the government channel TRT, which is a famous channel dedicated to showing Ottoman historical works, and the channel has planned to produce the series from 2017.

Onur Saylak

The Turkish actor Onur Saylak was born in Ankara in 1977, Onur studied at the Middle East University of Technology, Department of Physics and did not continue his studies, as he moved to the University of Ankara – Department of Business Administration, and in spite of that he did not work with his studies or even in his field of study and then moved to work In the field of acting, after leaving the University of Ankara.

He went to the University of Blunkett, the theater department, and participated in several theatrical works through the university theater, in addition to his work in the international theater in Ankara. Among his theatrical works at the time, the Jews’ play, a cheap opera, and a play in spite of everything), Onur has proven his superiority in the field of Theater, and showed great talent in acting.

The beginning of his appearance on the screens was in 2003, through his participation in the presentation of the program “Let’s go,” which was shown on the Turkish TRT channel. After that, Onur participated in many prominent works, one of the most important of these works, most notably the series The Heart Thief, which was shown in 2010, where Honor was able to win the admiration of the audience and drew attention to him in this series in which he embodied the character of Levent.

Autor participated in several works, including The Carpets of Our Home in 2000, the series Al-Hob La Beaty from here in 2003, and also participated in the series Al-Gharib in 2004, as well as working in the series Neither Without You nor Without You in 2005, as well as in the series Name Al Ramz in 2006.

Onur Saylak became famous to the Arab audience through his participation in the series Asi, which was shown in 2007, where he participated in the acting Turkish star Tuba Bayuxton, known then as Belmis, whom Onur married in 2011 and gave birth to their twins, before their separation from each other in 2017, Onur Saylak participated in the acting starring in the movie Toprak and Maya in 2012, and through them he won the best award for the year 2012 at the Yeljam Awards and the Siyad Film Awards.