The story of the Turkish series Sadakatsiz

The story of the Turkish series Sadakatsiz



The story of the series Sadakatsiz – the Turkish – by actress Cansu Dere and the time of its presentation, the Turkish star finally chose a series called Sadakatsiz, as a new work and a strong return to her,
After playing her strongest drama, My Mother, and co-starring Miss Turkey in 2013, Perrin, and actor Janier, hero of the series Woman and Black Love.

Sadakatsiz series, or Unfaithfulness, a new Turkish work

One of the Turkish TV shows is being prepared under the name “Non-Loyalty” or Sadakatsiz, and its heroine will be the brilliant star Gansu Dere, and it was said that Tariq Imre Tekin, son of actress Cheval Sam, will be represented in the series “Unfaithful” starring Gansu Dere and Janir Gendoruk.

This work is the Turkish version of Dr. Foster, who was agreed upon by most famously, rumors that the actor Burak Sergin joined the crew of the series “Treason” starring Gansu Dere.

Directed by: Neslihan Yeşilyurt.
Channel: KanalD.
Produced by: Med.

The events revolve around Doctor Foster discovering her husband’s betrayal of her. This will cause buried, dark secrets that will threaten her life.

The full story of Sadakatsiz series

Sadakatsiz, or The Untouched, is about Doctor “Foster” discovering her peer’s betrayal; What will cause the unveiling of dark, buried secrets that threaten their existence in this world.
Aside from being an expected release on a drama, these two main sentiments are confronted sequentially.

Gemma Foster is a lovely lady who is the main character of the series.
However, there are few issues that go wrong in his presence in the family world.
Especially her spouse imagines that Simon is betraying him and has a secret connection.
In addition to that, it is almost verified of that.

The only defect is that he has no evidence for him.Throughout the unveiling of a very impressive love tale, he mingles the cast of actors like Clare Hope Ashitey, Jodie Comer, Victoria Hamilton, Cheryl Campbell, Martha Howe Douglas, Adam James, Navin Chowdhry, Sara Stewart, Tom Taylor, Robert Pugh, and so on. You love the drama release, the Doctor Foster series is an accident for you.

In the series in which Kansu Dere and Kanner Sindoruk will co-lead roles, the actors gradually became clear and the time was set.
The upcoming production of the new season will appear on Channel D in early October. The series will be called “Unfaithful”.

The team includes Ozge Ozder, who is liked by the family, “Do you forget Emil in Desperate Housewives? Then there is Erin Vordem whose role as Sergeant Atis Akar in “Suze” was greatly appreciated by families.

Taro Amir Tekin, son of a famous actor, will be a hero for the first time

Taro Amir Tekken … I think you’ll hear this name a lot from now on.
Sons of Eval, Sam and Metin, Teken. Personally, I think it’s similar to Metin Tekin.
I said, “You will hear a lot” because Taro is attending a movie now.
It gives the opportunity to get an idea, even if it is short, an “Akis” introduction of himself.
It was scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year. But I do not know what is happening because of the Coronavirus cases.

Let me offer some information about the movie. A project by Ilker Savshkort.
His first film “Damat Ward” is very impressive and deals with the most important problem of today.
In particular, he listened to the film’s soundtrack. Uğur Ateş did a good job.
“Akis” is the director’s second film and is also a candidate for giving a different taste in “used domestic production”. Taro Amir Teken plays Selcuk style, Ali Surya, Yasmine Szawlowski, Elite Andash Jam and Ibrahim Akuz (let’s say the actor the director can’t abandon him) are the team names.

Tariq Amir Tekin was born in Istanbul in 1997, is 23 years old, and he is the son of Matin Teken and Eval Sam.
He teaches drama in Oxford, the most prestigious school in America.
She used his social media account as Taro Amir Tekin, who had an affair with Laila Tanlar, an actress like him.
Tariq Amir Tekin, who is currently in love with Daphne Anisoglu, had his first screen experience with the Blue TV series Naked.

Join Miss Turkey for the year 2013

She joined the starring of the series Sadakatsiz, the rising Turkish star Berrin Keklikler, from whom we are expecting a strong role, another name of “beauty contests” participating in this sector; Berrin Keklikler was ranked second in the “Miss Turkey Contest” held in 2013. Her screen appearance was the “Anyone Who Is Like You” contest, hosted by Murat Bacoglu on Star TV in 2015, along with Seyfi Dursunoğlu and Nükhet Duru and Omit Erdim as the jury. When Renmen saw her brother, she attracted attention! You will be the role of Caner Cindoruk’s lover in the series. To see how the talent is?
Beren Kicklicker

Beren Kiklik was born on April 7, 1994 in Germany, and at the age of 26 years old. Her relationship with Beren Kickliker Ranimen, who is the second Miss Turkey in 2013, was widely reported in the media. Crazy Dersane University is his most important acting experience.
Sadakatsiz series heroes

Cansu Dere, who will appear as Doctor Mine in the series Unfaithful, never again wants to experience defeating Ferhat Il Shirin.

Cansu Dere, who has been a hit with the series Mother before, was born in 1980 in Ankara and is aged 40 years old.

Although the recorded beautiful Cansu Dere graduated from the archeology department of Istanbul University,
Except that she got the leading role in the Sıla series with her education and then became famous.
I love Cansu Dere also especially with the Acı Aşk and Ezel series.

Caner Cindoruk will be in front of the audience as Doctor Vulcan in the TV series Unfaithful. Janier, who, unfortunately, could not show his superior success in the fantastic series Zemheri, wants,
Rising again with an unfaithful, who thinks he will be successful, the handsome actor was born in Adana in 1980
He is 40 years old. Although he studied Business Administration at Cukurova University,
Except that he was always in the theater, and he was acting when he passed the auditions for Yaprak Dökümü, which had always been intertwined with the stage.

Yeliz Kulvancı is part of the cast in the series “Unfaithful”, based on the movie Doctor Foster, the idol of Güneş, who gave her life in “My Husband’s Family”.
The beautiful actress who came to the world in Ankara on February 28, 1984, is 36 years old.

Other heroes of our unfaithful Turkish series

Ozge Ozdir became in the cast of another series of doctors, unfaithful.
The beautiful actress Ozge Ozdar, born in Ankara in 1978, is 43 years old.
Ozge Ozdar Kukaman, who completed her acting education at the Ankara State Conservatory, appeared,
In the TV series My Family Desperate Housewives, Ulan Istanbul Amber and Umuda Handcuffs.

Erin Vordem, who appeared with the character of Sgt. Atis Akar in Konuralp and Söz in the TV series Osman Foundation, will enter.
Now in the TV series Unfaithful as a Doctor. Erin Vordim, born on October 7, 1988,
She is now 32 years old. Erin Vordem, who started acting for the first time with the series Shiftak Tibi, lived
He made his debut with the character Chinar, whom he gave life to in the series Indina Shakk.
Erin Vordem, who is fond of a name unknown in the media, is 1.78 meters tall and weighs 75 kg.

Finally, İlber UYGAR KABAOĞLU, who participated in the Forbidden Apple series and left the series troubled by the unfaithful cast, was included.
The young actress who opened her eyes to life in Istanbul in 2004,
At the age of 16, she first caught the attention of the character Mustafa, who gave her life in the series Inside.