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Doğan Bayraktar – Aslan Aslanbey Who is?

Doğan Bayraktar Aslan Aslanbey, hero of the series Hercai. Hercai is one of
the most popular Turkish series since 2019. It has garnered a great deal of
the viewer’s attention. To show us a new character that is no less important
than the rest of the characters in the series, called “Aslan Aslanbey”, who is
the true grandson of the Aslan B family. And the events of the series will
change 180 degrees from their old course. To create interesting and more
complex events than ever before. And let’s open fire on the Hazar family. To
be a new enemy in action.

A handsome young man in his early life and artistic career. His artistic
credit is only two works. But with them, he managed to take the heart, mind
and eye of the viewer. Quickly, and from his first episode, Hercai has won
girls’ hearts. The number of his followers on social media rose to the

Who is this handsome young man and how old is he?

Dogan was born in Istanbul in 1995. Before his astrological sign was the
Leo. Which is similar to him in many characteristics. Tall, having reached 187
cm. Its weight is ideal, it does not exceed 83 kg, which is an ideal weight
with an athletic body such as that of Dogan.his Religion is islam.

He presented the role of a strong
warrior and was very successful in playing this role with ease. Especially
because he has a perfect, athletic body. From his photos, which he publishes
on Instagram and Facebook, we find that he is personally interested in sports.
And he is in gyms on an ongoing basis. He has an obsession with sports,
carrying weights and running.


His life story and a lot about him and photos

Dogan Bayraktar was born on August 8, 1995, in Istanbul. The second runner was selected in the 2015 Best Model in Turkey competition. His first acting experience was in the series Warrior, in which Berk Oktay, Murat Cerezli, Alekan Albayrak and Furat Albayram participated in the main roles. In this series, Petty Officer played Sergeant Major Selçuk Yenilmez. A Turkish actor who became famous for his appearance on the TV show Savasci (Warrior).

He has also accumulated more than 90K followers on his account.

He made his debut in the Savasci TV series (Warrior) in 2017.
Trivia: He traveled to Kyrenia, Cyprus, a trip that he recorded on his Instagram account. While there, he stayed at the Rocks Hotel. Family life He posted a picture with his pet dog on his Instagram account in July 2015. Associated with being an actor of the Turkish nation, similar to Burak Tuzkoparan.

dogan bayraktar
dogan bayraktar
dogan bayraktar Religion
dogan bayraktar Religion