Hilmi Cem İntepe religion, age, series, and information

Hilmi Cem İntepe Turkish actor, date of birth, religion, nationality, academic qualification, series, life story, artistic career, films, photo album, and more in a comprehensive and detailed report on the Turkish actor, the hero of the Bodrum Story series, that series that achieved great success, And led to the fame of the actor Helmy Jim in Turkey and the Arab world.

He was born in Turkey on May 19, 1992. He is best known as a movie actor. Turkish actor who appeared in the TV series as Bodrum Masali and Jalikusu. Playing the role of Birol in the 2014 movie Stajyer Mafya. He learned Latin dance at the age of 17 and is a well-known actor, attended Survivor in 2013 and Survivor all Star in 2018. He is the owner of Allstar Dance Academy in Mugla.

Hilmi Cem İntepe continues to study at Mugla Sports University (BESYO) Hilmi Cem İntepe participated in Survivor Ünlüler – Volunteer Team Contest in 2013 and became the hero who first printed the name of the final match as a volunteer. Entebbe, who participated in the Survivor All Star competition, held by the team of volunteers in 2015, finished third in the competition.

Personal information

Full name: Hilmi Cem İntepe.
Date of birth: 19-5-1992.
Age: 29 years
Place of birth: Mugla, Turkey.
Religion Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Academic qualification: Theatrical Arts Institute.
Profession: Actor.

Hilmi Cem İntepe, his life story and biography

The famous Turkish actor Hilmi Cem İntepe was born in the city of Mugla in the state of Turkey in 1992, he lived in the Bodrum district for a long time until he was 18 years old, he loved dancing a lot, especially Latin dance, and he was diligent in his studies during the various academic stages, until he reached Pre-university education, and participated in many artistic competitions, until he appeared on television, and the first competition in which he appeared was Talent Turkey, and this competition was one of the most famous competitions that he joined and made him appear on Turkish television for the first time among the celebrities, and he continued this competition Until he reached the second level and won and got the second place.

The actor Hilmi Cem İntepe and his acting debut

Actor Hilmi Cem İntepe appeared for the first time through the competition that he joined and made his first appearance on Turkish television, and these were the first reasons that made him appear on television screens, and he appeared again on a TV program for the brightest stars in Turkey, which made him think seriously In becoming a famous actor, and this idea became brilliant in his mind for a long time, and he started looking for a way to make him join art and become an actor, so he studied acting art in the theatrical institute in order to develop his talent that he sees inside, and become a famous actor.

Hilmi Cem İntepe Undergraduate Study

The Turkish actor Hilmi Cem İntepe joined the Technical Institute for Dramatic Sciences, and he studied theatrical art to develop his talent in acting, and he works with it after he graduated from the institute, and the institute he joined had a great role in his talent, which he later developed, and this talent was the basis for becoming a famous actor In Turkey, he presents many works with a selection of the brightest Turkish stars, and the various competitions that he used to join during school times helped him to appear on television, as well as television programs, and his face became well known to the public, which made him famous in a short time and present many works Brilliant.

The Turkish actor Hilmi Cem İntepe presented a distinguished group of wonderful TV works. He had the opportunity to appear as an actor in his first work in the series “The Fourth Century” which he presented in 2013, and he also presented many historical TV series that embody more than one real character throughout history, These series were the best works of the Turkish actor Hilmi Cem İntepe and led to his fame in Turkey and the entire Arab world.

Hilmi Cem İntepe Series

Actor Dream of Jim Entebbe presented many wonderful television series that were a great reason for his fame, as these series were dubbed into the Syrian dialect and shown on Arab TV in all countries, and the most famous of these series include:

The Turkish series “The Fourth Century” presented in 2013
The Turkish series “Bird Wren” was presented in the same year 2013.
The famous Turkish series “Bodrum Tale”.

Hilmi Cem İntepe and his filmography

The Turkish actor Hilmi Cem İntepe presented a cinematic role in the movie “Mafia” and this movie was directed by the great director Eric Kocak. The events of the film revolve around two children who are friends from childhood linked to each other in studies and work, until they became one of the biggest mafias in Istanbul, and they were faced by many The problems resulted from their work in the mafia, in which the Turkish actor Hilmi Cem İntepe presented a distinguished role in which he showed his distinctive artistic talent, and he also participated in acting with a group of the brightest Turkish stars.

The series “Magnificent Century” and the role of Hilmi Cem İntepe

The Turkish actor Dream of Cem Entebbe presented a distinguished and wonderful role in the series “Magnificent Century”, which he presented in 2013, this series, which revolves around the life of the Ottoman Empire, and it tells the story of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent with his wife Hurm Sultan, and appeared in the series many adventures that tell about the war And the struggle for the survival of the throne of the Sultan, his sons and his wife, Sultana Hurm, and for the palace to remain as it is, and the scriptwriter of this series said that the fourth century series was inspired by imagination and it was not necessary to fully tell real stories, there are real clips in the series and other stories inspired by imagination Writer.

It debuted in 2013 as Magnificent Century, a Turkish-made historical fictional TV series produced by Tims Productions and aired first on Show TV and then on Star TV. The series is based on the life of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife, Harim Sultan, the struggle for the throne for the sons of the Sultan’s harem and the life of the palace. Screenwriter Meral Okay stated that the series is fiction and therefore should not reflect facts.

His role in the series Çalıkuşu

The famous Turkish actor Hilmi Cem İntepe presented a wonderful role in the series “Çalıkuşu”, which is a distinctive TV series that offers a different point of view from the perspective of the Turkish classic writer Kaikos Freddy. To her uncle during the holidays, events and holidays to spend special times with him, and this girl fell in love with her cousin and the love will grow between them until a strong love story arises, but during the journey of love some problems appear that the writer embodies in comic form in this wonderful TV series.

Çalıkuşu series is a Turkish TV series adapted for the third time from the work of the same name by Reşat Nuri Güntekin, not to be confused with the series that was previously broadcast on the TV titles Çalıkuşu and Rebuild.

He played the role of Birol in the 2014 movie Stajyer Mafya, and his story revolves around Birol and Ayhan are pure, clean and incompetent childhood friends. Our hero, Gamze, who loved Birol for years but left him because he was unemployed, thought that they were the biggest mafia men in Istanbul by accident, and they had to enter this world unintentionally. Young people, whose motto is “If life is a game, we have a lot of coins,” have hilarious adventures as they try to survive and learn the rules of this world.

His role in the series “bodrum masalı”

The first starring role of the Turkish artist Hilmi Cem İntepe in the famous bodrum masalı series that was shown on Turkish TV channels for the first time on the Turkish channel, and many Turkish stars participated in this series, and the events revolve around a rich and ambitious man who has many hotels, living with his wife His daughter has a happy life in Turkey, the city of Istanbul. He also lives with another woman he loves.
He has an old family house he inherited from his father, and half an average hotel in Istanbul, and he continued to grow in this wealth until he became rich in Istanbul, and he bought many hotels in various places in Turkey with his wife, and this girl gave birth and lived with another woman he loves He changed his wife.

Hilmi Cem İntepe’s lover and his family

He is not currently dating anyone. We do not have much information about his past relationship and any past relationship at the moment, we do not have much information about his family, and we will update soon.

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