Who is Defne samyeli?


Who is Defne samyeli?
Who is Defne samyeli?

Defne samyeli, her religion, her nationality, her age, her husband, her astrological sign, the story of her life, her artistic career, her most important artworks, secrets from her personal life, her photo album, all of this and more that we present to you today through a detailed report on it.
Defne Samyeli is a Turkish actress, born on July 1, 1972. She participated in many Turkish series, including films from her films, with which she participated in Valley of the Wolves 10 in 2015. She is also a singer and has many albums.

Personal information

Date of birth: March 17, 1972
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Comprehensive artist, actress, broadcaster, writer, singer.
Age in 2020: 58 years old.
Astrological Sign: Pisces.
Spouse’s name: Irene Talu, her ex-husband.
Years of activity: from 2010 until now.

Defne Samyeli’s life story and biography

Defne Samyeli is an actress, singer, presenter and writer, she is a comprehensive artist, she was born on the seventeenth of March 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey and belongs to the Ramazanular family in Adana, and her father passed away at the age of thirteen and it was the first great sadness and trauma in her life.

 Defne is one of the beauties of Turkey, for she ranked third in the beauty pageants in 1991, She graduated from the University of Bogaresi and began working as a journalist and news reporter for the newsletter, and also worked as a news editor for a program on Show TV, and a writer for the Sun newspaper, and she joined the Faculty of Science, 

Department of Chemistry at Bogaziri University, but did not complete her studies there due to her busy time, After several years of graduating from the business administration department, Devne married businessman Irene Tallow and gave birth to two daughters, Deren and Dareen, but they and Irene separated, and now she is in a romantic relationship with actor Jim Yilmaz.

Defne samyeli and her acting career

Defne Samyeli is a comprehensive Turkish artist who has worked in many fields as she is a journalist, broadcaster, singer, actress and a distinguished and diverse series of works. Devene started her artistic career, worked as a journalist and then presented her first program in 2010, she took an interest in musical theater, studied music and got audio lessons from Bruce Kolb He is a musician and coach for New York stars, and she started acting in the field of acting in 2013 after studying it well.

Her role in the series Valley of the Wolves

She made her first role in the series “Babam Sinifta kaldi”, and then presented a wonderful starring role in the series “Valley of the Wolves” in 2015, due to the name of Operation Valley of the Wolves planned by Aslan Akbi Bey who recruited the hero of the series, Murad Alamdar, and after the death of Aslan Bey at the end of the first part, the events follow after that until we reach the tenth part, and from here appears the role of the young Yusef Ibn Zainab, whose role is Defne Samyeli,

He plays his role as a hero with a large team of heroes, and the events continue until the series reaches the tenth part, in which Devni participates, and through which she shows that she works in the management of a security company called Asian Security and deals with Oktam Arturk, a teacher and mentor of her son Yusef, and he who tells Youssef that Zainab She is his mother, but he is asked to keep the matter a secret, and Zainab tries with all her efforts to help Yusef and protect him from any danger.

 It is one of the most important series that achieved great success in Turkey, which was shown on Arab channels and has been dubbed to the Syrian, and given that it is a political and social series that attracted everyone’s attention and achieved remarkable success over ten parts, and the eleventh part is still expected to be completed soon, as it tells about political events about Palestine, Iraq and about the coup that took place in Turkey in 2016, and the work presented a large group of the best actors and actresses of Turkey. Actress Defne Samyeli appeared with the embodiment of the character Asia Tuna “Zainab” and appears in the series through the tenth part.

 Among the most important heroes who participated in this successful work is Necati Shashmaz, who embodied the role of Murad over the course, Kanaan Joban, who played the role of Abd al-Hayy Joban, Gorkan Uygun, who provided an embodiment of the character of Mimati Bash, Haqan Boyav, who played the role of the black Kara, Oktay Kinarja, who played the role Suleiman Shakir, Aisha Chidem Batur, who presented the character of Laila Turkman, Jahid Kayaoglu, who played the role of Abed Kaya, Ali Pohara Mette, who portrayed the character of Akif Devji, Erhan Afaq, who portrayed the role of Imran Awfak, Gaya Gursel, who played the role of Safia Krakhanli, Gorkem Svendik Burak Sevensh, who presented the role of Shaker, who presented the role of Timur and others, and the series directed by Othman Sinaf.

The new series Defne Samyeli

Defne Samyeli is presently presenting a series entitled “High Heels”, which is expected to change to “High Heels,” a series that revolves around fame, glory, fashion models and love stories as well. It deals with a series of interesting events, talking about a girl and three friends dreaming of fame and glory. And this girl tries to strive and strive to achieve her dream, but they get involved in some problems, events and bad situations, and the events follow, a group of heroes will participate in the series, who will be carefully selected from a large list of the names of the top stars,

Defne Samyeli and her daughter Derain, a model who recently worked in America, is expected to participate, and the script has been shown to Devni, as she will design all the costumes in this series, and Turkish comedian Jim Yilmaz may also participate in the tournament, who is also a comprehensive artist. A musician, writer and cartoonist, he went to university and graduated from the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, and his first appearance was in the movie “Everything Will Be Wonderful” in 1998 and also appeared in more than ten successful works, and provided a voice acting in a number of cartoon films.

And she won the best actor award.

Who is Defne Samyeli’s husband?

Actress Devni married businessman Irene Talo in 1995 and gave birth to her two daughters, Deren and Dareen, but they separated after that, and now she is experiencing a new emotional relationship with Turkish comedian Jim Yilmaz after her separation from the father of her two daughters.

Defne samyeli in brief

    Actress Defne Samyeli always posts pictures of her with her two daughters on social media and thus reaps many likes as well as followers.
    Despite her old age, she has a graceful and athletic body, and a journalist wrote about her that if the media environment in Turkey was like the media environment in America, Devne and her daughters would be millionaires.
    Devni was chosen as a guest of honor in the Istanbul series, and she and her daughter appeared with an exciting look upon accepting one of the invitations to a party, and they wore very short dresses and through this ceremony, Devni confirmed that her two daughters are her best friends.