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İdris Nebi Taşkan, his religion, his nationality, his age, his works, his life story, his series, his artistic career, his marriage, all of that and more we present to you in this article through a detailed report on the young star who presented a group of wonderful artworks and was known as “Yassin” about His distinguished role in the series “fazilet hanım ve kızları – Fadela and its Daughters”, and we show you the latest photos that were taken of him.

İdris Nebi Taşkan is a young Turkish actor, born in Istanbul, born on August 18, 1997, Turkey, his sign is the virgin, the color of blue eyes is studying in proxy training. He is a basketball player since he was in middle school. Idris attached acting from a young age until he received training and lessons for acting, entered the world of acting easily His first work was the “Raghh Al-Qurnoun” series in 2014, despite the small role, but he was known in it and drew the attention of viewers and producers until he appeared after that in a number of Turkish series, including the series “fazilet hanım ve kızları” known as Yassin in 2017-2018, and Idris Nebi Tashkan, who embodies The character of Civan in the Zalim Istanbul series, shown on Kanal D,

personal information

Date of birth: August 18, 1997.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Actor.
Religion Muslim.
Astrological Sign: Leo.
Years of activity: from 2014 until now.
Age in 2020: 23 years old.

İdris Nebi Taşkan Biography and Life Story

İdris Nebi Taşkan is an actor of Turkish origin, born in Istanbul, Turkey on August 18, 1997, he loved acting from a young age and studied training and lessons that qualify him for acting excellently. He is an ambitious young man and has many talents and considers his family and friends who are the most supportive of him in his scientific and practical life. In middle school he used to play basketball, and through a small role in the series “Zaegh Al-Qurna” in 2014, he drew the attention of major producers until he got a starring role in the series “fazilet hanım ve kızları” in 2018 and was known through him as “Yassin” then His successful artwork followed after that.

İdris Nebi Taşkan and his start in acting

İdris Nebi Taşkan began his artistic career in 2014 by presenting a small role in the series “Zaegh Al-Qurna” with a group of top Turkish stars, which made him attract the attention of major producers and the offers for series and films began to fall to him, after which he was offered an embodiment of a starring role in the series “Fadela and her daughters” in 2018, a series that met with great success and achieved a high viewership. Idris, the title of Beyasin among the masses, followed his artistic works, including the series “Dark Istanbul”, “Good Friends” and other successful works.

The most important works of İdris Nebi Taşkan

He made a small role, which was his first role in the series “Zaegeya Al-Qarn” in 2014.

The series entitled “Good Friends”, which was produced in 2016, is one of the most exciting and suspenseful series. The series revolves around a group of young friends facing some events, problems, emotional adventures and comedic situations. The series tells about the character of “Amina”, whose wedding date is approaching At the same time, she discovers that she is suffering from cancer, and from here events change and Amina begins to think about severing her relationship with everyone, and the series presents a group of heroes, namely Hayal Kossiglo, Tevek Ekpasil, Pinar Cajalar, Didim Ancelil, Bisla Fayed, Neslihan Yildan, and the series consists of ten episodes.

He presented the series entitled “Poyraz Karayil” which was shown in 2015, and the series revolves around Ahmed Poyraz Karayil, a divorced man who works as a policeman who was fired from his job due to a bribery case that was fabricated injustice, and he is sentenced to one year in prison, and during imprisonment he loses his only son Sinan, who His grandfather, his mother’s father, takes him and when he gets out of prison, he tries to get his son back, but he cannot, so he starts working as a taxi driver, and then he receives an offer from his former police chief to work as a spy for one of the mafia bosses in exchange for him to return his son to him, so he accepts and starts the task, and the events follow. Until he meets Aisha, a woman who lives alone far from her family and falls in love with her, until he discovers that she is the daughter of the gang boss, but he must hide his truth from her because he is carrying out a mission in complete secrecy as he wants to reach his son, and from here begins to feel an internal conflict, events begin Intertwine, co-starring Ilker Kaleli, Burçin Terzioglu, İdris Nebi Taşkan and others.

Yassin’s role in the series “fazilet hanım ve kızları”

He presented a starring role in the series “fazilet hanım ve kızları” in 2018 and is considered the most famous and most wonderful of his works, through which he embodied the character of Yassin and through his role in this series his fame and popularity increased, but he was known among people by his name in the series, and the events of the series revolve in a dramatic framework. It discusses some social and family issues that the mother and children are going through in the absence of the father, and the story of the series revolves around the virtue of the mother, who is a woman who tries to play the role of mother and father at the same time because the father died, and she tries to pull her daughters out from being lost, for she is the support and aid for them after the death of the father And she performs some work without boredom or despair in order to help improve the harsh living conditions,

and is always looking for an opportunity to marry one of her daughters with a wealthy man so that they do not suffer from the bitterness of a difficult life like her, but the eldest daughter has masculine characteristics, so she tries to replace the father, justifying that by saying that she is The eldest, who must be the man of the house, as for the younger sister, who is distinguished by her beauty. The youngest daughter, “Aegean,” falls into a love affair with a poor young man, but the mother refuses this marriage, so Aegean escapes with him and comes back pregnant with him, so her mother decides to marry her to a young man from a wealthy family,

After her marriage, Fadela’s life changes completely and it is the big shift in the life of the Fadhila family, and from here the events follow, and Nazan Kisan participates in this work, who embodies the character of the mother, Fadela, and although she was considered one of the secondary roles in the series, she played the mother to the fullest extent, Avra Sarac, who plays the role of the youngest daughter Aegean, Caglar Artgrel, Alp Nowruz, Deniz Baysal, and the character of the eldest daughter, Hazan, the series includes 50 episodes, and a second part of the series was filmed due to the desire of the viewers.

Zalim Istanbul Series Championship

He participated in the series “Zalim Istanbul” in the role of Jeevan, and its events revolve around the wealthy young man who lost his parents, “Nadim” who falls from the roof of the palace in which he lives with his family, uncles and their children, and Nadim’s fall causes poor health conditions to him, the accident causes him a brain shock It leads to hemiplegia and his uncle’s wife gives him some medicine that worsens his condition and thus he cannot return to his normal condition and his uncle becomes the guardian of his wealth and vast wealth, all in an interesting dramatic range and a large group of big actors participate in the work, and the work is a dramatic epic A tragic one, and İdris Nebi Taşkan plays the role of Sevan, and the series has now started to be shown on the screens, and Turkish actor İdris Nebi Taşkan continues to offer us his best successful roles.

İdris Nebi Taşkan in Arkadaşlar İyidir series

Turkish series Arkadaslar Iyidir is one of the most famous Turkish series, and it was produced in 2016
One of the most exciting stories where it tells about a group of friends who are of a young age, facing many emotional, dramatic and comedic situations. The events of the series revolve around (Amina) who discovers near the date of her marriage and discovers that she is sick with cancer, to change at this moment everything that she arranged for, and to start In reconsidering her relationship with those around her, especially in light of a number of problems with her sister and his heroes Hayal Köseoglu -Tevfik Akbasli – Necla Fide – Pinar Caglar Genctürk – Didem Inselel.

Starring in Poyraz Karayel

Poyraz Karayel is a Turkish series produced by the Lemon Company, a film shown on the Turkish channel Canal de, with the starring actor Ilker Kaleli and actress Burchin Terzioglu. The first episode was shown on Wednesday 7 January 2015, Ahmed Bouiraz Karayel, a divorced man and an honest policeman, fired from his job on charges of taking a bribe unjustly and spending a year in prison as punishment. He lost the most precious thing in his life, which is his son Sinan, in favor of his wife’s father (his father-in-law) ونسnsal Uzbakan, then he worked as a driver to get his son back. Until his son got back, Poyraz received an offer from his old commander, Mumtaz (his police chief), which is to work as a spy in the mafia that It is run by Bahri Uman and getting information about it and in return for the work will be Sinan’s guardianship, Poyraz immediately before the show.

At the same time, Poyraz met Aisha Gul (Doctor), an independent woman who lives alone far from her family and loved her without knowing that she is the daughter of a mafia man. From the moment the two meet, there begins to have feelings for each other, but their love seems to be impossible because Aisha Gul is the daughter of Bahri Uman, the mafia man who works for him as a (spy) driver, but unfortunately Boiraz must hide his truth from Aisha Gul, but somehow he succeeds Poyraz entangles Aisha Gul with the problems, and then the events begin to follow, and faces and betrayals unforeseen in the life of Poyraz Karayel are revealed.