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Batuhan Eksi Tariq, the hero of the series Elimi birakma – Do not leave my hand, complete information, know the actor, what is the date of birth, when did his artistic career begin, is he in a love relationship and is it from the artistic community, for every fan and fan of the actor This is a complete article about everything you love to know about him from His religion, his nationality, his astrological sign, his social networking sites, his works, his secrets, his upcoming projects and his biography,

what is his height, weight and academic qualification, get to know the things he loves and the things that he cannot do, and special details about his life, his talent, his sport, his favorite works and the role of Tariq In the series Do not let go of my hands all of that in one article.
Batuhan Ekşi, his religion, his nationality, his age, his personal life, the beginning of his artistic career, his most important artistic works, his most important roles and series, and some rare pictures of him, we offer you all this information and more through a detailed report on him, so follow us.

personal information

Date of birth: October 13, 1990.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Age in 2020: 30 years.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Profession: Actor.
Years of activity: from 2011 until now.

Batuhan Ekşi Religion  Biography and Life Story

The young actor Batuhan Akshi, who was known as Tariq through his role in the series “Don’t Leave My Hand”, Batuhan Akshi was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 13, 1990AD. He distinguished himself from his youth with his talent. With his parents and he has one sister, and after the separation of his parents he lived with his mother and her husband, who helped him a lot to develop his talents, he used to imitate actors from a young age, so when he grew up, he studied acting and trained in order to strengthen his talent and become qualified to work in this field after he finished his high school.

He studied acting at the College of Arts and then joined the Academy of Acting, and made his first appearance on the university theater. His mother tried to help him a lot through the Actors Agency until he was chosen as an advertising face, but he preferred to study and train well in the beginning because he knows that acting is not an easy thing.

Batuhan Ekşi
Batuhan Ekşi

Batuhan Ekşi and his acting debut

Batuhan loved acting from a young age and chose to study and train it in order to become qualified to work as a talented actor with experience, his mother helped him a lot, and his preoccupation has become training in acting and correct study and despite the advertisements offered to him, he refused and preferred to learn first, and began his artistic career in In 2011, when he presented a role in the series “My Magic Mother” and he embodied the character of Afrash, and despite the small size of the role,

he became famous through him and his popularity increased because he worked with adult actors and actresses and entered the hearts of viewers quickly, and after him the work of the actor Batuhan continued until he presented a major role in The series “The Sea in My Heart” and embodied the role of Tariq, and it was a successful work that contributed to his appearance and more fame.

One of Batuhan Ekşi’s most important works

He made his first role on the university stage, then presented the series “My Magic Mother”, although he played a small role, but it increased his popularity among viewers.
In September 2013 work began filming the first starring role in the series “Medcezir”, a Turkish series presented in two parts, as well as a youth series adapted from the American series The OC, as it is dominated by the romantic and dramatic character that attracts and affects the viewer,

The series revolves around the layers of society between wealth and poverty, with love and romance stories that bring together the two heroes of the series, and the events of the series begin with the hero Yaman who pays the price for a crime he did not commit and did not commit, except that he has a bad-tempered and perverted brother in his behavior who commits the crime. Brother stealing cars, and from here, Yaman enters the wronged young man to prison, and despite being an ambitious young man, he is exposed to many problems on the part of his mother and his brother of perverted behavior, and the sentence is issued for a year and he feels injustice,

Even after his release, he became treated as a criminal even though the lawyer had proven his innocence, after returning to his home he found the situation as it is, his mother and brother are still the same as they are with the same bad temper, so he accepts the offer of the lawyer who offered him to work with him, and then gets to know the daughter of one of the lawyer’s neighbors A love story arises between them and the events follow in a frame of suspense, and the starring Shatai Ulusoy, who played the role of Yaman, Serenai Sarikaya in the role of Mira, who embodied the role of the girl, Habiba Yaman, Barish Valay, who played the role of lawyer Selim, Bhutahan Akshi in the role of Doruk, and the work has ended From the series in 2015.

The series “kalbimdeki deniz”

In October 2016, he also made a big role in the series “kalbimdeki deniz”. The series talks about a husband, wife and two children who live in a large villa, a happy and quiet life, until the husband disappears suddenly and the wife collapses due to her husband’s absence and her anxiety about him, but she does not know the surprise coming to her, which is That her husband went from her to start a new life with another wife, and the events and surprises followed, and a large group of art stars participated in the series in Turkey, and Batuhan Akshi presented the role of Mustafa.

Tariq in the series “Elimi birakma”

He also presented the role of Tariq in the series “Elimi birakma” in 2018, which is a successful Turkish series that was announced in June 2018, and is co-starring a group of Turkish artists and actresses, including Alp Navruz in the role of Genk, Elena Boz in the role of the virgin girl, Simer Bayzal Batuhan Akshi in the role of Tariq, Seri Guzeller in the role of Farida and others,

The series revolves around a girl called a virgin who studied in America and after the end of her studies, she returned to her family, but while she was on the plane she met a young man named Genk, an arrogant and bullying young man, who had a verbal altercation between them, and then after that she returned to her family and discovered that her father had lost his job and announced His bankruptcy and events begin to intertwine, and the series achieved great success.

The series “Yaz’ın Öyküsü”

In 2015, Batuhan Akshi presented the series “Yaz’ın Öyküsü”, which is a social drama series. The events revolve around a husband and wife who separate and leave their daughter in an orphanage and after about 18 years have passed between them through a TV program called Don’t lose hope and the father knows through it His daughter is still alive, and he goes to visit her, but she refuses to meet him, and so the events continue in an interesting framework, and he is directed by the Turkish director Yajiz Alp Akadian and participated in the starring Feldan Atasifer, Tancel Ongil, Bhutahan Akshi and others.

Batuhan Ekşi series

He presented a successful role in the series “kardeş çoçukları” and participated in his starring Afra Saracoglu, which embodied the life role of Imran’s daughter, Furkan Andic, who presented the role of Habib Hayat, Batuhan Akshi in the role of Habib Khayal, Muhammad Salah Tog, Alar Turan and others, a Turkish series that revolves around Its events are in an interesting dramatic range.

He presented a successful role in the series “Göç Zamanı” in 2016, and the series tells the story of a mother who fights to protect her children under harsh living conditions. She is a family that has undergone immigration and some family members are arrested, and its events take place in an interesting social drama.

Batuhan Eksi and his sweetheart and his private life

He was known to be a fan of riding motorcycles. He has one that he loves very much and spends his spare time cleaning and riding it. He loves cinema and does not miss any new cinema movie. He loves to drink Turkish coffee and goes to Turkish coffee to drink this coffee. Whoever wants it from his friends is looking for him in coffee. His favorite perfume is Mont Blanc Legend, he loves to wear sportswear and matching colors.

H combed his hair straight and wore sunglasses, one of the things he could not leave the house without a wristwatch, to the point that he forgot it and left his house and came back without hesitation to retrieve it.

When he talked about the girl of his dreams, he loves the smart girl who knows what she wants, he does not like idiots, he likes to be gentle with a refined character, he is not dazzled by the beauty of women as he is impressed by her intelligence, and he loves her bold, educated, educated, strong, who does not need anyone and who has achievements for her to be He is proud of her, but he is not in any relationship with one of them yet.

He does not leave the house without wearing a deodorant or his perfume, he cares a lot about himself and his skin, he puts a cream against the sun because he senses it, I clean my skin and go to the shower daily before going to sleep, exercise daily, and the things he can not do at all, theft is never stolen.

He does not sell his body, it is his property, he does not like to deceive anyone in his feelings, he is trying to preserve his relationship with the people he loves and his family is the most important thing in life. They are his strength and have supported him a lot and have stood by him so far.

After graduating from high school, he took acting lessons at the Faculty of Arts, and he also completed his education at the Acting Academy, and received acting lessons under the acting coach Vicente Pershen, who appeared for the first time in front of the audience on the university stage, he knew that acting is not an easy thing and he must be studies it more, and he said that the study of acting has no other, so the actor continues to learn until he dies.

He started acting in 2011 through a small role in the series (My Magic Mother) in the role of bedding, and despite the smallness of the role, he gained fame and his self-confidence and got acquainted with a group He is one of the great actors who learned a lot from them, as he has a tall, athletic body and beautiful face, which quickly entered the hearts of his viewers.