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Information about Mert Altınışık, his religion, his age, his wife, his works, his life story, his artistic career, his series, his films, all this and more that we offer you in a detailed report about him.
Actor Mert Altınışık has a high-level acting performance that has made artistic performances heaped on him since his entry into the world of art since 2010, which made him write his name in gold letters in the art world in Turkey. He participated in many artworks that had great fame in Turkey and in many From the countries of the Arab world, it made him the top of the art scene many times.

Personal information

Date of birth Mert Altınışık: May 17, 1986 AD.
Place of birth Mert Altınışık: Istanbul – Turkey.
Mert Altınışık Nationality: Turkish.
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey
Mert Altınışık Religion: Muslim.
Career of Mert Altınışık: An Actor.
Omar Mert Altınışık: 34 years in 2020.
Educational level: Uludag University College of Fine Arts.
Mert Altınışık’s Wife: Married.
Astrological Sign: Taurus.
Years of activity: She started her artworks since 2010.

Mert Altınışık Biography and Life Story

Mert Altınışık was born in Turkey in Istanbul on May 17, 1986, he grew up in a middle-class family, and he had a great goal since he joined the university, which is to be a great star in the world of art, and he worked a lot to achieve that dream, and his family helped him to That is, his father used to encourage him a lot and stand beside him in order to enter this field, and his mother also provided him with all means of comfort, he did not receive any opposition from his family, but had all the factors that help him to achieve great success.

Actor Mert Altınışık worked hard, and worked to develop his acting performance so that he could enter the world of art with all his strength, and so that he could build a large base of fans and fans, and he was able to enter the world of art in 2010 when he participated in his first acting role in the series “Turkan”.

Through his first participation in the field of acting, the great star Mert Altenschek was able to win the love of the audience because of his wonderful role and the high performance that he was able to perform to the fullest, and he began to build himself a large fan base, and this success that he achieved in his first participation was because he had a special charisma Make him eligible to be a top actor, he has great ambition that helps him be one of the biggest stars in this field.

Who is Mert Altınışık’s Wife?

His wife was not disclosed, but there are many rumors about his marriage to a woman outside the artistic community, but they were not known to the media, and there were many rumors about the existence of multiple problems between him and his wife and that he separated from her and divorced her quickly, but they are all rumors that he did not accept He did not deny it.

Mert Altınışık and His Acting Works

Mert Altınışık participated in many works of art from plays, series and films that had a great impact on the audience, characterized by having a special character in artistic performance that made him participate in many of the great artworks that made him top the scene for many years, beginning in 2010, and his participation In his first artistic work, Mert Altincik participated in many artworks that made him shine in the art sky in Turkey and the Arab world, although he entered the art world somewhat late in 2010, but he was able to achieve great success, And be one of the most famous actors who lead the scene.

Mert Altınışık
Mert Altınışık

In 2010, he participated in the series “turkan”. He participated in the series “The wind from the poplar” in 2011 AD. He participated in the series “Zaida”, he participated in the series “Samehini” in 2018 he participated in the series “Maryam”.

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Actor Mert Altınışık in Beni Affet

The great series Beni Affet, which was shown in Turkey from 2011 AD until 2016 AD, which is a dramatic series that is mostly comical in character and turns into a romantic character at other times, so this series was one of the most famous series in which the great artist participated Mert Altunchik and his choice to participate in this series was a very wonderful choice, due to his ability to provide a wonderful artistic performance that admires the audience.

His story was about two families, each family consisting of a father and mother, and sons, male and female, and because of the connection between them, the children in each family fall in love with others and live a beautiful love story, but many problems appear that prevent the realization of their dream of the completion of the marriage, and each of them is separated from the other.

Because of persistence and intense love, they try to overcome these problems, and many conflicts begin to occur to overcome those problems that they faced, which included the refusal of the parents for this marriage.

The character of Muhammad Kemal Kozan, who is the great star Mert Altineshk, loves a girl from the other family, Kayagan, whose role is played by the brilliant actress Ilkai Gaito Alatay, but this love was rejected by Mr. Kamal Kozan, and he tried a lot to keep his son away from this girl, but he could not because of the son’s repeated attempts to return To her again, and during the events of the series, many conflicts occur between the two families, which carry a lot of suspense and excitement and attract the audience. Mert Altınışık was able to play a very wonderful role in this series, and he was able to win the love of many of the audience.

The strongest role in the series Meryem

Meryem series is one of the best and most famous series that was shown in 2018, it received a lot of admiration because of its wonderful story, which was attracting many viewers to follow its episodes, which reached 30 episodes containing interesting and exciting events and conflicts in its events, in which the brilliant Mert Altincik participated and performed A very special role.

The series revolves around a beautiful girl named Mary who works to help her father due to life’s circumstances. She works in a cafe and after she finishes her work in the cafe, she goes to work with her simple father who works in a bakery.

Meryem was in love with a young man who was studying in law school, Oktay, and she stood by him so much that she was helping him financially to succeed in his studies, but he was not honest with her. He had a terrible accident, everything changed, and many events and conflicts began to happen in the series.