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Alperen Duymaz

Alperen Duymaz, his life, sweetheart, info and biography, Alperen Duymaz, or “Ali”, the hero of the Al-Ishq Al-Murr series, his religion, his age, his sweetheart, his nationality, his date of birth, his life story, his artistic career, his works, his films, his series, his pictures, full information about
him in a detailed report that we present to you, so his charm and attractiveness were not Only they are the secret of the fans’

attachment to him, but his distinctive acting talent, and his ability to perform various roles that made the masses melt in love with the Turkish star Alperen Duymaz,
and in our article today we will mention to all the fans of the artist Alperen Duymaz valuable information about his childhood and upbringing, and we will tell secrets about his personal life.

Alperen Duymaz is a Turkish actor and a rising young man, born in the Turkish capital, Ankara, on November 3, 1992. His total interest in music and playing musical instruments. He learned the guitar and piano. He was a nice child who loved his school a lot. During his studies, he appeared as a fashion model and in commercials. After he gained fame in the field of fashion, he moved to live in Istanbul to start his artistic
career there.

Personal information

Full name: Albiran Douemaz
Date of birth: November 3, 1992
Age: 28 years old
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Place of birth and residence: the Turkish capital, Ankara
Beginning of the artistic career: 2016
Religion Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Profession: Model, Advertising Model and Actor
Academic qualification: Graduated from the theater department of the
State Higher Theater Institute of Hacettepe University, Ankara
Favorite hobbies: boxing, playing basketball, playing guitar and piano,
keeping dogs and cats, and listening to rock music.
Marital status Single
Favorite food: Loves spicy food.
Favorite color: Gray

Alperen Duymaz biography and life story

The artist, Alperen Duymaz, was born on the third day of November 1992nin the Turkish capital, Ankara, he was a beloved child, loved by the teachers, and he loved playing music and learning to play guitar and piano. Faculty of Acting, Department of Theater at Haji Teba

He started working as a model and model in advertisements, and offers from companies followed him because of his attractiveness, and he became famous and famous in the fashion world, due to his handsomeness,
presence, and brilliance.

Alperen Duymaz did not put acting in his priorities, and did not think about his professionalism, but all his interest was in music and playing, as he was schooled by his older brother who was working as a teacher of music, but then he got lessons in acting, and moved to Istanbul to start his artistic career.


He is currently studying at Haji Tepe University, Faculty of Acting, Department of Theater. One of the most important series that attracted the largest number of audiences, and in a press interview, he said that he was not thinking about acting and was not a goal for him and he was interested in sports and music because his brother was a music teacher
and then he took acting lessons, he started working as a model in Ankara after the shows started coming to him from companies Then, after that,
he represented a number of propaganda films.
Piran Dwemaz was famous for his handsome and charisma, which is why
fashion shows and advertisements flooded him, and Piran Dwemaz loved the
sport of boxing, which earned him a slim, athletic figure and a
harmonious body. And white complexion.

Alperen Duymaz and his acting debut

After being famous as a distinguished model in Ankara, Alperen Duymaz was a model with a strong presence, handsome and attractive, Alperen Duymaz went to Istanbul and took his first acting test in 2015, and he
succeeded in auditions and was chosen to participate in the famous Turkish series The Little False Girls, which revolves around His events are about five close girls who spend long time together. One of the girls tried to frighten her friends as a joke, but she disappeared on this night, so the rest of the girls start looking for her.

He presented a distinguished role in the series The Pit, whose story revolves around a neighborhood that falls under the control of a large family, but this family is exposed to danger, and begins to lose its influence little by little until the younger son returns to save the family.

In 2016, Alperen Duymaz presented a distinguished role in the series Al-Ishq Al-Bitter. He presented his wonderful role in the Bodrum Tale series, which was shown in 2017, he played the role of Chuzum, and the public and critics
praised the role presented by Alperen Duymaz, and the story of the
series revolves around a debtor father, so his family members were forced to return to their town Bodrum and from here the events begin.

In 2018, Alperen filmed the series Collision, whose story revolves around a collision with four cars, and this accident leads to a profound change in the personalities of the individuals who survived the

Alperen Duymaz participated in the historical Turkish film The
Resistance, which tells about Jays who took power after the death of his father, and was trying to get rid of the power of the Mongols, and he
used the men and women of Anatolia to confront the Mongols.

His works as a model and advertising model

Fashion shows in Ankara, Turkey.
TV ads, and promotional films.

The names of his most important series

The series The Pit, presented the role of Emra.
He embodied the role of Ali in the series Bitter Love
Playing the role of Atesh in the series Bodrum Tale.
He excelled in the series collision in the role of Karam.
He presented the role of bridges in the series “Little Lies”.
In 2020, he presented the role of Ayaz in the series Zamrahir.
Participated as Cotai in the film The Resistance in 2018.

Secrets from the personal life of Alperen Duymaz

The Turkish artist, Alperen Duymaz, loves to go out, travel and hiking, and he is absolutely not inclined to sit at home. Besides boxing, he loves basketball and has practiced it for seven
year1s He faces a severe embarrassment when fans gather around him to take pictures. Although he is happy with the fans’ love for him, he feels shy and embarrassed.

He loves music and plays, as well as listening to rock.
The most difficult thing that he faces in acting is crying, for despite
his ability to cry sincerely that he persuades his audience strongly and
pushes him to sympathize with him, but he is forced to make a great
effort and put pressure on his memories so that he can cry sincerely,
always declaring that men cannot cry easily.
He greatly believes in love and friendship, and believes that they are
among the priorities of life.

He greatly hates the traitors and cannot deal with them or
forgive them. He dreams a lot to move to and settle in Alaska.

Alperen Duymaz and his sweetheart

Alperen Duymaz believes in the importance of love in a person’s life,
and believes that love is the catalyst for success. Close people said
that the relationship between the two stars began when they filmed the movie Karatay direnis, but the two stars did not make any statements about this relationship.

One of the things that was difficult for him in acting was crying,
despite the love of his fans to watch him cry, and his sincerity inpresenting this role to this role, pressuring his memories in order to get those tears, it is difficult for men to cry, as it is one of the characters who like to go out a lot does not like sitting at home for long periods He loves to play basketball and has been practicing it for seven years. He enjoys a lot of sports. One of the things that embarrass him is the rush of people to film with him. He does not like unfaithful people who cannot deal with them or stand in front of them. One of the most important things for him is love, friendship and work. He wishes to live in Alaska, and his favorite color is gray. His favorite spicy food,  and a rock musician liked his favorite, was Charlize Theron.

As for his emotional relations, the Turkish star Alperen Duymaz appeared with the beautiful star Borgo Ozberk, while they were walking around with each other while they were holding each other’s hands, but they did not say anything about their forages, and their connection began when they filmed the movie direnis karatay.