Elçin Sangu religion, age, husband, works, information and Biyografi



Elçin Sangu, her religion, her age, her husband, her works, her information ،Elçin Sangu Is she a Muslim or Christian? Zainab, the heroine of the Turkish series Collision and Burial, the star of the series Love for Rent, her age, her fiancé, her studies, her height, her personal life, her artistic works, her suffering as a child, and also full information about her roles in the works Technical and all of this is documented with pictures.

Personal information about Elçin Sangu

Date and Place of Birth: August 13, 1985, AD, Izmir, Turkey
Age of Elçin Sangu: 35 years.
Elçin Sangu: Muslim.
Study: I ​​studied opera
Height: 169 cm
Husband: In a relationship with businessman Yunus Ozdikan for 6 years
Profession: Model and actress
Years of activity: from 2011 to now

information and Biyografi

Turkish actress Elçin Sangu, who became famous ، for her starring in the series “Love for Rent”, which won the admiration of audiences in the Middle East, actress Elçin Sangu descended from Circassian origins, which was the reason for her fiery red hair color and color Her white skin full of freckles, which exposed her to racism while she was a child and also at the beginning of her artistic path, where directors used to restrict her to embody the roles of evil, she was also born in Izmir in Turkey, she studied opera at the University of Mersin in Turkey and during her studies she took acting lessons in Theater “Sahina Torzo”, where she sang and played the piano in her first television roles, and also participated in many advertisements for some commercial brands.

Actress Elçin Sangu lived a miserable childhood because of her father, and she said this through a televised interview with her, where she said that her mother was the one who took responsibility for her and her siblings since childhood and suffered a lot for their upbringing and that her father did not have any positive impact on her upbringing and the arrival of her and her brothers when They reached it. It is also worth noting that the Turkish actress, Elçin Sangu, has had a relationship with a person outside the artistic community, businessman Yunus Ozdikan, since 2012, and she did not talk about it at all for six years, but she disclosed that relationship after her success in the famous Turkish series “Love for Rent” And she appeared with him on many occasions and while receiving awards for her roles in serials and also while outing.

He was also among the witnesses in the case that former director of actress Elçin Sangu brought against her, demanding to pay a fine of $100,000 for the termination of their arbitrary contract, and her fiancé Yunus testified before the court that his fiancée, the actress, signed the contract without reading it and when she learned of the terms of the contract I was very sad, and he also confirmed that it was the manager of Alchin’s business who wanted to terminate the contract, and among the witnesses were also the Turkish actress’s friends, Karam Vertna and Turkan Turan.

Actress Elçin Sangu also participated in the breast cancer awareness campaign in 2014, where a pink ball was launched by Elçin Sangu in the basketball match between Real Madrid and Anadolu FC.

Elçin Sangu TV Series and Movies

She embodied the character “Jal” in 2011 and that was her first artistic work in “The Over the Time series” and she embodied the character of the beloved arriving in front of the handsome Turkish actor “Aras Bolut Ainamli” who is known in the Arab world as “Prince Bayezid”, where he used to sing in nightclubs. , It is worth noting that Elçin Sangu appeared in a different look from its real look to fit the story of the series, which tells about a time in the past century.

The series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki

I embodied the character “Suzan” in 2014 in the “Laith and Nora series” with the Turkish actor Kivac Tatlitug, known in the Middle East as “Muhannad”, who will also participate in the championship in the collision series. Her role in the “Laith and Nora series” was one of the works that contributed In her fame prominently, she played the role of a wife who loves Leith’s friend, and the love story continued in this work for two parts in a row.

Elçin Sangu in Kurt Seyit ve Sura

She also appeared in “The Story of Love” series, in which the heroine of the work “Damla Sonmez” was wrestling over the heart of the star of the series, “Sichkin Ozdemir,” known in the Arab world as the lover of the heroine of the “Harem Al Sultan” series. He appeared with her as a guest of honor.

Elçin Sangu in Bir Aşk Hikayesi

In 2015, she also starred in the “Coup My Love series” with Turkish actor “Kadir Doglu”, but the series did not meet any success and was stopped from the fourth episode.

Elçin Sangu in Sevdam alabora

And in 2015, she embodied the character “Bury him or Dima” in the “Love for Rent” series and stared in front of the Turkish star “Barış Arduç” known in the Arab world as “Omar” and this was her most famous work and achieved great success and wide spread of it. He made the two stars participate together in starring in a movie in which they sang together. She embodied the role of the paid girl in order to fall in love with “Omar”, but she really loves him, but she did not tell him this secret for fear of losing it and losing his love, and the events take place in a romantic and dramatic context.

Dima at kiralik ask

She also had a unique experience by embodying the vampire character “Maya” in the “Who Does Not Live” series. The series was shown in September 2018 in 10 episodes of an hour-long episode, with the starring star “Karam Bursin” and the Turkish actress. Salma Urjik ” and the actor“ Birkan Sokolu ”.

Elçin Sangu Yaşamayanlar TV Series

The star “Barış Arduç” also participated in “The Time of Happiness”, which will be shown in the Turkish cinemas on November 10, 2018, and she sang with the actor the song “This Water Never Stops” and this song by the Turkish singer “Bulant Artachil” and sang it in In 1991 AD, but the two stars sang it with a new distribution, and this song surpassed the million viewership barrier in just 24 hours.

Elçin Sangu in Time of happiness

Finally, the “Collision Series” championship with the famous Turkish star “Kivanc Tatlitug” known as “Muhannad” and is also expected to be shown in November of this year “2018”, in which she embodied the role of Zainab, a bank employee who is married to “Ghaleb” and has a daughter and But her life with him was not stable until she met “Kivanc Tatlitug” or “Detective Maher” in a traffic accident where he wanted to commit suicide because he lost his wife and daughter, so he decided to end his life and renewed the old love as she loved him when she was young in the orphanage and the events take place in an action framework Romantic.

Çarpışma series

Elçin Sangu won many awards for her role in the series Love for Rent, where she won three Golden Butterfly awards for the role of Dima and several other awards as well for the same role.

Elçin Sangu and her boyfriend

The beautiful Turkish actress, Elchin, was born on August 13, 1985, in Izmir, and she is one of the most highly paid personalities. Before starting her acting career, she studied in the opera department at the University of Mersin, and before she was a star in television, she was a theater actress, she studied in opera, In 2006 she studied Fine Arts at Hacı Tepe University, Turkey.

Actress Elçin Sangu has a love affair with businessman Yunus Ozdekin, where she met her love three years ago, and the actress also explained that her lover has nothing to do with acting and screen, he studied political science in one of the most beautiful universities, he resides in Izmir, but when we first met it was In Istanbul, she said that he is a very fun person and that he is not boring, he is the director of a retail company and has nothing to do with selling, as she explained that what attracted attention and attracted him to him was his fun personality and high intelligence.

Elçin Sangu Childhood

During her childhood, she was subjected to a lot of ridicule because of her white skin, her face full of freckles and her red hair, and she also lived an unstable childhood life, and that is when the differences between her parents began, and they decided to separate, and she was 3 years old, and during a press interview, the actress Elchin said that her mother is behind all this success that she reached him, because after her separation, she decided to struggle to raise her and her five sisters and decided not to marry again.

Elchin has a dog that she loves so much and always publishes her photos with him on social media on Instagram, she is a pet lover, she has a million followers on Instagram, and she is called the orange girl because of her orange hair.