Who is Elcin Sangu

Who is Elcin Sangu religion?



Elcin Sangu, a Turkish actress known as Dafna, the heroine of the famous series Love for Rent, her religion, nationality, date of birth, life story, artistic career, most important works of art, information about her and her most important and most prominent roles, some important facts about her and about her personal life and what she was exposed to in her childhood Of irony and racism, her role in the series The Power of Love, and all information about her through this article.

Information about Elcin Sangu

Date of birth: August 13, 1985.
Place of birth: Izmir, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Profession: Actress and model.
Astrological Sign: Leo.
Height: 164 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Years of activity: from 2011 until now.
Age in 2020: 35 years old.
Marital Status: Unknown.

Biography of artist Elcin Sangu

Elcin Sangu was born on the thirteenth of August 1985 in the city of Izmir in Turkey, she was the only daughter and lived with her mother in Izmir, she was called the orange girl, she lived a painful childhood due to the differences and problems that were between her parents, they separated as a three-year-old girl, She studied opera at the University of Minya before she started acting. She was a theater actress before she worked in television series. Elchin became famous in Turkey and the Arab world after her distinguished role in the series “Love for Rent”, a popular Turkish series in which she played the role of a burial as the Arab public knew her. Elchin has been with businessman Yunus Ozidan for five years and has not yet been married.

Elcin Sangu’s career begins

Elchin is a Turkish actress and model and is considered one of the icons of beauty in Turkey. She started in theater and then moved to acting in TV series and was considered one of Turkey’s most sought-after and highest-earning actress. She also appeared in many advertisements.

She began acting through her role in the series “Ali Time passed” and embodied the character of Gala in 2011, and one of the most important roles she played in the championship of the series“ Love for Rent” in front of the famous Turkish actor Barış Arduç, then her various artistic works continued.

Representative works of Elcin Sangu

• I played the role of Gala in the series “Over the Time” in 2011.
• In 2014, Susan was portrayed in the series “Leith and Nora,” starring Kivanc Tatlitug, famous as Muhannad.
• She participated in the series “Hikayat Hob” with the Turkish hero, Sjekin Ozdemir, in 2013.
• In 2015, she presented a series called “Coup my love,” in which she performed the championship in front of the superstar Kadir Doglo.
• She presented the absolute starring role in the famous Turkish series “Love for Rent” in front of the Turkish star Barış Arduç in 2015.
• In 2019, she presented a role in the series “Collision”, in which she embodied the role of Zainab.
• She presented a movie entitled “The Time of Happiness” in 2017, again in front of the artist Barish Arduch and the artist Cengiz Bozkurt.
• The series “The Power of Love” in 2020.

The ads and songs in the life of Elcin Sangu

• An advertisement for Nescafé Turkish coffee was presented in 2012.
• Presented the Turkish Coca-Cola advertisement in 2015.
• In 2016, she presented the Sunsilk Hair Care advertisement.
• In 2016 she made an advertisement for Boehner supermarket chain.
• She participated as a model in the song of the artist Twigar Ashikli in 2015.
• In 2017, she presented a song with the actor Barish Arduch.

Elcin Sangu in Love for Rent

Turkish actress Elcin Sangu participated in the famous and successful Turkish series “Love for Rent”, which is a romantic drama series that was interspersed with some comedic events and the series achieved great success and high viewing rates. Elcin appeared as Dima or Dafna in the Arabic version, a girl who works in a café as she works as an assistant In a shoe design company run by the protagonist of the series, Barish Arduch, who embodies the role of Omar, and Dafna, in agreement with his uncle’s wife, makes him fall in love with her in exchange for a sum of money, and tries to bury him to tell Omar this secret, but she was unable to do so for fear of losing him and starting adventures between them during the episodes of the series,

Elcin Sangu won several awards for her role in this series, including three Golden Butterfly Awards, as well as becoming an advertising front for many international brands, and participated in this series, actor Saleh Badi Messi, actress Mojda Ozman, actor Seshkin Ozdemir, actor Levent Elgin, actress Cinnam Ozturk, Actress Nargis Kompressor, Actor Verdi Merter, Actress Melissa Nelson and others.

Elcin Sangu in the series Collision

Elchin offers the lead role in the series “Collision”, embodying the role of Zainab, a bank employee, and her husband gets into a collision and dies, and the events follow, and the starring is Kivanc Tatlitug, known as Muhannad, who embodies the role of the police officer Maher, the star Beren Dwemaz who embodies the character of the thief, the star Siftap Dwemaz Which embodies the character of Asli, the wife of the policeman Maher, and the series written by scriptwriter Ali Aiden and was shown in 2019.

The Power of Love series Elcin Sangu participated in her new series The Power of Love in 2020, which revolves around the poor girl Zainab who lives on the farm and falls in love with the handsome young Gokhan, the son of a wealthy family. The series depicts the story of two people chasing an impossible love.

Some facts about Elcin Sangu

The star Elcin Sangu lived a painful childhood due to the separation of her father and her mother, when she was a three-year-old girl, and her mother struggled for her and for her five siblings. Her suffering with them.
The orange actress, as I knew Elchin, and from here was exposed since her childhood to racism and ridicule because she had a face full of freckles, fiery hair and very white skin, and despite being ridiculed at her youth, she became one of the most beautiful and famous artists in Turkey and the most sought-after, as well as a material income.
Elchin described herself as very emotional, very sensitive and unable to resist her tears. She is also stubborn and does not like to give up, and when she loves, she becomes at the top of her attraction and always tries to change from herself.
The star Elcin Sangu considered that the series Laith and Nora or what he knew Said and Shuri is one of the most famous works that contributed to her fame, as well as it carries a special memory in her heart. Exactly his appearance, as the Turkish actress, Farah Zainab Abdullah, participated in the series.

Her first starring role was in 2012, she starred through her role in the series Love Story, the series is taken from a Korean series called (I’m sorry, I love you). She also participated in historical, romantic and comedic works, as she is a talented and varied artist in her roles,

Among the most important and most famous of her roles is the role of (Daphna or Dima) in the series (Love for Rent) in the female lead role, with her co-starring Barish Arduch, Salih Bademci, Sinim Ozturk, Narges Kompasar, Melissa Gees Singes, a romantic comedy series that was first shown in 2015 on the channels Turkish, it was shown on Arab channels dubbed on January 22, 2017, AD, got very great fame in the Arab world, she received many prizes for this role, including a prize from the Golden Butterfly and other awards, and presented her first movie called (Time of Happiness), which was shown Cinema in 2017 AD.

Elcin Sangu, Her Husband, and Her Family Life

Elchin was associated with businessman Yunus Oztekin and lived a love story that lasted for five years, and she talked about him saying: “The man I love is jealous, intelligent and has a sense of humor. He is good at making me laugh and making me happy in addition to being smart, handsome and attractive and when I am with him I feel indescribable happiness and pleasure, a man I can spend With him my life happily and safely, ”but they have not yet married.

About her love life, she lives a long love story with a businessman named (Yunus Ozdiken), she loves him very much, as he has a beautiful and fun spirit, and he is very intelligent and knows how to make her laugh and make her happy, besides he is very handsome and attractive, when she is next to him you feel a lot of happiness and wish you She spends her whole life with him, but she is not in a hurry to marry now, he is 8 years older than her, and she does not believe in love at first sight.

Chin is distinguished by divine natural beauty, tremendous and powerful talent, a strong presence and charisma that made her a fast TV and movie star, possessing natural fiery red hair that made her a model for advertisements and a commercial face for the hair shampoo brand (Sunsilk), in 2016 A.D. became one of the most famous duets with the artist Barrish besides that she became The most followed Turkish actress on Instagram, she won the tenth place among Turkish artists and has more than 6 million followers.