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Barış Arduç, his religion, his wife, his movies, information and pictures, all this and more you will find in our article today about the Turkish star Barış Arduç, Omar, the hero of the series Love for Rent who was able to attract the hearts of viewers, attract the attention of fans and admirers from all over Turkey, and attract millions of fans In the Arab world, fans of Turkish drama not only because of his handsomeness and elegance, but because of his wonderful acting talent, and his ability to perform the most difficult,

deep and transformed roles, and today we have collected much important information related to the young Turkish star Barış arduç, to offer all his fans important information about his biography Personal life, his life story, his childhood, his upbringing, the beginning of his artistic career, and information about the most important works in which he participated in its staring, and we also collected a distinguished group of personal photos of the handsome Turkish actor, barış arduç, in which he appeared with the most beautiful, elegant and attractive looks, so follow this interesting article with us About the wonderful star Barış Arduç.

barış arduç
barış arduç

Information about barış arduç

Date of birth: October 9, 1987
Age: 33 years old
Religion Muslim
Place of birth: Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss, Turkish
Current residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Profession: Young Turkish actor, Goodwill Ambassador for Life Without Cancer Association in Turkey
The beginning of the artistic career: in 2011 in a group of Turkish films, and the first television work in 2015
Technical age: 9 years
The most important works: the little lady, love for rent, the crow, the hole
Marital Status: Married to the beautiful Jobsey Ozai

barış arduç
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Instagram: /arducbrs/
Twitter: /baris_arduc?lang=en

Barış Arduç’s Biography,

Barış arduç, who was known among the Arab masses as (Omar) due to his role in the most popular Turkish series and the success of Love for Rent, was born on the 9th of October 1987, in the Swiss city of Münster, in the Swiss city, to parents of Albanian origin, and in 1995 when Barış arduç completed his eighth year He moved to live in Istanbul, Turkey, with his parents.

In Istanbul, Barış Arduç met the famous and capable Turkish actress, Ayla Algan, and learned acting from her, and Barış Arduç was keen to attend acting lessons at the theater of my chest, and then became a professional acting.

Barış arduç has a role in community social work, he is the Goodwill Ambassador of Life Without Cancer Association in Turkey, and he has many endeavors in community work.
Born on October 9, 1987 is a Turkish actor, he was born in Scherzinger, Switzerland, and spent his early years there before returning to Turkey with his family. After meeting with theater actress Ayla Algan, he started professional acting. He initially got supportive roles in the series as My Little Lady (2011) And Atheer Al-Hob (2011) and Dirty Sebaei (2011), he continued his career by appearing in Don’t Be Sad for Me (2012) and the series People of the Qusour 2013-2014) and Ragoon (2015).

He was best known through the series Love for Rent (2015). Apart from his TV career, he also appears in motion pictures. Arduç was awarded twice at the Golden Butterfly TV Awards (2015 and 2016), and won the Sadri Family Theater and Cinema Awards. . From May 2016, he is also the Goodwill Ambassador of the Association of Life Without Cancer in Turkey, in March 2017, he won the GQ Turkey Award for “Most Analytical of the Year 2016”, finished high school in Istanbul and was a grown-up athlete. He played football, basketball and handball in addition to swimming and diving.

Barış Arduç Family and His Early Life

Barış Arduç was born on October 9, 1987, in Scherzingen, Switzerland, as the middle child of real estate agents Gülay and Erol Arduç. He was born to a family of Albanian origin, which is from Vatsa, while his family hails from Artvin, he has one older brother, Onur Arduç, and one younger brother Mert Arduç, at the age of 8 he moved permanently to Turkey with his family, and went to school in Sakarya and Gölcük Because of the 1999 İzmit earthquake that affected Gölcük, he was forced to move to Bolu with his family, after completing his preparatory studies and passing the first grade of high school, his family moved to Istanbul, where he continued his secondary education.

After graduating from high school, he was awarded the Sports Academy Scholarship at Ereses Kayseri University, but he returned to Istanbul when he could not adapt to school in the first year. He actively participated in sports such as swimming, diving, football, basketball and handball, and joined the Sports Federation under Water in Turkey and worked as a rescuer in ile for 8 years, and later, he met the theater of actress Ella Algan and studied acting, then he attended theater training at Sadri Alışık Theater and started professional acting.

First acting work of the star is Barış Arduç

Barış arduç loved acting and insisted on studying it in order to sharpen his talent, so he followed the theater actress Ayla Algan and studied at the theater of my check chest, and began his life as an actor in 2011 by performing a distinguished and different set of roles in Turkish films, and his start was in the TV series in 2015 when he got a role in the Turkish series Successful little lady.

Barış arduç’s career in acting

After his success in the series The Little Lady, Barış Arduç started in the field of cinema and television, presented the role of Omar in the series (Love for Rent) in 2017, and the audience has known him since that time as Omar, and in the same year he showed him the romantic Turkish film A Time of Happiness in which he participated The tournament, the beautiful Turkish star Elchin Sanjo.

He was nominated in 2019 to play the starring role in the successful Turkish series The Crow, and the series achieved unrivaled public success when it was shown on television, and critics and fans praised the outstanding dramatic performance and genius talent of the actor barış arduç.

At the beginning of this year (specifically on the twelfth day of March 2020), Barış Arduç joined the team of the series çukur, Barış Arduç was chosen to embody the role of Arik Bouke, the Jordanian enemy of the pit.

Film and series works of barış arduç

The young Turkish actor, Barış Arduç, over the course of his artistic career, which did not exceed ten years, presented many important and distinguished roles in cinema and television, and perhaps the most important and famous works of the Turkish actor, Barış Arduç, are the following:

Actor Barış Arduç participated in the following films:
Comedy movie Deliha
Time of Happiness 2017 movie
Barış Arduç also presented distinguished roles in the following TV series:
The Little Lady series.
Love series for rent in the role of Omar
Raven series
The Pit Series

Barış arduç’s wife

Barış Arduç is keen to communicate with his friends and fans, he loves gatherings, loves to travel, loves to have fun and set out, and is always keen to attend special shows to open the latest Turkish films and is keen to congratulate his colleagues on the occasion of their modern artworks.

On the personal side, when he was asked about his most important dreams and aspirations for the year 2020, he said that the most important thing that he hopes for in 2020 is to enjoy good health and achieve more success in his artistic life.

Young actor barış arduç is living a love story with the beautiful young actress Jobsi Ozai, and when he was asked if there is any project for a marriage between them in 2020, he replied that they had not yet planned this matter, and confirmed that if they came forward to the idea of ​​marriage, he would be happy to announce it.

It is known that the young actor star, Barış Arduç, participated with his sweetheart Jobsi Ozai in the first part of the comedy film (Deliha) in 2014, and a love story arose between them during the filming of this movie, and when Barış arduç was asked why he did not participate in the second part of the comedy film (Deliha) ascribed this to coinciding with the filming of the movie with the starring of his new movie, The Time of Happiness.

When he was asked whether he intends to participate with his beloved comedian, Gopsi Ozai in future works, or if he will move away from comedies and focus on dramas only, he said that he is looking for the appropriate text and the distinguished role, whether the work is comic or social.

barış arduç and his wife
barış arduç and his wife

The name of the actor Barış Arduç in full is Barış Arduç or Barış Erdogan, the nationality of the actor Barış Arduç is Turkish, the date of birth of the actor Barış Arduç is October 9, 1987 AD, his age in 2020 is 33 years old, the place of birth of the actor Barış Arduç in Switzerland, the name of the actor’s girlfriend is Barış Arduç Jobci Turkish actor, barış arduç, started acting in 2011.

One of the most important information about the actor, Barış Arduç, is a Turkish TV actor and director who worked as a model in 2015 AD. His religion is Islam. He is of Albanian origin and has one older brother whose name is Onur.

He is also the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for a life without cancer in Turkey. He has received many awards, including the best series on the series Love for Rent, in 2016 he won the Media Award from Istanbul University, the Love Award from Yadi Tepe University and the Media Award from Aegean University as the best actor,
He practices many sports such as swimming, diving, handball, football, basketball and rowing, he became an active member of a combat club, and now he is training to drive bicycles and motorcycles, the Turkish actor barış arduç speaks four languages: English, Turkish, Albanian and Spanish.

The most important works of the Turkish actor, Barış Arduç, the series Love for Rent, the series Qasr Al-Youm Do not be sad for me.

barış arduç and his wife
Secrets you do not know about the star Barış

• He starred alongside Elçin Sangu on Kiralik Ask.
• Awarded Elçin Sangu (Kiralik Ask, Defne & Ömer) Best Couple Award 42. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards in 2015.
• He finished his high school in Istanbul and was an athlete who grew up playing football, basketball and handball in addition to swimming and diving.
• He has over 5 million followers on Instagram and 30,000 followers on Twitter.
• He is of Turkish heritage, but was born in Switzerland between three brothers and one sister
• Won Best Actor in a TV Series (Kiralik Ask) award at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, the 43rd organization, in 2016.
• Award-winning TV and Film Actor as well as Notable Social Media Personality for Shows in Raccoon: Ailem Için and Kiralik Ask.