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A lot of information about Dağhan Külegeç, his religion, his nationality, his origin, his sweetheart, his date of birth, his life story, his artistic career, his most important works, all of this in a detailed report we present to you about him, Dağhan Külegeç knew through participating in many Turkish series that he is a hero Cherry Season series,

the hero of the series The New Bride, some news appeared that Dağhan Külegeç is of Libyan origin, so through this detailed report on him, we will get to know everything about Külegeç, whether about his personal life and his artistic career, and is he Libyan or not ? And information Never shown before.

Information about Dağhan Külege

What is known about Dağhan Külegeç is that he is of Libyan origins.
Then he returned again in 2010 to appear as Safi or efe in the series Kavak Yelleri, which tells about three teenage friends who are linked from childhood. Then Mira (Aslı Enver) comes from Germany to settle in their town to become their friend despite the problems they face with each other and then grow up Their problems grow with them, but no matter how great the difficulties become, problems separate them, and in the end they return to reconcile

The series premiered on May 31, 2007, on the Turkish channel Kanal D, and it is produced by it. The series consists of four parts. It was shown on Kanal channels.
And the Rai channel and the mbc drama
Daghan is a spontaneous actor who has acceptance, as he was able in a short period and with a few works to achieve wide fame to become one of Turkey famous actor.

Dağhan Mulegé Religion: Muslim.
Dağhan Külegeç’s Birthdate: October 18, 1978
Age of Dağhan Külegeç in 2020: 42 years old
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Profession: actor – director – acting coach
Career: 1994 – now
Astrological Sign: Libra
Hair color: black
Eye color: black
Height: 170 cm
Mother’s name: Aisha Arbolak
Father’s name: Reza Kulkaj
Academic qualification: Faculty of Arts – Istanbul University

Life Story of Dağhan Külegeç

Turkish actor Dağhan Külegeç is one of the most beautiful young actors who appeared in Turkish series in the recent period, and the search process increased by followers of the Turkish drama about Daghan to find out the details of the life of the handsome young man, Daghan was born on the eighteenth day of October 1978, aged 42 Only a year ago, but he has extensive experience in acting that made him one of the most famous children of his generation.

From a young age, Daghan felt his talent and love for art and acting and wanted to go to this field, but after he was interested in studying it, so after completing high school, Daghan decided to enroll in the Faculty of Arts at Istanbul University and actually obtained his university degree with distinction, Daghan began his artistic career through A very small role in a series called Baba Bana Rating, and then he got the opportunity to present advertisements for the international “McDonald’s” restaurant,

Dağhan Külegeç achieved wide fame through this advertisement due to his handsomeness and lightness, which was a major reason for the spread of the advertisement, and after that Daghan began his career seriously. Arbulak ”and the actor“ Reza Kolak ”, but Daghan never needed any help from his parents, as his talent was enough to make him one of the most important actors of Turkish drama.

The Journey with Acting Dağhan Külegeç

After the famous advertising campaign by Daghan, the handsome boy got wide fame among producers and directors in Turkey, and he was able to get his first real opportunity by participating in the High School Book series during the period of time 2003 – 2004 and Daghan got the opportunity to participate in 27 An episode of the series, which received widespread fame and a large number of views in Turkey, Daghan was known at that time as “Serhat”, which is the name of the character he played in the series. Then he participated in a police series in 2005 and the series also won the admiration of the viewers.

Dağhan Külegeç
Dağhan Külegeç

Dağhan Külegeç and his first series

In 2007, Daghan managed to obtain the absolute championship for the first time during his artistic career through the famous Turkish series Kavak Yelleri, or as he is known in the Arab world as “The Willow Years”. Daghan, through his role in the series, received wide fame among the fans of Turkish drama, whether in Turkey itself. Or in the Arab world,

The series revolves around four friends who have a strong relationship since childhood, but one of them is accused of a murder, and while the police chase him, he suffers an accident that leads to his car being drowned so that his friends think that he is dead, and he is rescued by another young man and suffers from memory loss for a long time, until the matter is discovered about By chance,

Daghan played the character Efe, known in the Arabic version as “Hussam”, who will be able to uncover all the ambiguities during the episodes of the series. Daghan’s role in the series ended through the car accident scene at the end of 2009, but due to the audience’s connection to his character in the series, it was done. His return again in the new season in 2010 and it was a great surprise to the Turkish fans, who were very pleased with the appearance of Daghan again.

Much about Dağhan Külegeç

In addition to the acting talent of Daghan, he also has the talent of directing, as Daghan participated as an assistant director in many famous works of art, in 2002 Daghan participated in the series A Team as an assistant director, and then participated in the series Gage as an assistant director again,

Directing was not the only talent that Daghan has beside acting, but he managed to get an opportunity to produce, it is known in the artistic community that many actors are afraid of taking the production step for fear of failure due to lack of experience, but if it is about talented Daghan of course The result is different, Daghan was able to produce Over Game and gain widespread fame, thus Daghan became one of Turkey’s most talented actors of all time.

Dağhan Külegeç champion of the cherry season series

Dağhan Külegeç gained wide fame because of his great talent and handsomeness that made him the lover of girls in Turkey, and in 2015 Daghan got one of the most important roles he had ever played, which is the role of “mate” in the series “Cherry Season” and the series is considered one of the most famous series. Turkish romance, which met with great demand at the time of its presentation on Turkish screens, but the greatest success was when the series was shown in the Arab world,

Each character from the series has a large fan base. The series revolves around the spontaneous young woman who is loved by everyone who sees her and who falls in love with “Matta,” whose role is played by Daghan. “Many coincidences, until they love each other, and many romantic and comedic situations occur. The series consists of only 59 episodes, the duration of the episode within two hours.

Dağhan Külegeç, the hero of the series The New Bride

After the success of Dağhan Külegeç as “mate” in the dubbed version of the cherry season series, Daghan gained fame once again through his participation in the series “The New Bride” in 2017, which has become one of the most famous Turkish series that met with widespread public success, not only In Turkey, the events of the series revolve around a girl who lived her life in Madrid, and her family tries to maintain a marriage arrangement for her, but she wants to marry a love story, to get to know the young man whom she falls in love with, and they get married, but they encounter many social problems that occurred due to different cultures and thinking, Daghan won the admiration of the fans through his character, “Cagan Bozuk”

The work of Dağhan Külegeç TV series

The new bride series 2017
Cherry Season 2015 series
Pasha Heart series in 2014
Al-Fateh series in 2013
The famous wind series 2007

Dağhan Külegeç wife
Dağhan Külegeç wife