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Seren Şirince

information about her religion, her age, her height, her husband, her artistic
career, the story of her marriage to the British young man, her
relationship with the artist Burke Oktay, the hero of the series “Love
of Interest”, information about her and pictures through a full report
on her, we will learn through this report about the beautiful artist, one of the most beautiful Turkish young faces that
appeared in the recent period, won the admiration of viewers in Turkey
and in the world by starring in the series “Marriage of Interest”, Seren Şirince presented a new type of drama and comedy, which made her one of
Turkey’s most famous stars.

Information on the Seren Şirince

Date of birth: March 15, 1991
Age in 2020: 29 years
Astrological sign: Pisces
Place of birth: Izmir – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Christianity
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s Name: Tobias Suter (British National)
Years of activity: 2012 – now
The most famous of works: Marriage of Interest in 2016
Academic qualification: Yedi Tbeh University – Department of Theater

Life story of Seren Şirince

Seren Şirince is considered one of the most famous stars of the Turkish
screen, especially in the Arab world. The young artist Seren was born in
1991 on the fifteenth day of March in the city of Izmir, Turkey, God’s
Paradise on Earth as it is called, despite Serene’s lack of interest in
her talent when she was young However, her overwhelming presence and her
lightness made her mother realize that her daughter will be an actress
in the future,

In the beginning, Serene did not pay attention to
her talent or love for art and acting, but rather wanted to become a
doctor or astronaut, but by coincidence, SirSeren Şirince in became one of the most
famous and most important Turkish stars, especially in comedy.

Seren Şirince participated in the artistic community at a very young age, her
first appearance in Turkish drama while studying at the university, the
first actual appearance of the beautiful Seren Şirince was in the
well-known series “The Other Face” in 2012, Seren appeared as a guest of
honor in a very small role, but she managed Whoever caught the
attention of the public and critics to her, then participated in 2014 in
another series entitled “Love Needs Effort” in which she also presented
a very small role, but it was distinguished until she was able to draw
the attention of the directors to her through her distinguished

Seren Şirince in the theater

The theater is one
of the most difficult tests that any actor is subjected to. Acting on
the stage requires high acting abilities, enabling the actor to stand in
front of the audience and perform the role assigned to him, and Seren great talent was able to get the opportunity to
participate in a play entitled “Lake shore” in general 2016,

And in this play, she got a role with a large area, which caused her
widespread fame in Turkey, and the play was shown at the University of
Yedi Tbe, and what attracted the most attention to Seren Şirince’s great
talent, is her ability to play a comedic role in the play perfectly, so
Serene’s lightness made her now from The best comedy stars in Turkish
dramas, it is known that male actors are better in performing comedic
roles than women, but Seren Şirince proved the opposite with her talent.

Marriage in the life of the Seren Şirince

to being one of the most beautiful girls on the Turkish screen, rumors
abounded about the marriage and marriage of the beautiful Sirin Şirince , after her strong appearance in the well-known series “Love of
Interest” Seren became very popular and became one of the most important
stars of Turkish drama, and fans began to take an interest in her
emotional life. Rumors about her association with the artist, Sargun
Badur, in 2015-2016, but Serene quickly denied those rumors, confirming
her announcement of her association with her fans as soon as it

In 2019, Seren surprised her fans by announcing her
marriage to the British Tobias Suter, Seren Şirince appeared in a thin
white dress that caught everyone’s attention, and Seren was in love with
her husband for a period that lasted more than a year until it ended
with a happy ending, which is marriage.

Seren Şirince in the series The Lover does the Impossible

After the brilliant success of Seren Şirince in the series Love of Interest, in 2017 she was able to repeat this success again through the series The Lover Does the Impossible, which is a series that has won the admiration of the fans since the time of its presentation, the series revolves around a village girl named Nazli who lives a simple life But it has a great sense of humor, and about the spoiled young man Ozan, whose father is one of the richest Istanbul and the owner of many companies,

Ozan’s father knows that his son has committed a big mistake in the right of the family, which forces his father to punish him and expel him from the house and send him to a place far from Istanbul, and the coincidence is that Ozan’s only family heir goes to the same village in which Sirin lives, so that Siren begins to admire Ozan and tries to get close to him, Then her aunt begins to persuade him to marry her, and Nazli is already preparing for marriage, but she is surprised by the escape of the wedding night weights, then Nazli tries to take revenge on him through many tricks in a romantic dramatic framework, the series consists of only 11 episodes, but it is full of interesting events that made viewers demand the production of a part The last of it.

The work of Seren Şirince

Araf Zamanı in 2012
Aşk Emek İster in 2013
İlişki Durumu: Karışık in 2016
İlişki Durumu: Evli in 2016
Seven Ne Yapmaz in 2017
Bücür 2018
Bir Aile Hikayesi in 2019
Aşkımızın Son Tekmesi in 2020