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onur tuna  Information about onur tuna“Omar”, the hero of the series Brave Heart, the hero of the series Villenta, and the role of “Mustafa”, his full name, date of birth, nationality, religion, movies, series, personal life, wife, artistic life, all this and more in a complete report on him, The name of the actor, onur tuna, has appeared in many wonderful works of art, as Onur has participated in many films and series, providing very wonderful and perfect roles.

Data on onur tuna

Date of birth: July 2, 1985

Spot of birth: He was conceived in Çanakkale territory, Turkey

Age: 35 years

Religion Muslim

Stature: 197 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Mysterious Sign: Disease

Hair shading: earthy colored

Eye shading: blue

Ethnicity: Turkish cause

Calling: TV entertainer, player, vocalist, model

Start of the creative profession: 2011

Long stretches of movement: as long as 9 years of action now

Conjugal Status: Obscure

Most loved game: climbing, swimming, running

His ability: playing guitar and piano, rearing

Creatures, horseback riding, photography, purchasing vehicles, playing volleyball and ball

Biography of onur tuna

Entertainer onur tuna, conceived on July 2, 1985, was conceived in Kanakkale region in Turkey in a group of four, his dad functioned as a mathematical instructor, while his mom was a housewife, and he likewise has one sibling, somewhat one.

The entertainer onur tuna was recognized since the beginning by his affection for singing, and he was additionally engaged with school exercises like offspring of his age, however what recognized him from the remainder of the offspring of his age was that he was chipping away at building up the ability inside him.

Entertainer Onur tuna has numerous abilities, as he added to his affection for singing his aptitude in numerous games, particularly ball, he joined the school b-ball group, and with them he won numerous titles, notwithstanding his expertise in the sport of volleyball.

In spite of his different abilities, music was his most concern, and during his center and secondary school considers, he partook in the theater division, onur tuna took an interest in many school musicals and shows. Music so he began running school shows utilizing this guitar, to dig further into the universe of music and figure out how to play the piano.

He moved to Izmir to begin his college concentrates there, he joined the Aegean College and examined vocal music in the Conservatoire, and during his college contemplates he functioned as a design model for a long time, and turned into an expert model in style shows, and after college, Onur chose to become familiar with expressions of the human experience of acting and theater in the acclaimed Mujda Jizan focus. Entertainer Anwar Fish has carried on a sentimental relationship with Turkish star Seda Jovan since 2015, yet it didn’t proceed for obscure reasons.

Life onur tuna act

The entertainer adored onur tunasince his adolescence in music and singing, and this was apparent in his cooperation in school exercises, his enthusiasm for them and the endeavors to grow them, and his dad upheld him, gotten him a guitar as a blessing to bring Onur more into the universe of music, he figured out how to play the piano, so he used to run school shows, just as He additionally partook in many school musicals during center and secondary school.

The entertainer onur tuna starts another period of his life, which is the college stage, where he joined the College of Aegean and examined vocal music in the Conservatoire, and during his college considers he introduced almost 70 tunes, at that point he started looking for a chance to enter the universe of workmanship all the more extensively, so he filled in as a style model for a long time, After he moved on from college, Onur chose to become familiar with human expressions of acting and theater in the celebrated Mujda Jizan Center.

From here, the entertainer Onur tuna started following up on stage, and in 2011 he made his first job before the cameras, he took an interest in the TV arrangement Life, which just because managed the issue of underage marriage in Turkey, and furthermore examines the issue of honor in Turkish society. “The helpless young lady, whose job is the entertainer Meltam Miraloglu, who experienced passionate feelings for the child of one of the traders, however his dad denies him to wed her with the goal for them to have an illicit relationship. Also, which is fifteen years of age, from the seventy-year-old finance manager “Abbas” as an approach to dispose of the disgrace that “Hayat” dispensed on them, and to spare the name and honor of the family.

The occasions of the arrangement happen in the eastern territory of Agri, which is situated close to the Iranian fringe, which has a few traditions and customs, among which are the most widely recognized marriage of underage young ladies to older men. Quickly needed in the majority, it has demonstrated more in the realm of acting than in music.

(Mustafa) the hero of the series Filenta

The full name of the Turkish actor onur tuna is onur tuna, the nationality of the Turkish actor onur tuna is the Turkish nationality, the date of birth of the actor onur tuna is July 2, 1985, AD, his age in 2017 is 31 years old, the place of birth of the Turkish actor onur tuna in Canakkale – Turkey, the name of Habiba Turkish actor Onur Seda Govin, graduated from the Turkish State University of Ege, onur tuna, has started acting in 2011.

Actor onur tuna is a Turkish actor and star, born in Canakkale, his sign is Cancer. Onur studied at the Aegean University in the Department of Music, then moved to Izmir and studied at the Arts Center for Acting, Scripting and Directing, and during the university he used to practice sports such as basketball and volleyball. His first steps were Artistic in the series And Life Goes On, and his first real starring in the Villenta series, his last work was in the series Brave Heart in 2017 AD, which depicts the character of Omar Korkmaz, as for his personal life, he is in an emotional relationship with the actress Sayeda Goffin, who reveal their intention to marry.

Turkish film “A Little Trouble in September”

In 2014, onur tuna co-star Farah Zainab Abdullah and the star Anjin Akyurek in the Turkish movie “A Little Trouble in September”
In 2014, Anwar Tuna presented his first championship through the historical series “Velinta”, which achieved high viewing rates on Turkish screens and continued to show until mid-2016.

In 2018, he participated in the Forbidden Apple series, in the title role, which tells about the two sisters “Zainab Yilmaz”, played by the actress Sevda Argeny “Yildiz Yılmaz” and the actress Ida Eiji plays a strong relationship, but the personality and nature of each of them differ, Zainab possesses a calm personality and a romantic nature and always looking About true love, while Yildiz enjoys a cheerful personality and dreams of marrying a rich man with whom she enjoys wealth and luxury, Zainab meets the “Han”, who plays the actor onur tuna and falls into a fine, then what happened, what was not taken into account, the actor onur tuna presented the soundtrack In the forbidden apple series.

The works of the onur tuna movies series

The actor onur tuna is distinguished by his strong presence, a beautiful face and a slim body, charisma and great talent, onur tuna participated in a large number of artistic works, in which his artistic creativity appeared, and his dramatic works are:

1- The series Hayat 2011-2012, where he appeared in the role of “Siraj Bakraji”
2- The Villenta series, Part 1, in 2014, where he appeared in the role of “Felinta Mustafa”
3- Villenta series, Part Two in 2016, where he appeared in the role of “Felinta Mustafa”
4- Brave Heart series 2016-2017, where he appeared in the role of “Omar”
5- The Forbidden Apple series in 2018, where he appeared in the role of “Alihan”
6- The Miracle Doctor series 2019, where he appeared in the role of “Ferman”

He also participated in two cinematic roles:

1- A small problem in September 2014, where he appeared in the role of “Atil”
2- The heavy romance movie in 2020, where he appeared in the role of “Karim”