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Turkish actor ali atay

His full name is Dorson ali atay, his date of birth is April 20, 1976, place of birth Rize, Turkey, his current age is 44 years, his astrological sign is Taurus, his nationality is Egyptian, his height is 1.76 m, and his weight is unknown, his academic qualification graduated in the theater department at the University Mimar Sinan Fine Arts, marital status is married to the famous Turkish actress Hazal Kaya and has a child with her.

Information about Ali Atay, Hazal Kaya’s husband

ali atay is a Turkish producer, actor, singer and director, he was born on April 20, 1976, he studied and graduated in the theater department at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, and the audience knew him from his role as Mecnun in the surrealist comedy series Leyla and Mecnun, ali atay won the Best Actor award Tribeca, and has been in more than fifteen films and plays for a year.

The beginning of his first experience in directing and script was through the movie Lemonade in June 2014, and a number of actors, including Serkan Keskin and Ertan Saban, worked in the film as lead roles in it, and Atay later got a major role in Mutlu Ol Yeter from ATV, along with Aslı Enver, Öner Erkan, and Ertan Saban.

He appeared as if he portrayed the character of Commissioner Yusuf in the first Turkish series on the Internet from the BluTV channel in 2017, and he participated in this pioneering role alongside each of the actors, actor Haluk Bilginer as well as actress Nur Sürer and also actor Okan Yalabık and later appeared as Ali Astubay in Turkey joined the 90th Academy Awards, and he directed the action and comedy film Mortal World, which was released in 2018, then Ali atay participated in a role in the Turkish’i Ice Cream movie.

Ali Atay, Hazal Kaya's husband
Ali Atay, Hazal Kaya’s husband

the movies

DirectingAli atay directed several artworks, including in 2015 he directed Lemonade, and also in 2018 he directed the comic action movie Mortal World, and then, in the following year, in 2019, he directed the film Public Murder Decoration.

In the year 2000 he participated in the movie “Too Late.”
And in 2004 he worked in the movie Swallow
In 2005, he participated in two films, the short film “Kiss” and the movie “She is a Prisoner Now”
And in 2007 he acted in the movie “Happy New Year in London” as Frieze.
In 2009, he participated in the movie “40” in the role of script.
In 2010, he acted in the movie “Wow, Dude,” with the role of a freak.
In 2013, he also acted in the movie “You Light Up the Night”, where he played the role of Jamal.
In 2017, he participated in the movie “The Months” as Alli.
In 2018, he worked in the movie “Noah of the Earth” in the role of Omar.
Also, in 2019, he participated in the movie “Freezing the Turkish Language”, where he played the role of Mohmet.
In 2020, he will also star in the movie “Dumlupýnar”.

Ali Atay Series

In the year 1998-2001, he participated in the TV series “The Second Spring” as Arsene.
In the year 2000, he worked in the series “The Number Seven” as a guest guest.
In 2003, he participated in the casting in the series “My Father Out of the Hat”, where he played Dormaksot
In 2004 he acted in the series Çınaraltı in the role of Sarhan, and in the same year he also acted in the series Çeşm-i Bülbül in the role of a guardian.
And in 2006, he worked in the series “Jameel” as Hadid.
In 2008, he appeared in the series “A Mewy Moment” in the role of Sabbati.
In 2009, he participated in the acting series “I Say No”
In 2010, he worked on the series “Sword Day”, where he portrayed the character Cenk Kiziltan.
And between the years 2011-2013, he participated in the series “Layla and Maknoun”, in the role of MecnunCina.
In the years 2013-2014, he worked on the series “I Miss You Too”
In 2015, he also appeared in the series “Just Be Happy”
And in 2017, he participated in acting in the series “Al-Bari”, which he embodied the role of Joseph.

Ali Atay
Ali Atay

Ali Atay Music and songs

Ali Atay performed many songs, including one that lovers understand me.
2- He made the song blah blah (a lie), which is a duet with Ezgi Asaroğlu.
3- A song if you want to go.
4- A Doctor’s Song.
5- A song, is there anything missing?
6- Wow song.
7-He made the song “Reach This Girl”, a duet with Serkan Keskin and Osman Sunant.
8- He presented the song “Arja”, a duet with Serkan Keskin, Osman Sunant, Jings Bozkurt and Ahmed Mumtaz Tylan.
9- The song “Are you a star moon in the sky” was a duet with Serkan Keskin and Osman Sunant.
10- The song “Bglama is Between Your Hands”, a duet with Serkan Keskin and Osman Sunant.
11 – Song forgive me.
12- “You too,” Leila?
13- The song “I Miss You Too” is also a duet with Serkan Keskin and Jings Bozkurt.
14- The song “I Have an Interception” is a duet with Serkan Keskin and Osman Sunant.
15- The song “The Curse of This World” as well as a duet with Serkan Keskin and Osman Sunant.
16- The song “The Castle’s Corpses”, which is also a duet with Serkan Keskin, Osman Sonant,

Ahmed Mumtaz Tylan and Jings Bozkurt.

Ali Atay has performed several songs with the Lily band, including (Song in Absence, Song Ended by Love, Song Maybe Time to Go, Song of Ramadan, as well as a song whether you come or not, a song of time, and also a song I’m Desperate).
-The song This Gala is choppy, it’s a duet with Genghis Bozcorp.

ali atay in the series Al Baraa

 The series deals with an unfamiliar story that develops in the vicinity of a Turkish family that seems familiar at first glance, by mixing police events with drama, where the retired police chief “Jawdat”, accompanied by his wife, lives their last years in peace and tranquility in their farm house far from the city.Until their youngest son arrives in the middle of the night, carrying terrifying news, the series was shown on the digital television platform (BluTV), which is a digital platform that shows every month (30 new films and series) at least, and this platform displays to its members a very large content of various works ( Cinemas and TV series) for a monthly subscription.

The series was written by Berkun OYA, who converted his play Bayrak into a script for a TV series, directed by Seren YÜCE, and produced by D Productions of the Doğan TV Holding Group, which owns the channel ( Kanal D).

A group of stars participated in the series (actor Haluk BİLGİNER, actress Nur SÜRER, our star Ali ATAY, actor Okan YALABIK, as well as actor Serkan KESKİN, actor Tülin ÖZENVe, as well as actor Bartu KÜÇÜKÇAĞLAYAN)
ali atay and his wife Hazal Kaya

He is now married to the beautiful actress Hazel Kaya, known as Fariha, after a love story between them that lasted for five years and they got married in 2019, and it is reported that ali atay was married before Hazel’s marriage to Ebru Kanan from 2008 to 2013, meaning that the marriage lasted for 5 years .

Ali Atay son
Ali Atay son