The story of the “My Left Side” series – Sol Yanım


The story of the “My Left Side” series – Sol Yanım, its heroes, and its showing dates
For everyone who waits for the new Turkish series with love and passion, we have collected for you a report on the story of the Al-Yasir side series, its heroes participating in it, the dates for showing the series, and many other details about the series and its heroes, and a set of new photos of the series and heroes.

My left side series Sol Yanım

The name of the series in Turkish: Sol Yanım, and in Arabic, the left side
Screenwriter for the series: Famous Writer Melis Civelek
The series is directed by: Serdar Gözelekli
The series is produced by: BKM Film

The names of the heroes of the left side series

Ozge Yagiz the main actress
Han Sen – hero of the action
The work team is currently selecting the rest of the actors involved in the work, and a group of famous actors in Turkey is being selected.

The date of the show on the left side of the series

The series on the left side will be shown upon completion of its filming, and it is decided that it will be shown on Turkish channels in September 2020 on Star TV channels as a summer series.

The story of the left side series

The story and topic of the series has not been clearly revealed so far from the team of the left side of the series, but there are some indications that the series tends to be romantic, as is the case with the Turkish series in most of its works. The series is of the romantic comedy social genre and now the action scenes and the choice of places are filmed The occasion for filming, so the team went to the shooting club to train the actors on shooting scenes as part of the events of the series, which contain a side of suspense and excitement about the great love story of the work heroes and the conflicts and problems they are exposed to in the series.

The Cast of the left side series, the Turkish actress, Ozge Yagiz

She plays the female lead in the series. She is a Turkish actress. She was born on April 19, 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey
Actress Ozgı Yagir has one sister, whose name is Ezgi Yağız. She graduated from Baskent University, Department of Communication Sciences, and then studied acting at No10Studios.

Actress Ozgı has become one of the most famous and richest actresses in Turkey and has a distinguished position among the most popular actresses despite her short artistic career in the world of acting, and she presented in 2017 the series You Name It Zeliha, in 2019 she participated in the famous right-wing series as Rehana and the audience knew her. In Turkey and the Arab world with this name.

In 2020, she participates in the series The Left Side as the title role, and in this series she plays the role of a beautiful girl who falls in love with a young man and a handsome man, Adını Sen Koy, and a strong love story within this series links them with many exciting obstacles within the action events.

ilhan şen

He is a Turkish actor, born on December 19, 1987 in Bulgaria, then he and his family moved to reside in Istanbul since he was two years old and the Han actor, whose religion is Islam and his nationality is Turkish, the actor Han Sen graduated from Istanbul Yildiz Technical University at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and This university is considered one of the most famous and largest universities in Turkey.

In 2008, the ilhan şen actor participated in the best model competition in Turkey, but he could not win this competition and get the first place, but the Han actor insisted on winning this competition and returned to participate in it again in the following year 2009 and this time he was chosen as the best model in Turkey, and through it, was also chosen as the best model in some European countries, and from which it was chosen as the best model in the world.

After working as a model for several years, ilhan şen actor decided to turn to art, especially acting, so he took acting lessons at acting institutes in Istanbul in Turkey so that he could develop his talent for acting better.

Indeed, ilhan şen actor was able to enter the world of acting and achieve his dream, which he has been seeking for a long time, the first dramatic work of the Han actor was in 2018 through his participation in the series Mehmed Al-Fateh, and the series was starring the great Turkish actor Kinan Amirzalioglu, but this series did not succeed The time of its presentation, and it was stopped after only 7 episodes had passed, due to the low and weak viewership of this series, even though the series had a high production cost.

Despite this, ilhan şen actor did not feel disappointed or a sense of failure, but he insisted on progress and success, so he participated in the same year in another dramatic series, Tal Shaheen or Tal Al-Saqr, and this series was taken from a famous American series in the eighties and achieved great success at the time of its presentation in the states The United States of America and spread to 9 seasons and achieved high revenues and large viewing rates.

Actress Ibuki Busat, star Buran Kosum, actress Esraa Demirgeoglu and another group of actors participated in the starring of this series, after which the Han actor presented the series The Party Sector They Did Not Rule the World and the series achieved great success in Turkey at the time of its presentation and the series remained for 5 seasons due to its great success The first season of it was shown in 2015, and this series starred a very large group of big stars in Turkey, including Oktay Kinarja – Deniz Cakir – Kinan Goban – Maryam Ozerli.

As for the last work of the Han Sen actor, in which he participated in the series Ramo in 2020, and he starred in the series and was famous for the character Nijo / or Necati, and he co-starred in the Ramo series, actress Isra Bilgic and the handsome Turkish actor Murad Yildirim with actress Jimrey Baysal. This series is completely in Turkey due to stopping filming the rest of the series due to the spread of Corona virus and for fear of the work team from injuries.

Finally, the Han actor presents this series, which is the left side, with the distinguished Turkish actress, Ozge Bagiz, who shared the joint championship of the series. 

The love story that brings them together reaches them, and will they be able to face the great difficulties, challenges and problems that they face, and will their love remain and continue?
 This is what the events and the interesting story of the series will reveal, we and the audience in Turkey and the entire Arab world await this distinguished series.
The story of the “My Left Side” series - Sol Yanım, heroes, showing dates