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Ahsen Eroglu

Turkish actress, Ahsen Eroglu , for those who want to know many
details and information about her, we have collected a report for you about her age, upbringing, nationality, height, weight, religion, and the most important artworks in which she participated, and a group of new photos of the artist Ahsen Eroglu .

Drawing is her biggest hobby and her passion for drawing comes first, then her love for acting comes second. The actress tends to cook some of her favorite foods, as she loves to cook. She loves reading, especially stories, sports books and technical magazines

She loves artists Meryl Streep and Fikret Kuşkan, Doing sports, she loves to play sports, especially swimming, and she goes to gyms regularly . Actress Ahsen Eroglu is a supporter of women and supports equality between women and men, and this was demonstrated through her participation on her social networking sites on the occasion of International Women’s Day. She participated in many publications that support this. Actress Ihsan Ayroglu is not romantically linked with anyone, nor does she have a close friend .

Ahsen Eroglu, age, nationality, religion, and other details

Date of birth: 27 – October 1994
Age 2020: 26 years old
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Place of birth: Çorlu – Corlu Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Christianity
Height: 1.71 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: Aegean University Department of Physical Sports
Profession: Turkish actress
Marital Status: Unrelated
The beginning of her artistic career: She started in 2015
Favorite Hobbies: Painting – Cooking – Playing Sports

Ahsen Eroglu its origin and family life

The rising actress Ihsan Erglo was born in the city of Corlu, northwestern Turkey, and her father is Erglo, and her mother is a housewife and she has 2 brothers, a son and a daughter named Duru, and she considers her the best sister in the world, while her older brother considers him a role model and shares with her in choosing most things because Their taste is shared and she respects him very much.

Her family noticed from the young age of Ehsan that she had great talent and a positive energy and was always active. Since she was at the age of 4 years, the talent for drawing began to appear, so she loved drawing and coloring for many things, as well as her love for sports. She was a child who preferred to play many sports and She also performed some dramatic scenes and imitated some artists, received encouragement and support from her family, and participated in some plays in the school.

After obtaining the secondary stage from Istanbul schools, actress Ihsan Erglu entered the Aegean College of Physical Sports Department and graduated from it with impressive success

For 12 years she played in the volleyball team and then entered the world of advertising and was the face of the largest advertising companies in Turkey, Corendon Airlines, Tadım Yenigün and Türk Telekom.

Through her advertising appearances, producers discovered her and received acting offers, and then she took lessons in the art of theater and acting to grow her talent.

And she entered the world of art in 2015, as she rose to the ladder of fame through her own efforts without anyone interfering in her work and encouragement from her family.

Ahsen Eroglu
Ahsen Eroglu
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