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 Fatma series,

story, cast, show times, channels, and many details about it, to everyone who is waiting for the new Turkish series, we exclusively offer you a report on the new Turkish series Fatima, and a lot of information about the series, its heroes, its show dates, the channels presenting the series, and other details and a group of pictures of the series and the heroes of work.

Fatma series and many details about the series

Screenwriter: Özgür Önürme on his first writing experience
The series is produced by: Başak Abacıgil
And it is one of the largest production companies for artistic works in Turkey
The names of the heroes of the Fatima series
Burcu Biricik as Fatma, the heroine
Cansu Dere
Nihal yalcin
And the work team is still working until now to select the male actor who will play the lead role in front of the heroine, and to choose the rest of the work heroes for the participation of these big stars in the series

Fatma series story

It is known that most of the Turkish series tend to be events of social drama and their romantic character, and this is what made them have a large audience at the level of Turkey and the entire Arab world, and their events and stories of their series are very different from most other series, and this series tends to be social drama and Romance and includes a large aspect of excitement and suspense in its various exciting events.

The events of this series revolve around Fatima, a beautiful and strong woman who faces many difficulties and problems in her life and tries to overcome all these difficulties that she faces. Fatima works as a simple woman as a cleaner and she loves her husband very much to the point of love and is fully prepared to sacrifice herself. And her life for the sake of her husband Zafer.

Her husband, Zafer, has been imprisoned a while ago for a problem and served his sentence in prison and released, but after his release from prison, Zafer disappears in mysterious circumstances, and no one knows his whereabouts or who kidnapped him, and Fatima found herself in extreme confusion and is looking for her husband And after a while she is looking for her husband,

something unexpected happens, which is Fatima’s commission of a murder, and this crime poses a great danger to Fatima’s life, and Fatima continues to commit many murders in order to find her husband and get rid of anyone who is an obstacle to her in Reaching her husband Zafer, and this makes it a series full of excitement and suspense in its interesting and interesting events. Can Fatima reach her husband Zafer? This is what we will know by following the events in the series.

the first episode

The story of the Fatima series, the story of a 35-year-old woman, a working woman who has one son and tries to help her husband with living, but her husband carries out illegal work that enters prison, and after a period of imprisonment he left but did not return home again, which made her have to search for him in Everywhere, but this puts her in trouble, which causes her to kill one of them, and she tries to escape from the crime in various ways, to survive for the sake of her son and in order to search for her husband.

Her life did not end with one murder, but in order to hide evidence that might incriminate her, she continued killing one after the other, and the killing did not become accidental, but rather she began to carry out murders as revenge for what she lived and faced in her life.

Not only that, she has one son who has lived through many difficult experiences, and he is just an innocent teenager who does not harm anyone but is subjected to severe bullying around him, and he will make her take revenge for him, and she will continue to work as a cleaner until no one doubts her, so who do you expect will be the heroine of the series?

Show dates of Fatma series

The filming of the Fatima series has not yet been completed, and upon completion of its filming it will be shown on Netflix, after which it will be shown on Turkish Fox TV channels in 2020-2021.

Information about the cast of the Fatma series

Who is the Turkish actress, Borgo Perecek, the Turkish actress, Borgo, was born on May 4, 1989, in, and she is of Turkish descent, and it is an ethnic Turkish subgroup. The beauty queen was 17 years old at the time, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in archeology from Aegean University, and then decided to enter the world of acting, so she took lessons and training in acting from the Bornova Municipal Theater.
She has participated in many plays including Yasli Hanimin Ziyareti, Gözlerimi Kaparim, Vazifemi Yaparim, and Yedi Kocali Hürmüz.

And by standing on the stage of Bornova Municipal Theater, she appeared in dramas for the first time through the series Maçolar in 2007, after which she participated in many artistic works, whether in dramas or films, and presented more than 31 works of art so far, including
As series, she participated in Ümit Melli – Muhteşem Yüzyıl – Ostura Kemal – Düşman Kardeşler – Beni Böyle Sev – Sherif Mselisi – Hayat Şarkısı – Kuzgun – Fatima series.

As for the films in which Kedi Özledi – İnanç Odası – Bana Masal Anlatma – and Toprak’ın Günlüğü – Çok Uzak Fazla Yakın – and Herşey Seninle Güzel – Cicero – and finally a unique film, she won the Best Actress Award at the Mannheim Turkish Film Festival.
She is married to actor Emre Yetkin in 2016.

Who is the actress Cansu Dere / Cansu Dere

She is a Turkish actress and model, born on October 14, 1980, and her family was an immigrant from Greece and Bulgaria to Turkey. She obtained a high school diploma from Istanbul schools and the actress Kansu graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Archeology participated in the runner-up beauty contest in Turkey.

She entered the fashion show and continued to work in this field for a while, then she entered the world of acting and was the beginning of her artistic career since 2004 until now and participated in the drama series Metro Palace with a starring role, then in 2006 she participated in the championship with the star Mohamed Akef in the series series “Sila”.

She starred in many drama series, including Güz Yangını – Sheila – Ezel – Alacakaranlık An – sahsiyet – and Farhat and Sherin – Muhteşem Yüzyıl, and also participated in many films, including Son Osmanlı Yandım Ali – Acı Aşk – Yahşi Batı – The – Bahjat Seni Kalbime Gömdüm.
She participated in the championship in the Turkish series, the mother, which achieved great success in Turkey at the time of its presentation and broke records in the highest viewing rates
Actress Kansu Derry has been married more than once, she married Okan Bayulgen and Gökhan Özoğuz, she also married Cem Yılmaz – and Cem Aydın, and separated from him in 2012 as their marriage did not last long and ended in the same year of marriage, the actress considers Kansu Dere from The most famous and brightest stars in Turkey.