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Melisa Asli Pamuk Asli “Aso”, the heroine of the series Blind Love, her religion, nationality, date of birth, age, life story, artistic career, most important works, information about her birth and upbringing, and other personal information about actress Melissa Asli who excelled in performing the role of Osu in the famous Turkish series Endless Love , actress Melissa Asli also has lovers, admirers and a large audience looking to know a lot about the secrets of her personal life, and her emotional relationships, and the audience is also interested in knowing the upcoming artistic projects of the artist whose performance the audience adored, and for that we collected as much information as possible about the beautiful Turkish actress Melissa.

Information on Melisa Asli Pamuk

The name she is best known for: Asu, after her role in the series Blind Love.
Date of birth: The fourteenth of April 1991
Age: 29 years
Astrological Sign: Aries
Place of birth: Haarlem, Netherlands
Nationality: Turkish
Profession: Actress, and model
Hobbies: designing fashion shows
Languages ​​you are fluent in: Dutch, Turkish, English, German, and she speaks a little French

husband: single
Beginning of the artistic career: 2011
Technical age: 9 years
Main works: Blind Love, Love in the Wind, Collision, The Black Cat.
Religion: Muslim
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair: long wavy brown.

The most important prizes she received: She won the title of Miss Turkey, the best model in Turkey.

Life story of Melisa Asli Pamuk

The Turkish actress, Melissa Asli, was born in the Dutch city of Harlem, to a father and mother of Turkish origin, and she loved acting and fame and lights since she was very young, and she participated in her first artistic work when she was 14 years old, then she set out to work as a Dutch model.

She enrolled in the Dutch University of Amsterdam in order to study psychology, but she left the study and did not complete it because she wanted to devote herself to designing the fashion that she loved so much, and she succeeded in it. Cinematic titled The Black Cat.

Melisa Asli Pamuk and her brother
Melisa Asli Pamuk and her brother

melisa asli pamuk is miss turkey

The beautiful young star Melissa Asli was distinguished by a breathtaking beauty that enchanted the eyes, hearts and minds, the color of her eyes was a distinctive brown, and she had long wavy and soft brown hair, and she also had a perfect body and a slender body, her height was about 176 cm, and her weight 50 kg.

Melissa Asli’s beauty and slim figure was her passport to enter the world of fashion shows, she worked as a model and presented many successful shows until she won the Best Turkish Model Award in 2009, after which the beautiful Melissa Asli applied to the Miss Turkey contest, and won it in 2011 And she was nominated for the Miss Universe contest, but she did not win any titles.

The beginning of the career

• At the age of fourteen, she participated in her first artistic work, in starring a Dutch short film.
• She made her first role in the world of cinema in 2013 in the Turkish film The Black Cat, written by Safak Sezer, and directed by the able director Murat Aslan, who tells the story of three brothers who have lost themselves in the crowded city.
• In 2014, she entered the world of television through the popular TV program (Purada Love Cook), which features short television works.
• After that, she presented a small role in the Turkish romantic series Love in the Air.
The most important works of Melissa Asli
Actress Melissa Asli, who became famous among the masses on behalf of Asso, in relation to her role in the series Blind Love, presented many distinguished and successful roles, and perhaps her most famous artistic works are the following:
• Love in the wind.
• Blind love.
First, Istanbul
• Every love ends with a farewell

Melissa Asli “Aso” in Endless Love series

Melissa Asli was known among the masses by the name of Aso, this was her name in the series Endless Love , and she succeeded in convincing the masses of the strength of her performance and her ability to embody the roles of evil and the complex characters, the character of Osu in blind love divided into two parts, the gentle, beautiful and dreamy girl who loves Kamal and dreams of being associated with him And the cruel girl who is indignant at her father and brother, who seeks revenge on them, and events escalate to possess evil from Asu, and turn into a cruel, destructive girl trying to destroy Kamal and Nihan, and the public and critics have praised the strength of Melissa Asli’s acting and mastery of the role.

Melisa Asli Pamuk
Melisa Asli Pamuk

The series revolves around a romantic thriller about a love story that arises between a young man from an average family, Kamal, and a girl from a rich family, Nihan, but falls in love with Nihan, a rich but bossy businessman who seeks to differentiate between Kamal and Nihan in all twisted ways, the series starring Burak Ozgivit (Kamal), Neslihan Atagul (Nihan), Melissa Asli (Aso), directed by Hilal Saral.

Melissa Asli, “Jamiri” in the series Çarpışma

In November of 2018, the first episodes of the interesting Turkish series Collision began, which revolves around the collision of four cars in a traffic accident, after which the destinies of motorists changed in a framework of suspense, excitement and horror, the series starring a group of stars such as Beren Domaz, Melissa Asli, Arkan Kan, Onur Saylak, and the series written by Ali Aiden, and directed by Oluch Bayraktar, in the series Collision, Melissa Asli presents the role of lawyer Jamery, who will survive the accident and a group of people, whose fates are intertwined together.

The beautiful star Melissa appeared in the episodes of the exciting and dramatic series (Collision), starring major Turkish artists, including Kivanc Tatlitug and Chen Sanjo – Albrien Doymaz – Arkan Kan – Hakan Kurtaj – Ismail Demirci – Merv Jagiran – Evikan Senolson – Furkan Kalabalik – Mustafa Ugurlu – Onur Saylak, spin Its events about a collision between four cars, the fate of the passengers of those four cars will change, in an exciting framework full of horror and interesting events, the first workshops will be shown in November 2018.

Melisa Asli Pamuk Dating Boyfriends

The young artist Melissa Asli has never been married before, but there is news of a love relationship between Melissa Asli and the young Turkish artist “Tolga Sala”, who presented the role of Albani in the epic Turkish series Artegral Resurrection, the love story between Melissa and Tolga began in 2015 And they were seen together in more than one place, and the two stars took many memorial photos together, and neither of them announced a date for an upcoming engagement or marriage.

A Turkish actress of Dutch origins, a Turkish beauty queen and a well-known model, she was born in the Netherlands in Harlem on April 14, 1991, since she was a young girl looking for fame. She learned many things and artistic works such as acting. She acted when she was fourteen in one of the works. Since then, she dreams of acting and stardom, her start was in fashion shows, then she participated in the Miss Turkey contest, and won the title in 2011 AD, and she was promoted to the Miss Universe competition, but she was not lucky, and she chose to focus fashion shows and study acting.

Melisa Asli Pamuk works

In 2009 she also won the title of the best model in Turkey, and as the official representative of her country, she competed in the Miss Universe contest in 2011 in Brazil, but she did not register. She has a successful career besides acting, which is fashion shows and advertising campaigns, and this 27-year-old girl is also distinguished. Years old, light brown looking with cool features and wavy brown hair, she is elegant in every look with her sparkly body-defying dresses, casual wear, and clean make-up.

As she has on social media and has nearly 2 million Instagram followers, she has not revealed the actual number of her net worth or salary to the public or the media, whatever her personal wealth may be calculated, she is sure to attract a large sum of money from her successful career in Show Fashion.

Melisa Asli Pamuk
Melisa Asli Pamuk

The beautiful Melia performed many series and films, including the series “Blind Love Kara Sevda”, the “Awla” series, Istanbul and others. At the age of thirteen, she played her first role in a short film that was shown in the Netherlands, where she learned the basics of acting in the Chest of Elishk Center for Culture and Arts, and the beginning of her appearance In Turkey, in one of the commercials, she speaks fluent Turkish, English, Dutch and German, and is fluent in French well.

She had chosen to study psychology at the University of Amsterdam, but she gave up her studies in order to focus on fashion design. She studied acting for a while in order to start her first work in 2014 through the TV program that displays small television works (Borada Love Cook).

She presented a small role in The romantic series (Love in the Air), in 2013, she co-starred in the first movie called (GDO Kara Kedi – The Black Cat GDO), written by Sfak Caesar and director Murad Aslan, about three brothers, Tahoe in the crowd of a big city.

She played the role of Aso in the series (Blind Love – Kara Sevda) from 2015 to 2017 AD, the work that received great Arab fame, and a very large viewership, despite its negative role in the work, but it won the admiration of everyone, and predicted a wonderful artistic future.