the Good and Bad Day, its story, its heroes, and its showing dates



A series on the Good and Bad Day, its story, its heroes, and its showing dates For all the lovers and followers of the Turkish drama, we have collected a report for you about the new Turkish series The Good and the Bad Today, its story, the heroes of the series, information about them, the dates of the series, the channels presenting the series, many other details, and a group of new photos of the series and its participating heroes.


Details of the Good and Bad Day series

Series name: Good Day, Bad Day, and in Arabic, Good Day and Bad Day
The series is produced by: Media 03The script was written by: Karamehmtoglu and Axel Bonneville

The series is directed by: Barış Erçetin.

The names of the heroes of the series Good and Bad Today

Elçin Sangu / Elçin Sangu
Mehmet Ozan Dolunay / Mehmet Ozan Dolunay
Şenay Gürler / Sinai Gürler
Nergis Kumbasar Nargis Kumbasar
Osman Alkaş / Osman Alkash
Derya Alabora
Melisa Yalçınkaya / Yasmine Allen
Turkish artist / Saleh Badamshi
Ali Yağcı / Ali Yachi
The Artist Sinan Al-Bairaq
Hakan Salted
Hande Yılmaz / Hand Yılmaz
Mert Fırat
Seda Bakan

Show dates for the good and bad day series

The new Turkish series, Good and Bad, appeared on Turkish channels on July 20, 2020, on Star TV, and you can watch it also on various websites.
The story of the good and bad day seriesTurkish drama is characterized by its tendency in its series to the romantic nature that prevails over it, and the presence of tremendous feelings that affect the feelings and feelings of many of the audience and followers of Turkish drama and are influenced by it greatly, and its narration of different and exciting love stories and interesting events in the series.

Among these interesting and romantic series is this series, which deals with a wonderful, difficult and impossible love story at the same time with great feelings and contradictions to these feelings, which makes the follower affected by them and watch the series with love and passion, and the events and story of the good and bad day series About the beautiful young woman, Lily, who has a good heart, a beautiful face, and a constant smile on her face, no matter how troubles and difficulties she faces.

She is also a girl who loves to work and works to prove herself and her personality in her work, she is an enjoyable, energetic and excels in her work, she works in the field of organizing weddings and weddings and her name is known in this field and despite this she is not successful in her love and her heart is full Wounds and bitter aches that live inside.

You get to know a successful young man from a prestigious family named Kaan Karasu or he was Karasu and he possesses all the ingredients for a distinguished man in terms of personality, handsome, wealth and also work. He worked from a young age until he reached a prominent position in his work and became the director of the largest chain Hotels in Turkey and the most famous and became one of the most important and largest businessmen of prestige and wealth, but the young man was Karasu dedicating his whole life to work only and does not think about love or connection, but the only woman who was able to change his life and his thinking is Lily.

After their engagement with a love story, Melissa enters the life of Kan and she is a successful businesswoman and tries to bond with her and her attachment to her until Melissa becomes the closest woman to Karasu for several years, until they agree to marry and Lily lives in a state of shock that breaks her heart The most difficult and bitter thing for her is that she is organizing a wedding for her lover and his marriage to another woman.

See what will happen to Layla and what will happen to her? Can you overcome this difficult situation and insist on completing her life and work, and not that she succumbs to this difficult wound.

This is what the exciting and interesting events of the series reveal.
Information about the heroes of the series Good and Bad Today
Muhammad Ozan Dolunay as Karasu was the hero of the action
He is a Turkish artist and actor.

He was born in 1991 in Istanbul. He is about 1.79 cm tall, and his weight is about 76 kg. Artist Mehmet Ozan Dolunay graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Koç University to work as a mechanical engineer. Artist Muhammad Ozan started studying acting during his university studies and started For the first time acting on stage with Dolunay.Then he participated in many dramas that began in 2015 until now and participated in one play in 2019 and it was titled Pathology. The artist Muhammad Ozan Full Moon received two awards in 2018 for the Pathology play, and they are the first award.
The Afifah Second Generation Award The twentieth as the best young talent and the second was the Akman Distinguished Actor Award for Best Actor of the Year.

Elçin Sangu as Lily, the heroine of the series
She is a Turkish artist, born on August 13, 1985, and she is the only daughter of her family, and she is of ethnic origin, and was born in the western side of Turkey. She graduated from the University of Mersin in the department of opera and singing and was singing and playing the piano during this period
She took acting lessons at Sahne Tozu Theater, started her career as a model and model for a number of commercials.Her artistic career began with acting in 2011 through the series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki, and then she participated in a number of dramas, including Bir Aşk Hikâyesi – Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer – Kurt Seyit ve Şura – Sevdam Alabora – Kiralık Aşk – The Immortals – Çarpışma.

As for the films, she participated in only 2 films, Mutluluk Zamanı – and 9 Kerley Laila.

Actress Yasmine Allen as Melissa

She is a Turkish actress, born in 1998 in England. After her parents separated from each other, she returned to live in Turkey while she is in elementary school. She got the elementary stage from Istanbul schools and then moved to Australia to live with her mother there and continued her education there, and she studied film and television in Australia as Yasmin learned in the conservatory, itinerant theater department, then She returned again to Turkey with her mother to live there.Yasmine joined the acting tests with her mother in Turkey and in 2010 got her first acting role in the drama series Mercy and Life, her mother participated with her in the series acting, and then she got the title role in the series Yerden Yüksek and the series Magnificent Century, and her distinguished series Honor No. 46.

Artist Ali Yaghshi

The Turkish artist and actor Ali Yagci was born in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. He started his career in the world of fashion and commercial advertisements such as Coca-Cola, Nescafe and Turkcell ads. He entered the field of art and acting by chance and then decided to devote himself to acting and art, leaving the field of fashion and advertisements and participated He started in a number of plays, but his fame came through the GQ Man The Story movie.In 2015, the audience began to get to know him and know his looks, and his first appearance in dramas was through the series “Love He Doesn’t Love,” after which his distinguished artistic works in which he participated and achieved remarkable successes.