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Hazar Motan For all the followers of the Turkish stars, we have collected for you a report on the Turkish star Hazar Mutan, information about her upbringing, age, religion and nationality, when her artistic career began, and the most important works that she presented in series, movies, other details, and a set of new and exclusive photos of her.

Religion Hazar Mutan, her age, height and weight

Full name: Hazar Mutan – or Qazvin Mutan
Date of birth: 13 – December 1990
Nationality: Turkish
Age: 30 years
Place of birth: Ankara – Istanbul
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Academic qualification: Bilkent University, College of Fine Arts
Marital Status: Unmarried
Profession: Turkish actress
Beginning of her artistic career: 1997 – until now
As for religion: Muslim
Height: 72 cm
Weight: 55 kg

Its inception and artistic beginning

She is a famous Turkish film and theater actress, born in 1990 in Istanbul, her mother is Vid Mutan, a well-known Turkish director and producer, so she influenced her choice to become an actress. She studied at Bilkent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Communication Design.

She loves spending time at home more than traveling, and going to parties. In addition, watching movies, reading books and being with her family is one of her most popular hobbies and she says about herself that she is not a social person, and among the cities that she loves to go sightseeing most are Eminönü and Grand Bazaar She loves photography in historical places in particular.

She made her debut as a child in 1997 in the movie False Potted Flower, and in Arabic the movie, False, The Child Planted with Flowers, in which she won the title role as a child, in 2004 she appeared in the short film Damatlık Hat as Güllü, and participated in films such as Kirjen Siskler and Pasha Güllum.

In 2014, she participated in the series The Other Half, and in 2015 she participated in the series “Sad Flowers” Kırgın Çiçek, where she played the character of Cemre.

The most important artworks that I participated in

In 2000, she participated in the series Dollna Al-Bayt
In 2009, she presented the series Al-Hathb
In 2014 she worked in the series Pasha Gonlum as Elven, and in the same year she presented my other half series
In 2015 she participated in the popular series Sad Flowers
2019 presented fragments of life

The value of wealth for the artist Hazar Motan

Hazar Mutan’s net worth is estimated at approximately $ 5 million, and she got this fortune from being a Turkish actress.
Hazar Mutan and social networking sites

Hazar loves to follow her audience on social networking sites and share them constantly, as the number of her followers has reached more than 30,000 followers on Twitter as well as more than 30,000 fans on Facebook.
Love life of artist Hazar Mutan

Hazar had one previous relationship, where she appeared with the Turkish artist Biran Damla Yilmaz, and she had participated in the series Kırgın Çiçekl, the sad flower, and she does not like to talk about her personal life.

Hazar Mutan in the series Sad Flowers

The sad flower series Kirgin Çiçekler is one of the famous Turkish series in the Arab world, which has met with great approval from the Arab public and the audience in Turkey at the same time, as this series includes three seasons, but the audience that follows it has never felt bored, because it is an interesting story that differs in nature. For every season, the heroes remain the same in all seasons without any substitution, which distinguished this series from other Turkish works.

The story of the sad flower series revolves around five girls who live in an orphanage called Kocho Yulu in Istanbul, and they are 16 years old and live together in the same room. This orphan is located in the middle of the rich neighborhood.

Hazar plays the role of Jamery, a 16-year-old girl who lives with a rich and famous family, studies with orphan girls in the same private school, and mocks them constantly, her life changes and changes because her father kills himself and kills her mother by mistake due to bankruptcy and refuses her relatives She was raised and rejected by her rich old friends because of her poverty, so she is sent to the orphanage, and she becomes a friend of the orphan girls and becomes a good girl from them.

Hazar Motan in the series Crackers of the Soul

The story of the Soul Crackers series revolves around two close friends from their childhood, Lili and Zainab, but unfortunately they are separated due to an accident and after several years have passed, both of them work in the police, but in different places, one day they meet each other again in a murder case Mysterious .

Hazar Mutan in this series plays the role of Hand who works in the police. She lost her parents in her childhood and lived in an orphanage, and she could not live in this place, so she decided to run away from him. She is a highly skilled character. In the events of the series, she falls in love with her leader Aslan, the head of the main branch and is raised Among them is a strong love story, and the series continues. This series was stopped after the first episodes were broadcast, due to the low viewership.

Hazar Motan in Bizim Evin

It is a family comedy-drama series written and scripted by Tolga Aydogan – Aynur Ulusoy – Ayşem Özge Yoldaş – Erkan Birgören, and directed by Tulay Eratalay – Tariq Bagot – Cafer Özgül, and starring Bihan Saran – Miral Nero – Hazar Mutan – Emil Goksu – Nusrat Cetinil – Burak Demir – Hülya Gulsen River and another group of Turkish stars.

The story of the series revolves around Nimed, who is a housewife who tries to keep her family together, living with her two daughters, Ismat and Ismat. Görümcesi Fincan (the children’s aunt) is her best friend. She was not married and Nevid passed away and left her children. Sadiq Ali, who left the country years ago, came back and met Ismat, the children’s aunt, and the rest of the series’s events take place and there are many Of the different conflicts and the changing events of conspiracies, grief, divorce, separation, and deaths.

Hazar Mutan in the series Pasha Gonlum

It is a series written by Aiken Atalar – Muharram Bukhara, directed by: Hamdi Alkan – Kamal Ozon, and starring Kerem Atapiooglu – Tarık Papuççuoğlu – Derya Alabura – Hazar Mutan.

His story was about Masoud and Bahtiar, two people who were born in succession on New Year’s Eve and are always in a state of conflict to the point that; They get married on the same day and live in a neighborhood where work, entertainment and conspiracy have not ended. They open a shop in the same street to compete together, and the biggest struggle between them is over the palace of Pasha Didi, each of them wants to seize it so that a large shopping center is created in its place without considering it as valuable Great historical and conflict between them continues throughout the events of the series.

Hazar Motan 2020
Hazar Motan 2020