The story of the series If I had a mind(1)

The story of the series If I had a mind, heroes, and show dates



The story of the series “I had a mind”, to all the audience waiting for the new Turkish series, we gathered for you a full report on the new Turkish series if I had a mind, its story, details of the series, information about its participating heroes, the dates of its presentation, a group of pictures of the series and pictures of its participating heroes.

If I had a mind series

Series name in Turkish: My mind Olsayd series

Series name in Arabic: If I had a mind

The series is directed by: Chan Airmak

Screenplay written by: Ece Yörenç

The series is produced by: RTÜK by Feyyaz Yi .it

The names of the heroes of the series, if I had a mindÖzge Özpirinçci

Birkan Sokullu
Burak Yamantür
Elifcan Ongurlar
Ahmet Rıfat Şungar
Ümit Erlim

Show dates for the series if I have a mind and the channels presenting for the series
The series If I Have a Mind will be shown upon completion of its filming on Netflix, a Turkish electronic platform, and filming was scheduled to start on July 14, 2020.

The story of the series if I had a mind

This series differs greatly from Turkish series in terms of everything, content, story, and everything. Its story contains a thorny, very sensitive, and unacceptable story in many societies and is rejected by the audience, especially in Islamic and Arab societies.

The series deals with the story of a homosexual couple living together with each other and the many details that this issue deals with. Filming of this series by the company that produced it would have been stopped due to the controversy and confusion about it in the public opinion in Turkey when they knew the story of this series.

But the producing company sent a letter and a statement to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to obtain the necessary permits to film the series from foreign agencies and products in accordance with the legal legislation.

On the 14th of this July, I sent the text to the ministry to obtain permission for filming, but the ministry officials asked the producing company and the work writer to make an amendment to the story and script of the series until the filming of the work is approved and the work writer says that there is no sexual scene in the series One among the people and that all that is said is mere rumors.

A Turkish newspaper has published demanding that the series not be completed because of its story and says that we are in Islamic and Arab countries, not like foreign countries and Hollywood, and we do as they do in their work, and also in this way they work to hurt the feelings and shock of the ordinary audience
And in his article he asked the government to work to stop this series and that they do not want to see a homosexual in the series and there is a strong reaction from censorship of artistic works.

Information about the heroes of the series if I had a mind

The heroine of the work is Özge Özbirincji

She is a Turkish artist and actress. She was born in 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey. She received her education in Istanbul and at the high school level she was selected in the student exchange process and traveled to the United States of America. She enrolled at the university level at Sabancı University to study management sciences and graduated in 2008.

At the beginning of her career, she worked in the field of commercials for major companies such as Eti Browni, Cornetto, Coca-Cola and Var Mı Aşka, in 2008, the beginning of her artistic career was through the series Do You Have Courage in Love and in 2009 she participated in the series Angels Protection and also Kavak Yelleri series, in which she played the role of a cancer patient, and many praised her for her prowess in this role.

In 2010, the artist Ozghe participated in the series Veda. In 2011 Ozge won the absolute championship for her in the drama series, including the series Hümeyra and Alper Saldıran and the series Max Adventures Part Two – and the series Tatar Ramadan – the series Let us keep – Love Again – the series Women – Fi Çi Pi – Bitter Sweet Sour – Noah Hill.

The artist Ozge has won many awards during her artistic career, in 2012 she won the Lion Max Award as the best actress.

In 2015, she won the 42th Pantene Gold Butterfly Award as the best comedian, and in 2016 she won the Eryetiş & Balkans Educational Institutes Mavi Çınar Award as the best actress of the year.

As for the personal life of the actress, she was engaged to the famous Turkish artist Engin Altan Düzyatan in 2013, but in the same year they separated from each other without the marriage being completed.

Artist Birkan Sokullu

He is a Turkish actor, model, and former basketball player, and the artist was born in Sokollu in 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey.
And the family of the artist, Berkane Sokollu, from the immigrants from Bosnia to Turkey, the artist, Berkane, graduated from the University of Maltepe in the Department of Radio Television Programming, and during his university studies, the artist, Berkane, worked in the field of fashion show.

Then he joined the Turkish basketball team and left it after 10 years of playing in the team due to an injury to his foot, after which the artist, Berkane, joined the Dolunay Soysert Academy to study and teach the art of acting and his artistic career began in 2008 until now.

Berkane’s first appearance on the screen was through the Küçük Kadınlar series, and he was able to draw attention to him from his first dramatic work and attract the audience to his acting performance and then participated in many drama series, including Melekler Korusun – Küçük Kadınlar – and the Alef series – Küçük Sırlar .

He also participated in the series Uçurum – Fatih Series – Kurt Seyit ve Şura – Hayat Şarkısı – Yüz Yüze – Yaşamayanlar Series – Bir El Hakaysi Series – Güzelliğin Portresi – The Rise of Empires: The Ottoman – Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm – Rosalinda: Ah Askim.

As for the personal life of the actor, Sokolu, he was married in 2012 to the Turkish artist Aslı Enver, and he separated from her by divorce in 2015 after only 3 years of marriage.

Turkish actor Burak Yamantürk / Burak Yamantürk

He is a Turkish actor, born in 1983 in the city of Kocaeli, Turkey, and his artistic career has started since 2010, and one of his most prominent works is in the series. – Out of order – dear history – either independence or death.

During his artistic career, he participated in only two films, namely Mrs. Ayhan and Insect / As for the emotional life of the artist Burak, it is linked to a great love story with the Turkish artist Ozghe Ozbirincji, and they participated together in more than one artistic work, including the Ramadan Tatar series and the new series If I had a mind That shares the championship in action .