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Rami Narin new series

Rami’s beginning was not very far, as he participated in only four works. Rami Narin started acting in 2018. His first role was “Valid” in the series Don’t Cry Mom, Aglama Anne (My Mom Crying) Lives in high school for one night love for fun at night, Zeynep will suffer for many years after that. Elif will get pregnant that night and will not want to have the baby

Series Don’t Cry Mommy

It is a Turkish series that has a family and dramatic character at the same time. Discusses motherhood issues and struggles. Where the events of the series revolve around Elif, who seeks to eliminate her young son as soon as she learns of her pregnancy. Therefore, the argument is that Zainab, the heroine of the series, Do not cry, my mother, will suffer for several years as a result of her mother, Elif.

One day, as soon as Elif learns of her pregnancy, she gets nervous in a huge way. It categorically rejects that, just as it seeks by various means to eliminate the boy and abort him quickly. And when Elif begins to abort her young son. An outside agent intervenes at the last moment to rescue Elif and her daughter from perdition, so Zainab is written to come to that life.

After a while, Elif Zainab gives birth, and from here begins the large number of stories and struggles that both Elif and Zainab will face. But Zainab, for many reasons, is far from her parents, Adnan and Elif. Damla undertakes to raise and adopt Zainab.

Elif suffered for 18 years in prison, but at the same time Damla sacrificed her whole life to raise Zainab in the best way. However, in the wake of Elif’s departure from prison due to her good behavior and her biography. The events of the series deteriorate in a sudden direction.

His role in the series “The Story of an Island”

Rami Narin co-starred in the series Hekayat Jazeera, as Elbe Navrouz’s best friend. He works with the father and appears next to him and he is loved by a girl who works in a cafe, but he is not interested in her. Although his role is secondary, but he attracted a lot of attention. Alp Navrouz participates in his series. To learn more about Elbe Navruz, the shining star who starred in a number of series, read the following article.

The events of the series, Island Novel Episode 2, revolve around June, played by the Turkish actress, Aisha Turan, an ambitious girl who seeks to acquire improvement by all means, and her boss asks her in the effort to go to the island and find data about the man who refuses to sell his land and hinders the growth of the island. June goes to the island and meets Poyraz, whose role is played by the singer Alpe Navrouz. Poyraz seeks to expel her, as their relationship begins to stress from the first moment. During that time, June collects all the data that its president needs in the effort regarding Poyraz. Rather, the ship misses the matter, which hinders it from traveling to Istanbul to Istanbul, so it is forced to stay on the island when the ship misses. During this, Jun realizes that her boss has deceived her and that she has inflicted harm on Poyraz for no purpose. Determined to repair the damage she has caused, she goes to Poyraz and offers him an offer.

Furkan in a new life series

A Modern Life (Turkish: Yeni Hayat) is a Turkish drama, romance, and action television series. The bulk of it was released on September 3, 2020, by Ogo Pictures, directed by Basak Soysal and Jim Ozodoro, and written by Elif Osman, Sardar Swedan, Deniz Buyukirli. The series concluded in the ninth episode, which was released on October 29, 2020.

The events of the story take place in the wake of the departure of Captain Adam Shaheen, the groups of Turkish soldiers assigned to them. And his work as a bodyguard for the wife of wealthy and hard-working businessman Timur Karatan Mrs. Yasemin. Regardless of Jasmine and Adam’s alienation from each other, the few in the opening, rather, hatred changes into a deprived love.

The events begin with Adam isolated from the assigned groups of soldiers. It opened the doors of a modern life for the joyful little family that Adam formed with his wife Nevin and their tiny daughter Ege. The only thing Adam should do is guard Jasmine, the young consort of Timur, a wealthy and fierce practitioner.

In the wake of the multitude of activities joined by Adam who had been in the formerly specialized groups of soldiers, that function was of ease with respect to him. Adam and Jasmine who are from two different worlds at all, first get closer to each other one day. But soon that hatred changes into an impossible love story. In order for them to be together, this will require the disruption of Adam’s marriage on the one hand, and on the other hand, the wrath of Jasmine’s consort will turn towards them, who is a man with the purpose of cruelty and prostitution. And love is a feeling that feeds on the impossible.

Adam and Jasmine cannot conquer that love despite all their efforts. As for Nevin, Adam’s wife, she is forced to explore which domain she can go to in order not to lose her partner and protect her family… What will happen, when he is a married man and Jasmine is a married woman? Will the series of unauthorized love be repeated?