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Turkish actress Nilbury Sahinkaya started her first work through her role in the series “Star of the Sea” in 2010, but her most important role was the starring role in the series “Over Time” which was produced in the same year 2010 and it was filmed in Istanbul and is considered the beginning of its launch and popularity She also presented a group of successful plays and series and her artistic work has continued and is still so far Nilperi Şahinkaya
Nilperi’s real start was through the series “Over the Time”, in which she performed one of the main roles, and during filming she moved to live in Istanbul Nilperi Şahinkaya.

Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki

It is a Turkish dramatic television series produced in the year 2010, starring Arkan in Tikkia and Aija Banjul, written by Kuzkin Ermak and directed by Zeynep Junay. Şahinkaya Ali Akarsu works as a captain and travels a lot for long periods away from his wife and children, and there by stranger he meets a woman named Caroline who falls in love with her and tries to control him and asks him to abandon his wife Jamila and children, and the internal conflict begins between Ali’s love for his wife and children and his love for Caroline Nilperi Şahinkaya.

Two main characters then presented in the famous series “Kayip” the story of the Kayip series about Mrs. Laila, her husband, her daughter and her son Karam who pretend in front of people that they are a happy, very perfect, rich and well-known family. Laila and her husband love to do charity and donate to children and in Tonight, Karam is at home, and an unknown gang intervenes in the house that kidnaps Karam and then informs the police of his disappearance, so the retired policeman has to return to work, and the kidnapping case begins to grow and the events become more mysterious until the policeman finds the kidnapped’s generosity.

Enver, Ilker Kaleli, In 2014, she starred in the successful youth series “Kiraz Mevsimi”. The story revolves around Oiko (Veton), a girl who lives with her mother and her brother in a modest, popular neighborhood and admires her childhood friend Mattah (Majd), but he does not care about her Nilperi Şahinkaya.

One day, when she was stopping the taxi, she met Ayaz (Ayad), the handsome young man, son of Mrs. Onem (Raneem), the owner of the fashion house, which Veton always dreamed of working for Nilperi Şahinkaya as a fashion designer. For the imagination with a group of their friends Matta (Majd), who loves Shaima (Rayma), so she gets pregnant from him and gives birth to her fetus. She is his sister and her lover Ameerah (Amir) who comes from the simple class and lives with his grandmother Nilperi Şahinkaya and Sibel (Sirin) and her husband Ilker (Marwan) who always pursues women and ends the second part upon the marriage of Oiko and Nilperi Şahinkaya.

Deniz Yıldızı series in 2010

She won the title role in the series “Through the Time” in 2010 Nielsen
She presented the series entitled “The Missing”, a popular Turkish series in which she embodied two main characters, Nilperi Şahinkaya.
In 2014 she starred in the hit series “Cherry Season” Nilperi Şahinkaya
In 2014, she participated in the series Nilperi Şahinkaya called “Az Keraz Memesimi”
In 2015 she participated in the series “Please Part” Nilperi Şahinkaya
She presented the series “This City Is Chasing You” in 2017, Nilperi Şahinkaya
She recently participated in a role in the series “The King” Nilperi Şahinkaya

Nilbury Sahinkaya plays

The play Nilperi Şahinkaya who is afraid of guilt
Play “Please do not split” Nilperi Şahinkaya
Play “This city returns from the future” Nilperi Şahinkaya

The role of Nilbury Sahinkaya in the series “Over the Time”

“Over the Time” is a Turkish television drama series that was produced in 2010. The series revolves around the period of political unrest in 1967 and the occurrence of many events that affected the country during this period of time. The hero works as a captain, and the nature of his work makes him travel and travel. He gets away from his family and children a lot, and from here he gets to know Caroline during his travels and falls into a love affair with her and tries to control him and convince him to move away and leave his wife and start the conflict between his love for his wife and children and Caroline, whom he loved so much,

The Turkish actor Arkan of Tekkia, who embodies the role of the hero Captain Ali Akarsu, the Turkish actress Aija Banjul who embodied a beautiful character, the actress Nilbury Sahinkaya who embodied the character of Marwa, the actor Muhammad Gorhan, who played the role of Kemal Akarson, the actress Farah Zainab Abdullah who embodied the role of Eileen Akarsu Actor Aras Bolot Enemli, who played the role of Majd Akarsu, actress Wilma Ellis who embodied the character of Caroline, was filmed in Istanbul, and the series was written by Joshkun Ermak and directed by Zeynep Junay Tan, and the series achieved great success and great fame for all the artists who participated in it Nilperi Şahinkaya.

Nilbury Sahinkaya in the series Kiraz Mevsimi

Kiraz Mevsimi is a Turkish drama series presented by a group of young artists and filmed in Istanbul. The story of the series revolves around a girl named “Foton” who lives with her family in a modest, popular neighborhood. She loved her friend called Majd, but he did not give her any attention. The son of a woman who works as a fashion designer and owner of a fashion house. Foton always wished to work as a fashion designer with her. Iyad falls in love with Foton and they live together in many funny situations.

As for Majd, he established a relationship with Shaima, whose personality is embodied by actress Nilbury Sahinkaya and who bears from him illegally and aborts the fetus, the events follow and the conflict begins, and the starring actress Nilbury Sahinkaya, who embodied the role of Shaima, the actor Serkan Shaioglu who embodies the role of Iyad, the actress Ozge Gorilla who She played the role of Veton, the actor Aras Aiden who embodied the role of his order, the actor Daghan Kulkaj who embodied the character Majd, the actor Atila Saral who played the role of Muhammad Kareli and others Nilperi Şahinkaya.

Nilbury Sahinkaya in Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek

Bu ehir Arkandan Gelecek is a Turkish drama series that was produced in 2017 and begins with a young child who suffers an accident when his father kills his mother in front of him on a ship carrying cargo, and from here a chef on the ship takes care of him and grows up and becomes a boxer and then returns to Istanbul with the chef who He raised him in order to introduce him to his real father, and from here he gets to know a girl named Deren, whose character embodies the star Nilperi and changes his life in the city, and the shocking events and surprises follow and he participates in the series starring young actor Karam Bursin, actress Leila Lydia Togutlu, actor Gorkan Uygun, who is written by Ija Nilperi Şahinkaya

The Turkish actress Nilperi ahinkaya still offers us the best successful roles, as she is a comprehensive artist who deserves all appreciation for the wonderful personalities she embodied during her artistic career and distinguished roles that greatly helped her fame, popularity and many followers Nilperi Şahinkaya

Nilperi Şahinkaya in the series Kayip

Nilperi Şahinkaya presented two main characters in this series, which revolves around a woman named Laila and her husband, son and daughter living together and pretending to be a happy and ideal family, and they are very rich and distinguished by their love for good work. Reporting to the police about the incident and thus the kidnapping issue grows and the events unfold and take on a suspenseful character and co-starring actor Matti Horuzoglu, actor Asli Enver, actress Ilker Kaleli and others Nilperi Şahinkaya

Nilperi Şahinkaya in the series N’Olur Ayrılalım

Nilperi Şahinkaya participated in the series N’Olur Ayrılalım in 2015, and the story revolves around a young man who works as a TV director who gets to know girls and whenever he leaves a girl and leaves her, she marries someone else. She enters into an emotional relationship with him so that their relationship ends and he leaves her, so she goes and marries the director she loves, and the events follow.