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Serra Aritürk begins with artistic work

It started with artistic appearances through the Talent Program but did not last much, after finishing high school at Denizatı Anatolian Private High School, the famous name of Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University won. Arıtürk, who continues his life in the Kadıköy district of Istanbul, continues to study song on the one hand.

Serra Arıtürk, who is best known for various covers, then released a piece titled I Know Myself in 2019. Serra Aritürk, a fan of Amy Winehouse, has expressed this in every interview.

Serra Aritürk is a first-time champion

Sera made her debut with the series “Recipe of Love”, the production company NEW SERIES: NTC Media. Producer: Mehmed Yigit Alp. Director: Denise Kolosh. Text: Doruk Eringul, Lily Otter. Acting agent / director. 2 What is the story of the series Love Recipes?

The filming of the main actors of the series A recipes; kın has been announced in the near future. So who is the A; kın team member, so obviously what’s going on? When does the secret of love begin and on which channel? Here are the details of the newborn’s knee. The main male and female actors of A Series announced; kın Recipe that they will soon meet her fans. Deniz Kolosh is the director of the A Series; kın Recipe produced by NTC Media and Mehmet Yigit Alp, and Persil Cekinci is the creative producer of the project. The scripts for this series were written by Laila Otter and Doruk Eringul.

Serra Aritürk’s recipe for love series

Wassef Al-Hob story is one of the latest Turkish dramas and is expected to be shown soon. Passionate love story recipes for the summer of 2021. Turkish drama gets used to us every summer, and we produce a lot of interesting Turkish dramas every year. On the series’ list there is Ashkin Tarifi’s “Prescription for Love”. Deniz Klush, the hero of the “Love Cookbook” series of Kadir Doglu and Sera Aretork Competition, is the director of Series A; kın Recipe produced by NTC Media and Mehmet Yigit Alp. Persil Skingie is the creative producer of the project. A series of topics written by Leila Otter and Doruk Eringul.

His story revolves around the frat of a cook who facilitates roasting meat and wants to study for a PhD. Love that changed the fate of his life is a lesson. Frat set off on the journey in frustration, then escorted him to a French restaurant. Frat does well in French cuisine and has always been satisfied with his cravings. Additionally, he also has a sincere love for Naz Swiler over dinner. By amalgamating Eastern and Western food, Frat Chef’s great nutritional awareness is that there is no longer a separate love recipe.