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Merve Sevin

Actress Merve Sevin beginning and artistic career

Merve Sevin, a beautiful young star with green eyes and yellow hair, who managed to kidnap the hearts of her spectators. From the first appearance on the screen of her natural beauty, grace, and striking elegance.

She excelled in acting performance and her natural talent. She began her career in acting since 2014. Her first appearance on the screen was through the Turkish series Yalancı Yarim.

She achieved great and famous success from her first artistic work, and she participated in the Turkish series Barı contest. Akarsu. Then I participated in a Turkish series I renew under the title Shoulder to Shoulder and Life Sciences, which is a youth series, and the series received a high rate of visibility and a huge crowd victory in Turkey.

And from that series, Merve Sevin was able to get her first absolute roles in artistic works, and she contributed in many works between Turkish dramas, films and plays, which made great luck during them.

Series starring, this is my story

The Turkish star, Merve Sevin, contributes to a major role in the new Turkish series, That’s My Story, which began its episodes in January 2021 on one of the Turkish electronic platforms.

She is embodied by the well-known Turkish singer Elena Teleki. The series is represented by the role of the daughter of all her dream in life to become a famous artist. But she is afraid to get on stage. The crowd meets, but in her life she encounters many situations. And the difficulties that she faced in her lifetime to reach the world of fame and education.

A large group of artists, including the Turkish singer Alina Telki – Hassan Kanansen – Merve Sevin – Göksun Buyuk Kahraman – Soud Odonzo – Gulce Kanturk – Faruk Aran – Nefra Cerezli – Emre Honer – Eiji Gonulal and other artists contribute to the competition of the series, That My Story.

For knowledge from Murphy’s TV work:

2004 She made her debut in the series shoulder to shoulder
2006 presented a series under the title Layar Yarim
2007, participated in the series The Man of the Mountainous regions
2008 she participated in the series “Life is Beautiful.”
2010 presented a series under the title Betrayal
2011 – Participated in the Izmir Gang series – Spring of the Liar series
2012 Series presented on the My Soul range
2015, she participated in the series Life is Pregnant with Miracles
2021 I contributed to the series That My Story

Merve Sevin’s series, movies and TV shows

2004 She presented two films, a work by lker Karamyo – and a film work by lker Esim Eran.
2009, contributed to a short film work under the title Game.
2010 presented a work under the title Our Lord.
2014 she contributed to the cinematic work of Gulsimal.
2015 presented a cinematic work under the title Journey of Greetings 2 to Spring.
2016, she appeared in the cinematic work of Children of Satan, Ibiz
2019, she contributed to the cinematic work The Death of Al-Jusman
2020 contributed to the cinematic work I Point Ali

Now we have a reasonable list of her works:

Among her most famous works is also information about life. It is a Turkish youth comedy drama series. His story revolves around a girl whose father and mother die in the accident. And they leave her brother younger than her. She was subjected to multiple cruelty from the many people around. Among them was her schoolmate, who stood on his feet by slapping her younger brother in the face. Merve Sevi left school and the decision was made to travel and continue her studies at a newer residence, so she goes and resides with her brother in Istanbul and joins the high school there and begins there a modern life and new classmates and education in a better and better way, because she favors education in terms of comprehension and education . And she would love to study and be one of the first students in her school.