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2012 was the first appearance of the artist Serai through the dramatic work Peace Street, and her secondary role in the series, from 2014 – 2016 she participated in the series My husband’s family – and the smile is enough, and this series was her first starring, 2019 presented the series Turks Coming: Saif Al-Adalah As Maria, in 2020, she appeared in the series A Woman and is best known for the role of Sherine in this series.
Actress Serai was able to prove her talent as an artist, and she was stuck in the public’s minds and knowledge of her through her works and influential roles, and she became one of the distinguished talented young stars and her status among the stars in Turkey.

Sherine in the series A Woman – Kadın

It is a Turkish series based on its story from the series of women in Japan, which is a social drama series consisting of 3 seasons and ended its showing in Turkey on February 4, 2020, the series directed by Nadim Gooch and writing the script Hande Altaylı, and starring a large group of stars, including Serai Kaya – Kanir Sindoruk – Fayyad Doman – Ali Smif – Kubra suzgun – Özge Özpirinçci – Bennu Yildirimlar.

His events revolve around the character of Bahar, who is a beautiful woman in her thirties, that woman who faces the difficulties of life alone and bears many difficult responsibilities. Bahar leaves her mother and she is a child and goes with her husband’s friend to marry him and she has a half-sister, Sherine, and she lived with Her father and grandmother did not complete her education.

She bears the responsibility of an entire family, as she is a widow woman and she has two children, Nissan and Doruk, her husband Serb dies, and after 4 years she finds herself Bahar, she cannot pay the rent of the house in which she is present with her children and accumulates debts on her and works in many different small jobs But she cannot assume those responsibilities.

She is expelled from the residence and continues to search for another place to find herself in one of the lowest neighborhoods in Istanbul, a neighborhood where most of its residents are thugs and people with bad morals. She meets Bahar Ali Aref, who is the owner of the house in which Bahar resides with her children and owns a café, with passing Time relates to Bahar’s
Her children consider him a cap for them, Bahar tries to hide the state of fear and anxiety in which she lives by narrating stories about their father and their love story for each other

And she seeks help from a government institution to receive a subsidy that helps her with the expenses and shows the character of Gala, who has an impact in the upcoming events of the series.

Seray Kaya in the series, it is enough for you to smile

It is a Turkish series of romantic comedy drama adapted from a Korean series called Smiley, the series starring Seray Kaya – Pamir Pekin – Asli Bakiroglu – Erdal Özyağcılar – Yılmaz Kunt – Erkan Sever.
The story of the series revolves around the girl Yasmine is the second daughter of her family and her family is rich. Her father works as a big businessman, but her father has lost all his wealth and has declared bankruptcy and is imprisoned in cases. On her wedding day, her husband leaves her after the end of the marriage ceremony when he knows what happened to her father, and she is forced Yasmine can go to the house of the driver, who has been working with her father for many years, to stay with him, and Yasmine resides among popular families and a life completely different from her life that she was living.
Many problems start between them and his grandson named Jan, who lives with him and he works in the meat business like his father, and Jan used to love a girl named Zainab but she does not know, with the passage of time Jasmine relates to him and loves him, but his love for Zainab finally wins And associated with it in the last events of the series.

Seray Kaya new series
Seray Kaya new series