the story of the series 9 Oğuz

The story of the series 9 Oğuz

the stars and the story of the series 9 Oğuz,

the new military series. For Fox Channel. Let’s find out more information about his story and heroes and a lot of information about the name of the hero and heroine and the role of each
character in series 9 Oğuz.

Information about the series 9 Oğuz

We are in the process of a new military series of the epic action-drama
genre. The 9 Oguz series is one of the new series that talks about 9 of the
most famous soldiers in Turkey. The series is produced by Gold Film for

Many actors were offered work, including actress Denise Ishin,
who immediately agreed to work. This series is by the writer of the Warrior
series “Süleyman Çopanoğlu”.

The story of the series 9 Oğuz

The training began for the series “The Nine Oghuz”, where actress
Yasmine Elaine published a picture of her during her training in the use of
weapons for her role in the series.

The role of Yasmine Elaine in
the series is a strong return for her after an absence of a period of time.
You will play Tomris Alpay, Colonel General, a high-ranking military rank.
From the ranks of the officers of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

Names of the heroes of the series 9 Oğuz

Denise Ishin, Jasmine Elaine, and Clobay Aka. Actor Dagan Kolcaç also
joined the character of Arjan Korkut. Many actors were offered work, including
actress Denise Ishin, who immediately agreed to work. This series is by the
writer of the Warrior series “Süleyman Çopanoğlu”.

The date of the series 9 Oğuz

Preparations have begun for the Oghuz Nine Military Series by writer
Suleiman Chobanoglu. This series will be shown on Fox Channel next season.
Filming for the series will begin on November 20 after the cast and crew have
completed extensive training.

The first to join the crew was
Kubilay Aka as the Captain nicknamed The Dark. Jasmine Elaine as Colonel
Tomris. Tuncer Salman as the evil character.

The name of the hero of the series 9 Oğuz

The captain nicknamed The Dark is the actor Kubilai Aka.

Although he began his career working in one of the well-known private airports, but he
did not give up hope to realize his dream as an actor, until an advertising
office called him, and gave him his first role (Ali Kamal) in the series (You
are my homeland), the historical and romantic drama series, and appeared in
front of Senior Turkish artists such as Halit Ergenec and Bergüzar Korel, and
with a group of young people including Buran Kuzum, Pinar Deniz and his
girlfriend Mireille Daner and Onur Saylak.

heroine of the series 9 Oğuz

Actress Jasmine Elaine will star as Colonel Tomris. Young Turkish
actress, Yasmin Alin, born on July 10, 1989, is 31 years old, and her
astrological sign is Cancer. She was born in the United Kingdom in London in
particular, she holds English-Turkish citizenship, and her father is English,
Dudley Allen. Her mother is the English actress and singer Sonia Edy, who was
known as Suna Yildizoglu, after her marriage to actor Keihan Yildizoglu in

Therefore, she holds Turkish citizenship, and this in turn
made Yasmine hold dual citizenship, which is English-Turkish. She went with
her mother to Australia after the end of her primary school and took film,
television and drama courses there. She returned to Turkey when she was 18
years old and worked in the field of acting and obtained a degree in theater
studies from the famous Mogda Jizan Academy of Arts in Turkey, she was
associated with the actor Onur Tuna, but they broke up.

Actress Denise Ishin co-stars in the military series. To be this role and that first
military figure for her during her acting career.