Hakim Ziyech

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The attacking football player Hakim Ziyech is the star of the English Premier League and Chelsea FC. A player who plays with skill that qualifies him to play in any offensive position. He has a lot of high dribbling and speed skills that made him play in any winger position. Hakim Ziyech We collected for you a lot of information about him How old is he? who is he?
What is his religion Christian or Muslim? About his origin and family. Is Hakim Ziyech married or not? And who is his girlfriend? Does he have any children? His goals, matches played and many secrets and news you would love to know about Hakim Ziyech.

About Hakim Ziyech

One of the football stars of the Moroccan national football team and Chelsea FC. At the age of 14, Ziyech left his home and joined the Heerenveen Academy and is at the responsibility of his mother, who supports 9 children who live through social donations and unemployment compensation.

Fortunately for him, he was talented in football and met professional Moroccan player Aziz Zulfikar. “He took my hand and showed me the way, locking the huge void left by my parents’ departure from life,” Ziyech says.

How old is Hakim Ziyech?

Hakim Ziyech’s age in 2023 is 30 years old. Where he was born on March 19, 1993. in the city of Dronten, the Netherlands. Although he is Moroccan, with a Moroccan father and mother, he lived in the Netherlands and holds Dutch and Moroccan citizenship as well.

What is the religion of Hakim Ziyech?

His religion is Muslim. His nationality is Moroccan and Dutch.

Hakim Ziyech in French

His name in French is Hakim Ziyech.

Where was Hakim Ziyech born?

He was born in the Netherlands, in the city of Dronten. Growing up in Dronten, Ziyech was just five years old when he started playing street football alongside his older brothers, who were excellent street footballers at the time.

How tall is Hakim Ziyech?

Hakim Ziyech Skill Play is 180 cm tall.

What are the origins of Hakim Ziyech?

Our superstar Hakim Ziyech is of Moroccan descent. He is the fourth Arab player to win the Champions League. Hakim Ziyech was born on the 19th day of March 19 in Dronten, the Netherlands. The little boy was among nine children born to his Moroccan mother and Dutch father. Young Ziyech grew up in his birthplace in Dronten, alongside his older brother Faouzi Ziyech.

Who is Hakim Ziyech’s Girlfriend?

Hakim Ziyech’s sweetheart is “aja narie”. Although the player is wise, he does not like to interfere with his personal life. He did not confirm his relationship and did not produce any reaction about the nature of his relationship with her, but they are always with them in the videos and on the communication sites.

aja narie is one of the popular girls on social media. She publishes videos of her in which she advises her followers how to care for skin and beauty.

Aja appeared on Snapchat announcing her pregnancy from Hakim Ziyech. This news sparked a great deal of controversy among the player’s followers. Where the player remained silent and did not provide any statement for this rumor.

Hakim Ziyech’s family and his father

The athlete was born in a poor family among 8 other brothers before losing his father, who suffered for a long time with illness, until he died at the age of ten, and the athlete tells about that period, saying: “Since I became aware, my father struggles with fatigue, this has destroyed me greatly and greatly affected the psyche of a boy A young man at such a young age, before death finally stole him, leaving a wound that did not disappear easily.

The struggle of the Moroccan athlete did not stop there. Because of poverty and the bad environment, two of his brothers were imprisoned on charges of armed robbery and theft. The responsibility of his deceased mother, her husband, was difficult with the company of 9 children in a poor neighborhood.

How many goals Zyash Hakim?

Ziyech has a plentiful number of goals and decisive passes in various tournaments, as he enjoys a highly professional grip on the ball, and the 2018/2019 season is completely calculated for him, as he was able to display his skills to the whole world with his club Ajax, through the Champions League competitions, which removed Including the title champion, Real Madrid, and the other candidate, Juventus, as he managed to put a foot in the final after his return with a precious victory from England at the expense of Tottenham.

Number of goals since he started playing

Goals with Hirvin 11 goals
With Twenty 30 goals
The goals with Ajax are 38 goals
With Chelsea, the number of goals in 2022 reached 6
As for the Moroccan national team, 17 goals.

Will Ziyech play with the Moroccan national team?

As usual, Ziyech refuses to learn from the mistakes of the past, as he recently came out with a provocative statement that his aspirations have become greater than what he is currently, and expressed his decision to leave the Netherlands and engage in a modern professional endeavor in one of the major European leagues, and so it became clear that the seasons Hakim Ziyech was able to move to the English Premier League, specifically to the Chelsea team.

The new coach of the Moroccan national team, Walid Regraki, announced his first list with the “Moroccan national football team”, and the list witnessed the return of Chelsea striker Hakim Ziyech and Younes Belhanda, the Turkish player of Adanaspor, with the addition of two players for their first arrival with the team that is preparing to contribute to the Cup world 2022.