The story of the series after the fire story, heroes, show dates


The story of the series after the fire and a full report on your story and information about the heroes and the dates of the show and channel models for the show, but all the spreads of the Turkish serials and the new collection we report to you about the show the new frequency and after the fire and other details about the show and collection of images for the show and the heroes of its participants.

After-Fire series and a lot of information

Screenwriter: Bork Gorgon toptash
Directed by Ahmed kattekze
The show is from Limon Film.
The names of the heroes of the After-Fire series.
Dimitri evgar.
Hazar ergotchlo.
Parker Goffin.
Bahar Shahin.
The rest of the stars will be selected by the show’s task force.
Post-fire show schedule.

The post-fire series will soon be released in September 2021-2020 as a summer show and will continue beyond the summer months .

The story of After-Fire episode

Serial dirt after the fire taken from the series a French dessert of the same name, La base de la Charite and was took the idea and borrowed and translated into Turkish drama by Netflix the famous French .
And the series deals with many different themes and caste differences in society and the place of women and their importance in the community and the story revolves around 3 characters women’s fiction .

A massive fire is being organized in a city with the aim of raising money and donations as a result of this accident, resulting in the death of 120 women .
And it is survival of the 3 female characters only from the fire after they infected many of the shocks and injuries with the presence of moving stories and interesting within the show and what you learn don’t these ladies problems and difficulties in their lives and are unable to face these problems after being exposed to this fire and the injury that they don’t or they will not surrender to the circumstances of their cruel, all this figure out of the follow-up to the events of the show exciting and interesting .

About the heroes of After-Fire series

Actor Berker Güven

He is a Turkish artist and actor. He was born in the region of Izmir, Turkey in 1994 and is a Turkish national. 

He graduated from Bilgi University in the Department of Film and Television.
Actor Berker began acting for the first time through the university theater and his artistic career 
in 2017 and was through his appearance in the film My Father And he
participated in the tournament with the brightest stars, including
actress Melissa Senolson – Chetin Tekindor and others.
he participated in the series “You Baladi” Çetin Tekindor in the role
of Alexei and also the series “The Dark Istanbul”, in 2020 he
participated in the series Pleasant B Chat, and although his acting
beginnings soon, he was able to prove his talent in acting and became
one of the famous stars in Turkey and praised With much talent, he won
Azerbaijan Fellowship Awards for Best Dramatic Actor .

Bahar Shaheen as Alevler

She’s an artist and a representative of the Turkish talent was born in Ankara, Turkey, 1997 in the year 2015 was the first work of art and has participated in the animated TV series O Hayat Benim without a championship, then participated in the television series My travelling companion C 1 and C 2, then appeared in the series High School Patrol no Servet, but the starting and famous its Real came from through the serial Zalim Istanbul and won me impress a lot of audience and critics and made its name known and famous among the stars in Turkey .

Actress Hazar Ergüçlü

She is a Turkish Cypriot artist, born in 1992 in the city of Nicosia, North Cyprus, and her nationality is from the Turkish Cypriots, and began her artistic career since 2010. Her father works as a journalist and her mother works as a broadcaster in a TV channel. Actress Hazar graduated from Haliç University. The theater department joined some forums in Turkey, including Suretler, Açlığa Doymak.

Actress Hazar has participated in many artistic works from series and movies, including Rüya Gibi – Cosi Goni
Medcezir – Analar ve Anneler – Yüksek Sosyete – Hayat Serlari – Dudullu Postası – The Hami – Mallorca Files – Muhannad Odeh – the series “Mud and Islands”.
And the films that Hazar participated in, such as Gölgeler ve Suretler – Açlığa Doymak – Benim Dünyam – Balik – Dar Al-Biz – Analyst – Kar – Ahlat Ağacı – Herşey Seninle Güzel. Actress Hazar won a number of awards during her artistic career, such as the Siyad Award and the Prize Adana Festival.

Actress Demet Evgar

Actress Demet Evgar was born in 1980 in Manisa and her family is from Othmani Albanian Muslim immigrated from Thessaloniki, which today is part of Greece, and her brother is the well-known Turkish director Yi Evit Evgar, she started acting in the university theater and was 17 years old at the time and participated in Ray Cooney’s How How Dad and How Many Games Actress Hazar graduated from Istanbul University.

Her artistic career began in 2000 until now. She participated in the comedy series “1 Woman, 1 Man” in Season 8 of the series, and then participated in the series “Cara Fatima” and then participated in the Sensin series and participated in many artistic works of series, films and Plays, including the series Number Seven – Original and Generous – Sweet Life – Don’t Destroy – Çınaraltı – All My Children – My Country Leader – Men Don’t Cry – You Are My Country – Courtyard.
As for the cinematic films of the artist Hazar, she has co-starred in many films, including Hammam – Baeza Women
I saw the sun – oh my patty – wow dude – you light up the night – it doesn’t make sense – Bad Cat erafettin – among the family – the secrets of the schedule – no need to love the eyes.
In addition to drama and cinema, the actress Demet participated in many plays as well, including the play The Users and the Takeists – He lost the Women’s War – The Circle of Love – The Night Season – Anna Karenina – Ayşegül in India – 39 steps – the curmudgeon – Macbeth – King Lear – Cocoons – this Gabler.
She has also participated in writing and authoring a number of Kılçık Theater and Kenter plays, in addition to learning the art of music and singing, so she founded a group called “Takanlar ve Takılar” and “Ayşegül for rock musicians.”
Actress Demet won more than one award during her artistic career, in 2005 she won the Afife Theater Awards tenth place as best actress during the year, also the Sadri Alışık Awards as Best Supporting Actress Night Season Season in addition to the Lions Awards as Best Supporting Actress, also in 2010 she got Ali was awarded the Actress of the Year during the 8th Theater Awards.

The story of the series after the fire