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Firat Tanis religion, age, wife, series and bio

Firat Tanis his religion, age, wife, height, weight, nationality, his most important artworks, his love life, his marriage, and all his information in a complete and detailed report about him. Firat Tanis “Yousef” in the series Mirna and Khalil is one of the best stars of Turkish drama in the country Al Arabi, after the Mirna and Khalil series received a large number of views in a large number of Arab countries, and Tanis excelled in presenting the role of Russell in the Samar series, and presented an important and distinctive role in the series Bride of Istanbul, which was later translated into the series Bride of Beirut, Through this report, we will get acquainted with all the information about Firat Tanis, and we will learn about the most important roles that he participated in in Turkish series during his artistic career.

Information about Firat Tanis

Date of Birth: May – 05 – 1975, Astrological Sign: Taurus, Place of Birth: Istanbul – Turkey, Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim, years of activity: 1995-present.

Occupation: Actor – writer – song distributor, educational qualification, graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in 1998, hair color: black, eye color: black, marital status: married, wife: Cobra Tanis – married in 2014. Age in 2020: 45 years, Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 kg.

The life story of Firat Tanis

Firat Tanis is a star of Turkish drama, who starred in a large number of roles that he presented during his artistic career, which is full of important works. The star Firat was born on the fifth day of May 1975, and he is now only 45 years old. He lived in it all his life, but wanted it to be the first stop for his success and his appearance among the public.

Firat Tanis was known for his talent since he was in school, he was participating in a large number of school plays and was admired by the teachers in the school, and even won the award for best actor when he was only fifteen years old, and during high school, he began participating in short roles in a number of plays In Istanbul, Firat continued to develop his talent, until he was able to get his real appearance in 1995, through his first role in a comedy series, and Tanis excelled in presenting comedy without resorting to artificial wit.

About Firat Tanis

Despite being a first-class actor, Firat was not satisfied with his acting talent. In 1990, when Tanis was only fifteen years old, he was able to compose more than one piece of music, and even learned to play more than one instrument, and won a large number of Awards, until he was able to join the Conservatoire and graduate from it in 1998, and due to his great talent, he was able to practice music and get awards while he was in college and before graduation, and besides music, it is known that Firat Tanis is one of the distinguished writers in the field of drama. It made him shine in the field of writing besides acting and music.

His acting debut is Firat Tanis

Before graduating from the Higher Institute of the Conservatoire, and after several plays that he presented at the famous Istanbul theater, he managed to get his first role in the comedy series “Radio Madeo” on Channel Six in 1995. Gaining the appreciation of the public and critics through his role in the series, and after several years he was able to present his first professional work in 2002 through the series Yeditepe Istanbul, and from this moment the appearance of Firat Tanis gives weight to any artistic work, whether dramatic or otherwise.

Firat Tanis and his wife

The star Firat Tanis announced his marriage for the first time to the well-known singer Gulay Caesar, and after several years of love the duo announced their separation without giving any reasons, and in 2014, the artist announced his marriage again to Cobra Tanis, from whom he gave birth to his daughter, and the star lives a love story Kabir with his wife and they are considered one of the most important and most beautiful duets of Turkish drama, and they also try as much as possible to stay away from the media and keep secret about their family relationship.

Firat Tanis
Firat Tanis

Firat Tanis films and works

As was his creativity in drama and theater, Firat Tanis had a number of cinematic creations, after which he was able to obtain a large number of awards. After appearing in a number of dramas, he got his first role in the cinema in 2002 through the movie “The Master of Children.” The film was a great success at the time of its release, and Furat won the award for the best new face for his role in the film, and in 2016 he appeared during the events of the famous movie “The Blue Night”, which achieved the desired success after its release.

Awards won by Firat Tanis

During his artistic career, Tanis presented a large number of successful Turkish dramas and films, which made him one of the most important representatives of Turkish drama in the current period, and due to his great mastery in presenting his roles, he was able to obtain several awards during his artistic career, as follows:

In 2009, he received the Ismail Doblo Award for his role in the series Geniş Aile, in which he presented the most famous character of all time, Koyu Bilal.
In 2008 he won the Best Actor Award at the Abicol Festival.
During his artistic debut in 2002, due to his great talent, Furat won the Best Promising Actor Award for his role in the film The Master of Children, which was credited with his strong appearance on the artistic scene.

Firat Tanis in the series Bride of Istanbul

The Istanbul Bride series is one of the most famous Turkish series that was shown in 2017, and Firat played an important role during the events of the series, which was later Arabized with the help of Arab drama stars, and despite the presence of a large number of Arab drama stars, the Turkish version remained the same. Even after several years of its presentation, the events of the series revolve around a girl from Istanbul who falls in love with a young man from a large family to get married, and then the girl moves to live among her husband’s family, and tries as much as possible to obtain the approval of his family, but his mother tries to keep her away from her son. Tanis played an important role during the events of the series, which he managed to gain the admiration of the audience through.

Series Firat Tanis

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