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Turkish actor Baran Bölükbasi is a handsome actor with many talents, the first of which is acting, which made him a star. And then the music he loves. Let’s get acquainted together with the star Baran Bölükbasi, who is co-starring in the series Bir Peri Masali, and remember his role in the series Wealth. Who is Baran Bulukbashi? What is his age and date of birth? What is his religion and is he Muslim or Christian? So much about his upbringing, education and family. And a lot about his artistic beginnings and his relationship to acting and music. It is his lover and more in the next article.

Who is Baran Bölükbasi?

Baran Bölükbasi is a Turkish actor who quickly appeared and the audience also saved him quickly. Baran Bölükbasi has not been late to gain reasonable fame in a short time. On the contrary, he is a professional actor who knows what he has to offer and presents it in the best possible way. This is what made him stick with viewers.

He started acting on stage, and quickly and without introductions, he started standing in front of cameras in television dramas. He is considered one of the actors who are taking rapid steps towards fame. To be among the list of the most important stars of Turkish drama and is always chosen to be among the heroes of any series.

Baran Bölükbasi’s birthday and age

Baran Bölükbasi was born on May 1, 1994. His age in 2023 is 29 years old. Baran was born in Istanbul, and after completing his pre-university education, he decided to study acting at Baykent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, acting department. After graduating, he began his acting career.

His religion, astrological sign, height and weight

Baran Bölükbasi His religion is Islam. His height is 175 cm and weight is 70 kg. His astrological sign is Taurus.

Baran Bölükbasi and his girlfriend and girlfriend

Baran Bullock Pasha has neither a girlfriend nor a lover. But he was in a relationship with actress “Ozgwa Kaya”.

Baran Bölükbasi
Baran Bölükbasi

Actor Baran Bullock Pasha series

Actor Baran Bulukpasha started in 2017 through the series “Adi Efsane” and played the role of Fikret in this series. Although the role is not big and the first for him, but he participated in the series from the first until the last episode and played his role as a professional.

In the same year, he played the character of Tolga in the series “Sevda’nin Bahçesi”, a work that combined social life, drama and romance, to put it in one pot to present with many events that usually lead to complexity, and it is one of the Turkish series presented by its director with a selection of heroes Turkish drama, is a social act with a romantic character that judges a love affair with separation due to selfishness or lack of knowledge.

In 2018, he played the role of Krokmaz in the Turkish series “The Fortune”, one of the most famous series in which Baran participated. And it made him more famous. Journalists began calling him a professional. Because he is distinguished in every role he has played since his first appearance.

In 2019 and 2020, he co-starred in the series “Vuslat”, a Turkish series produced by A23, written by Batul Yasaghan and directed by Murat Onbol, shown on TRT1 channel. Starring Kadir Doğlu.

series of Baran Polok Pasha

Among the works in which Baran participated and made him most famous was his role in the series “Ögrenci Evi” as Latif. Four college students from different regions of the country begin to live together and as they go through the hurdles of love and life, they turn into best friends who support each other.

He also co-starred in the series “Son Nefesime Kadar”, but the work did not last long on the screens. In 2022, it was shown starring Nurgul Yesilchay, Emre Kenai and Ertan Saban. The series is adapted from the British series Happy Valley.

His role in the series Bir Peri Masali

Baran plays Alp in the fairy tale series that premiered in October 2022. It is the story of a girl who dreams of getting rich and marrying a rich man to change her life. Baran plays the role of a young father who loves Zainab, but gets into trouble and chases because of her.

Instagram Baran Bulukbashi

Baran Polok Bashi has an Instagram account. And he constantly publishes pictures of him. He also has a dog that posts his pictures. Through these photos, we know that Baran loves music very much and that his relationship with his mother is very strong.

series of Baran Polok Pasha
series of Baran Polok Pasha