The story of gelecek uzun sürer – The future lasts long

Gelecek uzun sürer Gelecek uzun sürer, one of the Fox TV series. Turkish version of “Beverly Hills 90210” series. Let’s get to know the cast of gelecek uzun sürer and what is their story in detail.

What is the story of the series Gelecek uzun sürer?


Turkish series Gelecek Uzun Sürer is a new work for Fox. Its story is based on the Beverly Hills series 90210. 90210 is a teen drama series written by Rob Thomas, Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs, and the series “Beverly Hills 90210” is a franchise produced by Darren Star. 90210 is the first CBS series produced in the wake of its re-release, but this moment is produced by CBS television studios.

The series revolves around the Wilson family, along with other wealthy teenage students at the fictitious West Beverly Hills High School. Their father, Harry Wilson (Rob Estes) returns from Kansas to his childhood home in Beverly Hills with his family to take care of his mother, former TV star Tabitha Wilson (Heska Wilson), who has problems. Drinking. Annie and Dixon struggled to fit in with their modern lives as they made modern alms and respond to their parents’ demands. He stars in the 90210 original series and guest series honorees are Jenny Garth, Shannen Dorty, Tori Spelling and Bee’ah e Tata.

Who are the heroes of the series gelecek uzun sürer?

Stars in the series, which will be broadcast on Fox TV under the name The Future Lasts Long, interviews continue with the stars of the series as Aslihan Malbora and Mert Yazcioglu will give life to the twin brothers. In a short time, we will continue to add to our topic as the main characters and supporting characters of the series called “The Future Takes Long” become clear. Names on the Long Lasting Future Team:

The Future Takes A Long Time”, which will be produced by Ai Yabim, written by Damla Syrem and directed by Deniz Yorulmazer. Series such as Tozluyaka and Hear Me, which aired in the summer of 2022, have increased interest in the high school series.

Actor Necip Mimili joined

Turkish actor Necip Memili has joined the cast of The Long Lasting Future. The series is expected to start in September 2022. The long-running future series, which will be broadcast during the 2022-2023 season, will be prepared by Ay Yapım.

Recently, when high school TV series became very popular, new series began to be published one after another. Previous high school TV series were filmed in private schools and Altinbas University in Istanbul. For those wondering in which high school The Future Takes Long series was filmed, is it a private school, we will respond with pictures when filming for the series begins.

Who is the heroine of the series Gelecek uzun Sürer?

Star Nur Fettahoğlu will be starring in the TV series The Future Lasts Long. Aslihan Malpura last played the lead role in the TV series Three Sharks, which aired on Monday. After the end of the series, Aslihan Malpura announced that she will meet with a new series in the new season.

Conversations with Aslihan Malpura about the female lead in the series The Long Lasting Future yielded positive results and the beautiful actress became the series’ heroine. We will see Aslihan Malpura as the lead cast in the series The Long Lasting Future in the 2022-2023 season.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan, one of the successful actresses of the past period. She will play the supporting female lead in the next feature-length series. The beautiful actress, who made a name for herself with her performance on last summer’s miniseries last year. She has recently appeared in several TV series for digital platforms. Hafsanur Sancaktutan will play an important role in the cast of the upcoming long-running series.

Who is the hero of the future series lasts long?

Actor Itaş Şaşmaz is the star of the series The Long Lasting Future. Mert Yazioglu will play the male lead in the series The Long Lasting Future. Mert Yazioglu, born in Istanbul in 1993, is a name that does not fall on the magazine’s agenda because he is smitten with Afrah Sirajoglu. Finally, he played Mert Yazioglu. Who we saw in the TV series Aşk 101, previously an important character in the 1-liter Teardrop series. Finally, Mert Yazcioglu, who has agreed to the series that will take a long time, will portray Aslıhan Malbora and the twin brothers in the series.

heroes of the series gelecek uzun sürer

Action star

We have confirmed in a special news from Tv Dunyasii that Itachi Shashmaz has joined.
Itash has a slim body and testifies to his beauty. He was a distinguished student in the school. Besides he is a football and tennis player. And he’s been a popular boy all along. But he wanted to continue in his fame so he got intense acting training, and a lot of effort workshops, he made his first appearance on stage and the man of Şaşmaz, Cadaver, Nasreddin Hodja and Chocolate Witches Orfeonun Adventures, Death and You Have Never Seen Firebug.

He got the opportunity to act in commercials for popular brands such as Coca-Cola, and to publish and promote Almighty. As shown in a video clip called (Love is a taste). He made his first cinematic endeavor in a cinematic work (Bad Boy) in the role of Omar, the cinematic work directed by Yagiz Alp Akaiden, written by Tolga Saritas, Afra Saraçoglu, Sarp Akkaya, Tolga Saritas competition, Afra Saraglu, Sarp Akkaya, Nihat Anwar, Hakan Donertasli and Demir Barsan and Borko Salihoglu.

Actresses Nur Fettahoğlu and Metin Cöşkun have also joined the series Gelecek uzun sürer, which will be shown next season on Fox.