Life story of Afra Saracoglu

Afra Saracoglu religion, boyfriend, mother, biography

Afra Saracoglu religion, husband, mother’s biography her work

Afra Saracoglu, or as she pronounces in Arabic Afra Saracoglu. her religion.
her date of birth. her nationality. her life story. her films. her series. her
most famous works. her artistic beginnings. her lover. all this and more we
present to you in a complete report that collects all the information about
the young Turkish artist. she is one of the most beautiful actresses not only
in Turkey but in the whole world.

Information about Afra Saracoglu

Date of Birth: 12-2-1997
Age in 2020: 23 years
Birthplace: Edremit – Bekesir – Turkey
Residence: Ankara.
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 53 kg
color: blue
Hair color: brown
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
qualification: Eskisehir University – Anatolia
Talents: Model –

Life story of Afra Saracoglu

Today we are talking about one of the most beautiful girls in the world.
the one with blue eyes. Afra Saracoglu. one of the young Turkish actresses who
caught the eye since her first appearance on the Turkish screens. At the age
of five. she moved to the capital. Ankara. to complete her studies from
primary to high school. The girl with blue eyes then moved to Anatolia to
complete her university studies. Afra has won the love and follow-up of the
Turkish public since her first appearance. not only for her distinctive and
upscale beauty. but also for her talent. Fabulous to follow.

The beginning of the artist Afra Saracoglu

Because of her love and passion for art and acting. Afra did not wait
long to enter the world of art. as she started her career when she was only 14
years old. the young girl deceived her mother to get a 5-year work contract.
and it is said that her mother was unable to discover the matter until the
last year. and that The little girl was able to get big profits due to her
great talent. which was a major reason for the public’s interest and attention
to her. praising her great artistic talent.

Fashion shows in the life of Afra Saracoglu

Afra has beautiful attractive features. in addition to a graceful and
perfect body. which helped her become a model with ease. this promising young
actress. did not start her career as an actress. but started her as a model
and participated in many celebrations. and this profession helped her to be
confident More in herself and in standing in front of the camera. it also
helped her get to know the most important and most famous fashion trends. in
addition to the fact that the modeling profession added a lot to Afra’s
talent. which made her an important role even in her first artwork.

The love life of Afra Saracoglu

Afra tries as much as possible to keep her focus away from rumors and
private talk about her love life and personal life. but like many other
Turkish actresses. Afra has many fans who are eager to know whether she is in
love or not. During the last period. many rumors spread about the artist’s
relationship The young woman is one of the actors of the Turkish drama. the
44-year-old star (Ozcan Deniz). and the strange thing about this rumor was the
great age difference between the two. but when the question was asked to Ozcan
in one of the meetings. Ozcan was very angry at asking such a question to him.
and stated that Afra is a young girl whom he considers like his daughter. and
none of these rumors are true. which indicates that they have any relationship
of any kind. and so far Afra has not made any statement about her association
or her love life.

 Afra Saracoglu is in love with the Turkish actor Mert Yazicioglu

Beginning in Turkish cinema

Afra’s artistic start was through a film she presented in 2016. “Second
Chance”. which is one of the most beautiful Turkish films presented in recent
years. The film tells the story of a beautiful girl named “Yasmine”. Yasmine
tries to overcome all her bad thoughts about the past after her previous
marriage. which He did not succeed and left her with a lot of pain. until she
met a person who suffers from the same problem that Yasmine suffers from. Will
there be a love story between them? The film is directed by “Ozkan Deniz” and
produced by “Afshar Film”.

In the year immediately following 2017.
Afra presented one of the most wonderful Turkish dramas ever. which is the
series “Fadila wa Her Daughters.” Afra participated in the role of Ege. the
daughter of Fadela. played by the able artist Nazan Kisal. and the series
tells about a woman named “Fazila” who lives with her two daughters after her
divorce from Her husband. and Fadila tries to find a better chance for her two
daughters in life. by looking for husbands with influence and money. but one
of her daughters falls in love with a poor young man and Fadila decides to
prevent this marriage because she wants her a better life than the one she

Ece Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari

Having a young talent like Afra at that time is not a simple matter.
Having a girl who combines an attractive look and great talent is rare. Afra
did not present many works. but proved her talent in every work she presented.
whether on television or in Turkish cinema. so Afra got many Awards in
recognition of her beautiful talent. one of those awards she received is the
Best Supporting Actress award through the Turkey Youth Awards. and the other
award is the 45th Golden Butterfly Award. this award is given especially to
rising actors. and waiting for more great works by the talented Afra

The works of Afra Saracoglu

A second chance in 2016
Bad boy of 2017
Fadela and her
daughters in 2017-2018
Good game of 2018
Is this love in 2018
in 2019
Teacher of the year 2020

The love life of Afra Saracoglu
The love life of Afra Saracoglu
Afra Saracoglu
Afra Saracoglu