Heroes and Story of Kusursuz Kiraci – The Perfect Tenant


The story of Kusursuz Kiraci, a new work of Fox TV. The bid is for him in August 2022. It will be shown in the next season.

Kusursuz Kiraci - The Perfect Tenant

Kusursuz Kiraci series is a new and attractive story for the viewer. Let’s get to know the stars of the series and the crew in detail.

Lots of information about the date of the Kusursuz Kiraci series, the continuous show channel, its episodes, and the series’ hero and heroine.

What is the story of Kusursuz Kiraci – The Perfect Tenant

The series revolves around a man who rents a house after a lot of unfriendly tenants.

Mona is a young woman who grew up in an orphanage. Various cases have been reported from Istanbul recently.

Happened to carry the same news, happened to carry the same news.

On it, they love each other, except that they quarrel, because their message is opposite.

His house was placed at the door which is a shelter house. evening, evening, evening, back, Jacob to become a tenant in her house.

which was later divided into two parts. Strange architecture. Here Mona is introduced to the apartment, I realize that strange things are happening in Yuva’s apartment. who behaves mysteriously. It looks like it’s going on inside.

The heroes of the series Kusursuz Kiraci

The hero of Kusursuz Kiraci will be Serkay Tütüncü. Turkish artist Serkay Tütüncü, his birth was on February 7, 1991, his astrological sign is Aquarius, his life is 30 years, his birth was in Izmir, Turkey, he was born to a Turkish mother and a Turkish father,

He grew up with his family and obtained his primary education. He did not affect acting unless his hobby was the sport of the round witch, and he practiced it professionally. The stage between 2007 and 2012 was a football player in an amateur sports team “Izmirspor”,
Then he moved to a sports group “The Akatsupur Team”, then joined Ege University, and he was juggling his university studies with football,
Then he entered acting, which earned him great fame, his overwhelming ambition, and his desire to prove himself in the field of art, as for his romantic life, he is single and did not even marry immediately.

He is co-acted by actress Dylan Cicek Deniz. She made her first screen appearance in 2013 in a cinematic work, The Honeymoon. She participated in the series “Anna’ Al-Shams” and the series “Al-Hilwat Al-Zaghirat Al-Liqa’” in the Turkish version.

She is best known for her role as Sana Koçovali in the famous series Çukur, and she gained huge popularity in Turkey and the Arab world through that role.

The date of the series and the show channel

Kusursuz Kiraci will be shown on Fox. crew. Filming for episodes of the series will begin soon, for it to be shown in the next season of Fox.

Dilan Çiçek Deniz is the heroine of the series

The main starring of the Turkish series Kusursuz Kiraci is Dylan Deniz Cicek.

Dilan çiçek deniz is a Turkish actress and model. Born on November 28, 1995 in Sivas, Turkey. Her parents are teachers. Her mother is Hill Timesywork and her father is Orhan Deniz.

I did three years of high school theater studies. She started modeling at the age of 13 and has been modeling ever since.

At the age of fifteen she wrote a book of poetry under the title “I delusion that the sun is my mother” in Turkish.

Dylan participated in the beauty contest Elidor Miss Turkey 2014 and won second place in Amina Gulçin Airport. In the 2015 Queen of Hassan competition that took place in Miami, she represented Turkey.

In 2015 at Star TV Studios in Istanbul on May 27. It is one of the most amazing, famous and popular sexes in Turkey.

Serkay Tütüncü joins Kusursuz Kiraci

The star of Kusursuz Kiraci will be the star of “Serkay Tütüncü“. Serkai Tutuncu is a talented artist who is one of the most prominent stars in Turkey and enjoys a strong taste of good looks and elegance in his external appearance.

Check that you can get a gift quickly, and a short time, making him able to do a lot of good things.

The star star Serkai Totongo participated in his latest career, the player with a championship. And the advent of commercials and widespread fame.

He was nominated in art as an actor in 2018, and appeared for the first time on Turkish screens as an actor through the series “Human Sin” and participated in the series’ competition with Kaan Yildirim, Gizam Karaca, Malika Abik and a group of other artists.

So far, the remarkable success that he investigated in the series “Human Sin”, after which he was transferred to the “Ashq Al Fakher” institution?

And the series “Al-Sayyid Al-Watta”, which is subject to the submissive show, is the real starting point and the wide fame in the artistic life.

Pictures of Kusursuz Kiraci stars

This wonderful series Kusursuz Kiraci has a new and attractive story for the viewer. Let’s get to know the stars of the series and the crew in detail.

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